Fear not! Teenagers can be a bit hard to crack but knowing what they like is a troublesome job. You may ask your kid what would they want to do or explore enough to through them a surprise!

Since we all have been teenagers at some point in our lives, we have curated a special list of fun places to go for a teenage birthday party.



If they are 18, well, they are a teen, and they are an adult as well! If the workshop pertains to their age, cocktail-making workshops can help them in the long run!

But if you are the overprotective parent, you can sign them up for non-alcoholic cocktail classes!

Imagine sipping on to a cocktail made by your kid on a lazy Sunday afternoon? You paid for that workshop even!

A fun and unusual thing to do, here is a cocktail-making workshop to send your teenager to!

Cocktail making workshops Perth


Gaming arcades can never go wrong. The best place to leave them with their friends and cousins and you’ll never know when the day has gone by!

Climb Zone offers high, low and climbing ropes that make an excellent group activity for your kids. Mega Fast Karts, Go Karting, iFly, etc., are all sorts of gaming arcades where you can just leave your teenager or play with them.

Explore gaming arcades in Perth.


Escape rooms are a new way of celebrating birthdays, making it the best party activity!

An interactive space where players get together to solve problems to move ahead in the game. Lost Reality ensures that each escape room offers you a unique and exciting experience.

Get your teenager and their friends to Lost Reality to host their birthday party. They cater to private events as well. Call the team before reserve your area!

For more challenging escape rooms, explore ahead!

4 celebrities who absolutely loved the escape room experience!

fun escape room games Perth


A fun birthday party venue, you can take your kids and their friends to the Perth Observatory on their birthday. You may even call it a star-lit birthday, as the Milky Way is best seen from this place if you are lucky!

Cut a cake under the stars at midnight. Stargaze until dawn while you pitch your tents and sleep for some time!

Tours are also available if you are busy and are not available to supervise your children. The night tours provide a wide range of telescopes and binoculars and shall take you on a grand tour of the Southern Hemisphere!


Nothing like a birthday treat than visiting an island with their parents. Children crave to spend some time with their parents as you are always busy.

Plan your kid’s birthday, so it doesn’t clash with your important meetings. Take the earliest ferry to the island and rent a bike or a car to tour the city. Go around the crucial spots, have a full-course lunch at a gourmet restaurant and sit by the beach until the sun sets in the west!

You can later surprise them with a surprise party afterwards!

Everything that you need to know about the island.

Trip to Rottnest Island Perth


If your kid is a thrill-seeker, then Adventure World is hands down the most incredible thing to do on their birthday!

The adventure park offers various rides, including a massive pendulum swing, a rollercoaster, a bumpy rapid, and many more that shall keep your heart beating forever!

A fun place to go for a teenage birthday party but sadly, the park is closed during the wintertime and opens in late September! You must be lucky if your birthday falls after this!

Plan your Halloween party at home.


This is the closest you can get to riding a simulator Boeing 737! Take your teenage daughter or son and step onto Perth’s full-size passenger airline!

Experience flight like never before! From a handful of birthday activities to choose from, flying a plane is the best thing to do with teenagers on their birthday!

Red Bull gives you wings but flying a real plane gives you the best wings!

Discover more adrenaline-pumping activities.

Ride a plane in Perth


Hire a limo-style bus with complete air condition, lounge space, unique lights, BlueTooth speakers and charging ports! Hire a bus for your kid’s birthday and call all their friends! A surprise will be much more worth it.

Play your music at total volume and dance with the children like never before while the bus tours the city. You can ask them to stop at ice cream and dining shops as well. But make sure you do not run out of bus timing!

Call before to make perfect reservations!

Explore for more family-friendly attractions!


Take your kid to a children’s disco in Decadence in Joondalup, WA.

The best night for a teenage daughter, you can arrange for a special birthday cake and gift. Call all her friends and get dancing and singing and you are allowed special requests as well!

There are games and food as well. Contact prior to set the stage on fire for your daughter!


A complete outing on a beach with surfing, Cottesloe Beach is a white sand beach that stretches over a kilometre. The beach is famous for snorkeling, surfing, and swimming.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards, so your kids are safe on the beach. They can spend their time building sand castles while you sit down for a cocktail.

You can also opt not to drink and take your kid for some of the activities that the beach has to offer! A complete guide to Cottesloe Beach!

Cottesloe Beach Visit Perth


If you have influenced your kid to play golf, you’ve got to take them to Mini Golf! As real golf is complex and often tedious for the kids, especially teenagers, you can opt for this place if you do not get any actual field bookings and, of course, if you do not have that budget!

Glowing Rooms and Holey Moley can be your kid’s place to play golf with side snacks, and you can even plan a surprise birthday cake!

Explore things to do in and around Holey Moley.

Here is a list of Mini Golf Courses in Perth.

If you are still looking for fun places to go for a teenage birthday party near me in Perth, explore more!

Discover fun DIY birthday party games for children.

Have a great birthday ahead!