We have got you covered! Here is a list of extraordinary things on how uniquely you can spend your time.

Don’t drink and drive. Your valour lies in drinking and not driving.

Read below for 12 best fun activities to spend your time with friends!


There are a lot of snorkelling spots in Perth. Choose the cheapest or the best one accordingly and go snorkelling on weekends or weekdays with your friends!

Don’t wait for the holidays to kick in. get out of bed, out the door and step into the beach, bay and islands and go snorkelling!

To find the best snorkelling spots in Perth, explore.

Snorkelling in Perth with friends


Perth has the lowest amount of light, sound and air pollution. The sky is filled with stars, and if you can find a calm, serene place, you will have the best stargazing time.

You can find your way to the observatories as well. Grab a picnic, a sheet to sit on, and some alcohol to spice up the night!

Stargaze the entire night with your friends, or you may take a date along as well. Bonus points if you have a telescope and binoculars, you will be able to see the Milky Way in all its glory!

One of the unique things to do while in Perth. Explore good stargazing places in Perth!


There are many waterfalls in the hills of Perth as soon as it receives a heavy downfall. Pack a bag and drive your car with your friends and cousins. The nearest waterfall is 30 minutes from Perth CBD.

Your hike starts right where you park your car. There are multiple starting points as well, depending on where you reach. These falls are possible for beginners too.

A few best waterfalls to name – are Lesmurdie Falls, Ellis Brook Valley, Bell Rapids falls, Serpentine Reserve and Whistlepipe Gully.

Waterfalls are among Perth’s top-rated attractions for people who love nature.

Waterfalls in Perth


All the calm beaches offer you paddle boarding. They offer you great SUPs for safe and secured paddle boarding.

Take your friends or family or your cousins on a fine weather day and enjoy the land and the water equally!

For workout freaks, paddleboarding is also a great exercise!

Unquestionably, the best fun thing to do in Perth with friends! If you are searching for beaches to SUP, head!


If living at home is getting boring by the day, pack a small bag, gather your friends and run away to the Rottnest Islands!

Take the earliest ferry to the island, bike around the city, sleep by the beach, have a late lunch, hop to pubs in the evening and get back home high and mighty!

One of the awesome things to do while in Perth a quick escapade that shall recharge you in no time! Do not forget to meet the happiest animal in the world, the quokka!

There are many more day trips from Perth.

Trip to Rottnest Island Perth


Are you living by the beach and yet scared to surf? If Australians are known for anything, it is their love for surfing.

Get your scared ass out of bed, and get to the nearest surf spot in Perth. The waves in Perth are primarily low, making it a place for beginners. The instructors are highly safe and secure, making your surfing time extra fun.

Few places offer surfing for first-timers. Wave Rock is the most accessible place to be!

Find the best surf spots in Perth.


A once-in-a-lifetime experience for all thrill-seekers. Skydiving Perth offers you an incredible dive from the top. The beach, sea, countryside, mountains, and the city are spectacular as the adrenaline rush in your body.

Skydiving Perth offers you the safest and most secure jumping from 15000 feet from the ground. Learn all the necessary information about the otherwise dangerous sport, which shall help you fly in the air speeding against gravity.

A fun thing to do in Perth with friends, much?

Adrenaline pumping activities in Perth with Friends


Now here is an awesome thing to do while in Perth!

Lost Reality Escape Rooms Perth has the best escape room to provide. Not a self-endorsement, but we offer hi-tech immersive gaming experiences to choose from.

From celebrating your kid’s birthday party to spending a friendly family get-together or a corporate event or a simple outing with your friends, we have got you covered.

Open from Friday to Wednesday, Lost Reality provides you with an hour of get-a-way when your days have been dry and dull. A fun adventure for the young and the old, you might just get wiser!

Lost Reality Escape Rooms, Perth


Imagine touring Perth by walking. Now imagine, instead of walking, you are rolling!

A host of tours around the city for an hour or two, depending on the company and the route. They’ll take you out in the town in a Segway, which covers a lot of ground, and you won’t be tired at the little.

A great way to race your friend or do a little touristy stuff within the city.

Here are some great Segway tours that can be done. Additionally, you can also hire your own Segways and tour the city on your own!

Explore if you are looking for more family-friendly attractions in Perth!


An unusual but a bucket list thing to do! Australia has a few astounding natural landscapes that are gorgeous to look at. One of them is the Pinnacles Desert, north of Perth in the Nambung National Park.

Drive to the location and look for a place to stay nearby. Be inside the area to view the sunset, and you may opt for a romantic dinner with the sunset in the background if you are with a romantic friend!

Stay back until the dawn to watch a sky full of stars or fall asleep under them. Either way, you will be spellbound! Some specific tours and travels take you out on a night ride, too, if you are scared to venture alone.

Visit Pinnacles Desert Perth at Night with friends


A very new and young wine region in Australia is quickly gaining eyeballs due to its terrific Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

There are at least 90 wineries in the Margaret River area, and each has its unique and authentic taste that shall make you crazy drunk. Only a 3-hour drive from Perth, you can stay here for a quick vacation or picnic or stay here for a long time to try out the best wines in the country!

Find the best wineries in town!


For all animal lovers, you can find kangaroos in Yanchep National Park or Caversham Wildlife Park, penguins at Penguin Island, dolphins at Mandurah and blue whales at Geographe Bay.

You can also visit the Aquarium of Western Australia to observe marine life.

At the AQWA, you can even dine! You are dining under the sea, which is fed by the Indian Ocean, and you are dining with coral reefs, sharks and various small fishes!

Aquarium of Western Australia

So you finally want to change your hangout spot and go all touristy while in Perth? I hope we have given you a lot of stuff to choose from! Cheers!

Exploring more ways to adrenaline-pumping activities in Perth.

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