Celebrating a 10th birthday in Perth? Elevate the excitement with our top-notch party ideas!

Explore the enchanting realm of SciTech for a science-themed bash, or embrace the outdoors at Kings Park with a captivating treasure hunt.

The Perth Zoo offers an exotic animal encounter, while Bounce Inc. provides trampoline-fueled fun.

For budding artists, pottery and painting workshops spark creativity. Adventure seekers can conquer challenges at indoor climbing centers, and movie enthusiasts will adore a private cinema screening.

Opt for a beach day at Cottesloe with games and a BBQ or a thrilling day at Adventure World.

Still searching for the best place in Perth for a children’s birthday party?

Well, your search is almost over!


  • Pottery Playroom
  • The Lost Reality Escape Room
  • Tumble Tots Soft Play & Kids Party Hire
  • Jungle Gym Perth
  • Cake Tinz n’ Thingz
  • Rebound Arena Indoor Trampoline Park
  • Themed Birthdays with Parties Kids Remember
  • Chillisaurus Mini Golf
  • Build A Bear Workshop
  • Party Bus Hire Perth
  • Children’s disco at Decadance, Joondalup
  • The Kwillena Gabi Pool
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Latitude Perth
  • The Butterflies, Birds And Bridges Trail
  • Go cycling
  • The Black Brewing Co


Image credit: Pottery Playroom.

Wanna give your kids a chance to get creative and develop a taste for art and craft this birthday? Pottery Playroom in Joondalup’s pottery crafting birthday events might be just what you’re looking for!

Their standard package includes a selection of pottery for the kids to paint, a dedicated host to instruct and supervise, all necessary supplies including paints, art and even a painting apron…PLUS a special gift for the birthday child.

On the other hand, these are kids we’re talking about. They WILL occasionally get bored with painting and pottery.

Then they can have a great time in the play area (sort of a ball pit climbing frame). Or run along to the cafe for milkshakes and sandwiches.

Party prices are between $20 to $30 for each child, subject to a minimum of 8 children.  

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: 4/19 Mercer Ln, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia

Email: info@potteryplayroom.com

Phone: +61 8 9301 2080

The Lost Reality Escape Room

Big surprise! You may think. We’re including ourselves in our own list.

That’s not it.

Having hosted hundreds of teams at our escape room games, we’ve found that kids definitely CAN take part in our escape games and DO enjoy themselves.

On one or two occasions, we’ve even been amazed how they were able to sort out a challenge that had the adults in the group in knots!

Escape rooms are known to be excellent for family bonding. Plus, they can teach players (including your children) valuable life skills like quick thinking, keeping your eyes and ears open, and teamwork.

When it comes to children taking part in our escape rooms,

  • We require children under 15 to be accompanied by a paying adult (18 and above).
  • Children under 8 can enter the room for free.

Website: Visit the homepage


Image credit: Tumble Tots Soft Play & Kids Party Hire.

Speaking of ball pits and play areas, you may want to have your children’s birthday celebration outdoors *, with a full range of playthings ranging from ball pits to soft play equipment and party toys.

Then the Perth birthday party service provider you should be getting in touch with is Tumble Tots Party Hire.

Their range of fun, diverse children’s play equipment – for both boys and girls – will keep the little ones occupied for hours!

Plus they make sure everything they supply you is clean and easy to assemble. They offer same day drop off and pick up which definitely makes life easier for you as the parent organizing a birthday.

You can order one of their packages (that range from $100 to $200+) or you can go for specific toy and equipment types (like ball pits, slides and rockers, and tables and chairs).

* You can have the party indoors as well, obviously!

Website: Visit their website

Email: info@tumbletotspartyhire.com.au

Phone: +61 413 128 060


Image credit: Jungle Gym Perth.

A ball pit and soft toys, outdoors, are great for some physical activity but if you want the birthday party to really get the moving, take a look at Jungle Gym  in Willetton.

With possibly the largest air-floor anywhere south of the equator, Jungle Gym has some really exciting play and party elements for kids’ birthdays.

The event is centred around a large play area with foam pits, trampolines, rope and ring swings and so on, WITH upbeat music to keep the children energized. A host will be there to supervise the entire event.

They don’t offer food but they do have a kitchen on-site where you can prepare food and serve it in the party room.

Tip: They don’t allow any alcohol on the premises but do have a coffee machine where you can buy your caffeine fix.

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: 24 Gympie Way, Willetton WA 6155, Australia

Email: info@junglegym.com.au

Phone: +61 8 9354 4443


At Pottery Playroom, the children can get creative on clay figurines and objects. What about getting creative on edible stuff like cakes and biscuits?

Does that sound like a birthday idea that a 10 year old would relish more?

