If you’ve never been to Perth before, the capital of Western Australia packs several exciting activities to keep you entertained. While you might have heard of several activities on this list, some of them might still surprise you.

Instead of rehashing the usual hotspots, we’ve compiled the top 20 unique adventures in and around Perth to help you see the city in a new light. And better yet! Most of these attractions are either cheap or free.


Want to explore Perth like a local? Look no further!

Ride the Swell

If you’ve always wanted to try your hands at surfing, Western Australian beaches are the perfect place to hone your skills. Renowned for its epic surf, pick your destination depending on your skill. Beginners tend to stay near the city, where the conditions are gentler, while the pros head out to Margaret River to catch the bigger waves.

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Go Snorkelling

Perth is home to several world-class snorkelling spots. So, if you’re in the area, you must explore some of the hidden gems tucked away near the coastline. The diverse landscape with beautiful beaches, islands, and bays hides several prominent dive spots, starting from Trigg all the way to Rockingham.

Children participate in snorkeling activities at the Alexander Springs Recreation Area, Ocala National Forest, Florida. Original public domain image from Flickr

Explore the Local Marine Life

If you love nature, don’t miss Perth’s mesmerising marine life. From dolphins in Rockingham Island to the turtles of the Marmion Marine Park and the penguins in Penguin Island, witness some of the world’s greatest marine wildlife encounters right in your backyard. There’s no better way to spend a weekend in Perth if you like getting your feet wet.

Free snorkelling image, public domain animal CC0 photo.

Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding

With an array of excellent beaches, lakes, and rivers, Perth is the perfect place to try your hands at stand-up paddleboarding. Enjoy the scenery from a different perspective when the weather is nice and get a serious workout in the process. There are several popular stand-up paddleboarding spots near the city, all the way from Crawley and Bicton to Mundaring and Ascot.

Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Take a Dip

Although Perth has several excellent beaches, some of the city’s best swimming holes are located inland. Several pools, lakes, and dams are located two hours from the CBD and are perfect for a lazy afternoon swim. Most places have a picnic spot with barbecue facilities if you want to make a day trip out of it.

Woman swimming under water. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Explore Perth’s Waterways on a Kayak

Kayaking isn’t just a perfect workout. It’s an excellent way to explore the city’s waterways and see new places from a different perspective. From Rockingham and Hillarys to Mount Pleasant and Maylands, there are several fantastic kayaking spots in and around Perth.

A perspective shot from a kayak on a rippling lake with the sun setting on the horizon in the distance. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Live the Island Life on Rottnest

Spending a night on Rottnest Island is the most Perthian thing you can do! While it’s a cliché for locals, the island has several fascinating places to explore. Take the early morning ferry to Rotto and rent a bike for the day. Explore the idyllic beaches and bays close to the island, or head out to a local pub for a late lunch and a cold pint of beer.

San Diego, United States. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Hike a Local Trail

If you think there aren’t many decent hikes in Perth, we strongly suggest you reconsider. While the city lies on flatter terrain than most major Australian cities, several excellent hiking trails are within a few hours from Perth CBD. Whether you prefer bushwalk, climb up an imposing peak, or a waterfall hike, there are several trails for hiking enthusiasts to explore.

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Hikers at Pitamakan Pass. Original public domain image from Flickr

Tour a National Park

If you love exploring nature, don’t forget to visit one of the several national parks near Perth. Home to several swimming holes, walking trails, and wildlife-spotting opportunities, it’s the perfect way to reset your biological clock and be at one with nature.

A clear, blue lake with colorful canoes lined up on the shore; tall evergreen trees line one side while snow-capped mountains are visible in the distance. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Take a Day Trip

If you’ve been to Rottnest or Swan Valley on previous trips to Perth, we recommend exploring some of the more unconventional destinations near the city. From the historic town of York to the Shoalwater Island Marine Park off the coast of Rockingham and the picturesque shire of Collie, you’ll never run out of exciting places to explore. Better yet! Most of these places aren’t nearly as busy and offer a unique experience.

