Why do the same old things that everyone else does?

Feeling less than excited about having the same old routine next time you go out?

Planning a day out with Perth with the fam (including the kids), and want to really get out there and do some things you’ve never done before?

I hear you.

And I’m inviting you to read through my top 10 fun and offbeat things to do in Perth with your family – here’s to some quality family time together, checking out all sorts of unusual experiences that Perth has to offer!

Head to Heirisson Island

Nestled between East Perth and Victoria Park on the Swan River, Heirisson Island is a pretty great place in Perth to grab an eyefull of roo.

The island is divided into an northern half with open spaces and bbq facilities, and a southern half, with…

A small kind of kangaroo sanctuary(an enclosed area), with 5 resident roos – Cheeky, Dibbles, Jane Samantha, and Snowflake. 

If they’re around when you’re there, see if they come up to you for a pat – they usually do! Should be an interesting experience for children…although you should keep younger children a bit of a distance away.

Apart from the roos, you can also spot a lot of different and interesting birds and trees and plants. You may also be able to catch a view of dolphins in the Swan River.

Pro tip: Carry along mosquito repellent.

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Meet up with Eliza

Let me put it this way – your dad might have met up with Eliza ten to fifteen years ago, and your son/daughter might try to meet up with her ten to fifteen years from now…and she’ll look exactly the same.

If you haven’t cottoned on, and are unaware of Eliza, ‘she’ is a 2 mt. high statue in the middle of Matilda Bay and paying her a visit is one of those things to do in Perth that’s an awesome experience but totally offbeat.

At different times of the year, she can be seen sporting different attires – a frock on Melbourne Cup Day, a biking jersey during the Tour de France, and a Santa costume during the dying days of December.

Maybe if you visit her at the right time you may be able to see who dresses her.

Pro tip: A short distance from Eliza is the Blue Boat House, a well-known photo spot.

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Go on the adventure of a lifetime at Lost Reality

From helping Sherlock Holmes uncover yet another plot by Professor Moriarty to taking part in an epic war against an army of the dead, there are all kinds of fantasies we have wanted to take part in, during our lives.

Well, here’s your chance – Perth’s top escape room offers you the chance to live through some of these fantasies.

You and your team will be led into a room or a space that’s been designed to simulate the game environment. Work as a team to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks to find clues on how to move forward and ultimately accomplish your mission.

All of that before the clock runs out – our games have time limits of between 60 to 75 minutes.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Go on a mystery picnic

Something that foodies in Perth will love to do on their day out.

Here’s the deal: you’ll be given clues through an app that will lead you to some of Perth’s best food providers.

They will each provide you with one item for your picnic.

Once you have all the items, it’s time for your picnic which you’ll possibly enjoy even more, flush with victory.

Some of the more popular picnic spots: Fremantle, Kings Park, and Swan Valley.

It’s like a scavenger hunt for foodies!

Talk to the amazing folks over at AmazingCo to find out how to arrange your very own mystery picnic.

Travel through Swan View Tunnel (you aren’t afraid of the dark, are you?)

One of the oldest railway tunnels in Australia, Swan View Tunnel is today part of an amazing trail through the John Forrest National Park.

A great Perth attraction to check out with your family. Oh, and this is a perfect opportunity to test out just how fearless that cousin or uncle that constantly proclaims themselves to be completely unscared of anything really is.

Apart from the tunnel there are a lot of other attractions in the Park that kids will love!

Pro tip: Remember to carry a torch (phones may not do) as parts of the tunnel are pitch dark.

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See what the gnomes are doing in Gnomesville

Another Perth spot that should be a hit with the kids (and others in the family) – a ‘city’ with over 5000 residents none of whom eat, move or sleep, ever.

Yep, that’s what Gnomesville, located in the Ferguson Valley just south of Perth, is all about.

Home to garden gnomes from all over the world, and with diverse facilities such as for playing cricket, fishing and jiving to music, this is a wondrous place to visit with your family.

Visitors are even encouraged to carry along their own gnomes to join in the fun!

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Have some ice cream (like no ice cream you’ve had before!)

While sinking your teeth into those frozen treats will NEVER get old, it doesn’t hurt to adventure, does it?

And when it comes to experimenting (fun and unusual things to do) with ice cream, there are three establishments in and around Perth that you should really check out:

  • Chicago Gelato that often reshuffles its menu to offer us options like Avocado, Cactus Sorbet, Candied Bacon and Prickly Pear.
  • Gusto Gelato, which offers mysterious pairings like Vanilla with French Fries, and…
  • Whisk Creamery, that serves up perhaps the least risky and the most photogenic offerings of these three places!

Are you gonna visit all three at one go or spread them out over different outings?

Teach your kids the basics of DNA as you race them to the top of DNA Tower

Located in Kings Park (which is a great place for those of us that count our furry friends as part of the family), DNA Tower is shaped like the typical DNA double helix and is a great place to get the blood pumping and those gelato kg’s.

They’re also a great place to grab great views of the surrounding area (from the top) and to teach your kids all about DNA, and about how you always topped biology classes in school.

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View quokkas on Rottnest Island

Quokkas have got to be some of the cutest animals on Earth, and there’s a massive colony of thousands of these delightful creatures at Rottnest Island.

What makes this island a great place for quokkas is that it’s almost completely devoid of the quokka’s predators.

Heading over to the island and spending an afternoon amidst quokkas and its natural beauty should be an awesome experience for a family.

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Picture yourself with a giant wombat

Caversham Wildlife Park has many things to be amazed by, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick their “Meet the Wombat and Friends” session where you get to have your picture taken with some of their friendliest residents, among whom is a huge wombat.

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Ready for an awesome Perth adventure with your family (including the kids)?

As you can see there are various kinds of things to do in Perth that will amaze and enthrall everyone in your family.

From fascinating escape room experiences to walking through tunnels that may be haunted to sampling exciting new ice creams and even a few encounters with some of Australia’s cuddliest animals, there’s something for everyone, including the most Instagram-obsessed teens.

So, stop dithering and start planning your Perth adventure today!