Yes? Then go ahead and explore what Cake Tinz n’ Thingz have for the little one’s very special day.

They offer 3 party packages…

  • A cupcake decorating party…
  • A biscuits decorating party, and…
  • A cake decorating party.

All three of which involve partygoers decorating cupcakes/biscuits/cakes (which they can take home), gifts for the birthday child, music through Bluetooth speakers, and…

Use of the workshop, oven, and fridge for an hour AFTER the cake decorating, for cake cutting and more partying!

The packages are $400 to $500 for up to 10 children and $30 to $40 for each additional child. You can also order a custom birthday cake for less than $100.

Tip: Not only the painting, but their cake recipes are delicious too. You can think about making a few non-birthday purchases while you’re there.

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: Unit 2/6 Corbusier Pl, Balcatta WA 6021, Australia

Email: info@caketinznthingz.com.au

Phone: +61 8 9345 1869


Image credit: Rebound Arena Indoor Trampoline Park

Another birthday place in Perth for kids to be their kiddy selves and have fun that doesn’t involve burying their faces in their phones.

They have over 30 trampolines and jump boxes in the main bouncing area, a tumble run for all gymnast and cheerleader enthusiasts, a climbing wall, basketball and dodgeball courts, and a huge airbag.

They have 3 basic options – self-catered, party food and pizza party – with prices ranging from $20 to $40 per child. These offer 1 hour of bouncetime and 40 minutes in the party room.

If you want the kids to have more bouncetime, check out their Supercharge option (doubles the bouncetime).

Pro tip: Ten to one many of the kids will want to have a nap afterwards (tired out!), so plan the party accordingly!

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: Unit 6/2 Blackburn Drive, Port Kennedy WA 6172, Australia (behind Auto Masters, entry off Jacquard Way)

Phone: 95245440

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Image credit: Parties Kids Remember.

Like I have to tell you that 10 year old kids LOVE themed parties. Whether they’re superhero lovers or they’re dinosaur enthusiasts, or magic fans…there’s bound to be a theme that’ll get them excited.

And Parties Kids Remember certainly delivers – and delivers wonderfully – on that.

Not only do they have a large number of themes ranging from dinosaurs to pirates to superheroes, mineblocks, race cars and ninjas…

They also offer activities like treasure hunt, face painting, and balloon twisting that can be adapted and included.

Their performers have been applauded for their patience with children and for their skills at organizing the respective activities (whether it’s balloon twisting, face painting, or treasure hunting).

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: PO Box 8106 Angelo Street, South Perth 6151, Australia

Email: info@partieskidsremember.com.au

Phone: +61 8 9329 9201 / 0433034769 (weekends)

Explore unicorn birthday party ideas for kids.

Here is an entire guide on how to plan a Halloween party at home.


Image credit: Chillisaurus Mini Golf.

Speaking of dinosaur enthusiasts, do you think your kid would appreciate a dinosaur themed mini golf event?

Well then, a Chillisaurus Mini Golf party would be an easy birthday party win.

They have three party packages, all of which include 18 holes of putt-putt, 2 hours in the party room, party meal with beverages *…plus a free return pass and a dinosaur toy for the birthday child.

Package prices range from $25 to $50 per child.

The neon colours, cool theme and the dino ride make this an amazing event for the kiddies!

* They have a cafe offering excellent coffee and everything from fruit platters to toasties, burgers, sandwiches and cookies, muffins and so on.

Website: Visit their website

Address: 12 Hughie Edwards Dr, Merriwa WA 6030, Australia

Phone: +61 8 6108 4464


So far we’ve explored kids’ birthday celebration options where the guests decorate clay figures and edibles like cakes and biscuits.

Here’s another option: children crafting a stuffed animal ‘furry friend’ (everything from ponies to  bears) that they can call their own, and take home.

The Build A Bear Workshop at Joondalup gives children a chance to do just that, under instruction and supervision from a trained host,

Party packages can be anything from $20 to $40 a guest.

Tip: On request, they can include a heart that the children kiss and put into their stuffed animal.

Website: Visit their website

Address: Lakeside Joondalup, T46/420 Joondalup Dr, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia

Email: Check their contact page

Phone: 1300 4 BEARS (23277) (helpline) / +61 8 9301 5174 (Joondalup location)


Image credit: Party Bus Hire Perth.

A party inside a fully air conditioned bus with limo-style seating, extra lounge space, USB ports, bluetooth speakers and special LED lights.

Sounds great?

Then get in touch with Party Bus Hire Perth about that coming birthday of your ten year old!

Hiring will set you back by anywhere between $350 to $600, depending on which bus you hire (they have a 20 seater and a 45 seater), and for how long (1 hour or 2 hours).