Explore the City with Your Furry Friends

Everything is better with pets around. So, why not include them in your plans as you explore the city. Perth is home to several pet-friendly trails, and our top three picks are Noble Falls Walk Trail, Kwinana Loop Trail, and Zamia Trail in Bold Park. You could pack lunch and have a picnic on the trails. And don’t forget to put on your walking shoes! If your pet loves water, check out the top pet-friendly beaches in Perth.

Woman walking her Weimaraner dog at the beach

Take a Bike Ride

If you love exploring the great outdoors but aren’t much of a hiker, discovering the trails on two wheels is an excellent alternative. Biking is a great way to see Perth from a different perspective and is the ideal group activity. Wander through the city from Fremantle to Burns Beach or climb up the nearby hilly stretch between Kalamunda to Collie if you’re up for a challenge.

People cycling in city, location unknown, date unknown.

Admire the Local Flora

WA is home to several wildflower species that bloom in the spring. So, if you’re visiting during this time of the year, prepare to witness a colourful wonderland! The best part is you don’t have to venture far to soak in the magnificent views. Some of Perth’s most vibrant hotspots are barely a few minutes from the city. Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Kings Park, and Hepburn Heights Conservation Area are some of the top draws.

Green grass with yellow flower background

Explore Perth’s Spooky Side

If you aren’t scared easily, take a tour of some of Perth’s scariest locations. From Fremantle Prison to Roundhouse, there are several haunted places near Perth with varying degrees of spookiness. Some of the lesser-known attractions include Mount Claremont’s Montgomery Hall, Alkimos Wreck, and Kalamunda Hotel.

Experience Adrenaline Rush

If you love venturing beyond your comfort zone, Perth is the ideal destination for you. From tandem skydiving to jet skiing, escape rooms and more, there is no shortage of exciting things to do in the city.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

A trip to the local farmer’s market is the best way to start your day. Order a cup of freshly-brewed coffee at a local café and a croissant to go along with it. The eccentric yet straightforward menu includes some of the tastiest local fares. Take a stroll around the market, admiring the delicacies and fresh produce. There are several famous local markets near Perth to keep you busy over the weekend.

Green Bexar Farm (deep blue canopy) at the Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio, Texas, on Oct 21, 2020.

Get a First-Hand View of Perth’s Art and Culture Scene

From oversized sculptures to towering wall paintings and larger than life digital installations, Perth is home to some of WA’s most fascinating public art pieces. And since the collection is on display right in the middle of town, you can explore the exhibits on foot. Take the experience up a notch by learning about the local history. The WA Museum is a visual treat and the home of WA’s greatest historical assets and stories.

Georges Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884). Original from The Art Institute of Chicago. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Treat Your Tastebuds to Some Delicious Local Fare

Come summertime, the suburbs of Perth come alive with the delicious aroma emanating from the local hawkers’ markets. Our top picks include the Wanneroo Street Food Movement and the South Beach Sunset Markets in Fremantle. Apart from established vendors, you must also drop by the several food trucks, vans, and pop-up kitchens lining the narrow streets for an authentic taste of Perthian fare.

Grilling chicken skewers

Explore the City Like a Tourist

There’s no better way to acquaint yourself with Perth than exploring the city like a tourist. And this applies to the locals too! The city of Perth organises several free guided walking tours to take visitors on a thorough trip down the city’s vibrant history. You could also explore the city solo or with your mates. You’ll find all the crucial resources on the internet.

Asian woman enjoying an outdoor trip

Stargaze on a Clear Night

Despite being a major metro city, Perth is often critiqued for its big town feel. The upside is less pollution, which means you get some of the most amazing views of the sky post-sunset. Be it the observatory in the hills of lake Mandurah or the Pinnacles Desert, there are several excellent stargazing locations in Perth. And why not pack your dinner and turn it into a picnic on the trails while you’re at it!

Camping under galaxy starry night sky, free public domain CC0 photo.


Perth is home to several fascinating attractions. So, whether you’ve lived in the city all your life or plan on visiting for a weekend, there is no shortage of exciting things to do. We’ve compiled the best cheap and unique things to do in the city to help you plan an itinerary like a local. We hope you find everything you’ve been looking for!

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