Human beings have distinct personalities that determine our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and activities. Our nature influences our performance at work, social relations, and every other sphere of life. Despite being genetically hardcoded, we can change our personality by actively moulding it into the desired shape.

Just like the world is colourful and not black and white, there’s good in evil and vice versa. Our character is a combination of several positive and negative traits. Nobody is perfect, and we admit this fact by taking the first steps towards self-development.


It takes years of practice to build character. But we have to begin somewhere.


Escape rooms present an active challenge that needs real-time problem-solving. The trick is to learn to play nice with your teammates to beat the game. You must consider their personalities and opinions and respect their points of view.

This is difficult for most people as not all of us are natural-born team players. Escape rooms teach us to work together and not misbehave simply because we don’t like their ideas. If you’re easily peeved, force yourself to participate in discussions, be receptive to new ideas, and combine the resulting ideas for best results.


You must keep your eyes and ears open to spot puzzles and find clues inside an escape room. Sometimes they’re hidden in plain sight, while other times, they’re apparent. The trick is to read between the lines, spot encoded messages, and spot details from afar.

Escape rooms present an excellent opportunity to practice as there won’t be second chances in real life. So, in a way, escape rooms are risk simulators that force us to practice the art of observation for use in practical scenarios.


Another crucial personality trait that develops in an escape room! We must learn to be responsible since we’re not in it alone. Escape games are team activities, and the actions of every player will have consequences for the entire squad.


Clear communication is the key to teamwork. And there is no room for braggarts in an escape room. State your intentions and stick to your commitments. If you cannot solve a certain kind of puzzle, be vocal and let someone with more experience tackle the problem.

If you accept a task simply to save face, you’re ruining the experience for the entire team. Admitting our imperfections takes courage, and that’s a valuable skill we pick up at escape rooms.


Not all escape room puzzles are easy. You might be gliding through challenges one second and get stuck the next moment. The situation is prevalent in real life, too, and you must adapt your mind, body, soul, and spirit accordingly.

Your nervous system twitches under stress. But if you manage to control your heartbeat and fight the goosebumps, your cognitive skills are going to grow sharper. Stress situations are a wake-up call for everybody, and the more you experience it, the better prepared you will be the next time.


Escape rooms present players with a variety of challenges. If you’re spending 60-minutes inside an advanced escape room, chances are you’ll encounter some complex problems. Facing such difficulties head-on requires courage, which reiterates one’s beliefs in one’s skills.

Losing your wits in the face of adversity is quite common. However, once you get your wits together and decide to fight back, the table quickly turns in your favour. These diverse personality traits make us human. And we grow by constantly challenging our limits.


A positive attitude goes a long way in building up spirits before a fight. While you must be practical, keeping your hopes up activates intrinsic powers allowing people to put up a brave fight even in the face of adversity. By being optimistic, you allow fate to help you on the path to success.


Self-improvement is a lengthy process that takes years to develop. But you must be willing to make an effort. Consistency is the key to success, and if you’re dedicated to the cause, the results will start showing soon. Participating in group activities help build character.

And some of the best ways to do it are at school, in self-help support groups, playing games, volunteering, and reading books. Escape rooms influence us in a similar manner. But the effects aren’t apparent.

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