Tip: They will give you time to stop at an ice cream shop for frozen birthday treats during the party!

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: Lakeside Joondalup, T46/420 Joondalup Dr, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia

Email: partybushireperth@gmail.com

Phone: +61 450 364 654


Image credit: Decadance, Joondalup.

For the more active kids, you can have the birthday event at Jungle Gym or Rebound Trampoline Park.

Or you can have it at Decadence kids’ disco.

Dancing, singing, special requests, games, food, and a special birthday gift for the special guest make this a birthday celebration the kids will really remember!

Website: Visit their website

Contact page: Visit their contact page (enquiry form)

Address: 15 Royce Court, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia (off Winton Road)

Email: admin@decadance.net.au

Phone: +61 8 9301 5828


Hope you found the perfect birthday party idea in Perth for your ten year old.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out these awesome school holiday activities.

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Featured image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay.

The Kwillena Gabi Pool

It’s a bit of a distance from Perth, but the sheer beauty of the pool absolutely makes up for it.

Part of Mandurah’s waterfront development project, the Kwillena Gabi (‘dolphin waters’) Pool has been designed to be family-friendly and picnic/outing-friendly.

It’s got both a shallow area, perfect for younger children (including toddlers) and a deep end where teens and adults can enjoy themselves. Blow-up boats, floaties and pool noodles are all allowed.

The most magical thing about the pool is that it’s been constructed by placing circular pontoons on the estuary, and without any kind of underwater barrier. In other words, marine life like dolphins can freely enter and exit the pool, and you may get to interact with them.

Cottesloe Beach

The Kwillena Gabi Pool is a pretty awesome swimming experience including with marine life, but if it’s a beach outing, complete with sand and surf that you’re looking for, then head to Cottesloe Beach.

Stretched over a kilometre, Cottesloe is one of Perth’s most popular places for swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

Children will have a smashing time building castles out of the glistening white sand while you can just relax with a can of beer. Or if there’s more than one adult, you can go swimming in the ocean, in turns. The beach IS patrolled by lifeguards.

And before you leave, make sure to drop in at the Indiana Cottesloe Beach for fish and chips, pizzas, calamari and coffee.

Latitude Perth

Wanna take your kids through some workouts, but without venturing outdoors?

Then Latitude Perth is where you should be at.

With over 3000 sqm of trampoline and climbing activities, this is one outing your children will really remember!

There’s an obstacle course, dodge ball, a jumping area(interconnected trampolines), trampoline basketball, a giant gymnastics mat and of course several climbing walls.

The staff are pretty watchful and helpful as well, giving you a chance to relax in the cafe while your children have a blast in the play areas.

Pro tip: On weekdays they have whole day passes for kids.

Website: Visit their website

The Butterflies, Birds And Bridges Trail

Located in Canning Regional Park, this trail is worth every minute of the twenty or so minute drive from Perth city centre, and then some.

It’s the perfect place to take the kids on a hike, teaching them about nature and wildlife, while not straying far from the city.

The four kilometre long trail will take you past wetlands, where you can gaze at…

sedge meadows, through mature woodlands, over creeks and amongst the crowns of a paperbark forest.

There are lots of picnic spots dotting the trail, making this a brilliant way to start your weekend.

While you’re there, make sure you check out the education centre, the miniature railway and of course the cafe.

Website: Visit their website

Go cycling

If you didn’t know, Perth has an excellent network of cycling paths. Plus, bikes are allowed on Transperth trains and ferries, subject to space being available.

Pro tip: There’s almost always space during off-peak hours, so plan your day accordingly.

All of which makes Perth an awesome place to go cycling.

Make this school holiday the one where you teach your kids about the joys of going cycling in the outdoors. If you’ve been putting off that New Year’s Resolution to go cycling, this is your chance to take it up, while planning a gorgeous day out with your kids.

The five best places in Perth for biking:

  • Perth Coast
  • Perth Hills
  • Fremantle
  • Kings Park
  • Swan River

The Black Brewing Co

Surprised to see a beers and wines place in a list of holiday activities with kids?

Well, Wilyabrup’s Black Brewing Co is designed to accommodate children.

They have a separate children’s menu, high chairs, a playground bordering a lake and a bridge leading to a little island in the middle, with stairs leading right down to the water.

As far as the menu is concerned, we hear the pork, the scallops, the fries and the salads are to die for. Kids should enjoy the pizza on their menu.

And on the more liquid side of affairs, make sure you try out their cider and their wine..

Website: Visit their website


So, what do you think of our list?

Plenty of inspiration to plan an awesome school holiday with your kids?

Let us know if we missed your favourites, and we might add them when we update this post for the next holiday season!

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Featured image by Chang Duong on Unsplash.