While you don’t need an occasion to visit an escape room, it’s the perfect venue to celebrate an event with friends and family.

While you might be thinking of celebrating your next birthday or anniversary in an escape room, here are five lesser-known occasions that you can celebrate in an escape room.


Escape rooms are fun. If you haven’t been to one yet, we bring you the perfect excuse to change that.

Celebrate Your Graduation

Just got your first degree? It calls for a grand celebration!

And what better way to thank your peers and blow some steam than to invite your friends for a day at Lost Reality.

Team up and solve an intriguing puzzle within the designated time or split up and compete on a head-to-head battle. You’re spoilt for choice.

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Licensed to Drive!

Earning your driver’s license is a major rite of passage and it calls for celebration.

It’s one of the most important events in your life as it marks your entry into adulthood. If you’ve just earned the right to drive, take your friends and family out on a day trip.

Watch a movie, treat your friends to a lavish lunch, and spend the evening solving an escape room.

Your First Paycheck

Earning your first paycheck will always be memorable.

It’s a rite of passage that we all go through once in our lives.

Why not make it even more epic by taking your parents out to an escape room!

If they’re adventurous they’ll be pleasantly surprised and equally thrilled. There is no better way to make the day even more epic!

Paying Off Your Debts

Most of us have to deal with debts and mortgages at least once in our lifetimes.

You might have debts from college or a mortgage on the house weighing you down and you know what it feels like.

The relief of finally being able to pay off your debts is unlike any other and calls for a celebration.

Spending a day in an escape room is the best way to unwind and pat yourself on the back.

Breaking Even

An entrepreneur’s journey is difficult, time-consuming, and marred with failures.

However, if you suck it up and march forward you will break even at some point.

And when you do, it’s okay to stop and rest for a while before soldering on.

So, if your business has just turned a profit, take some time out to celebrate with your family.

Bonus Pointer

Escape rooms are a major source of entertainment. They’re fun, help build camaraderie, and instil a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

These qualities make it perfect for social interaction, which is missing from our lives thanks to COVID-19.

So, if you’d like to step out of the house and alleviate boredom, here are some interesting ideas.