Wondering whether escape rooms are just pleasantly thrilling – or completely terrifying?

Want to play an escape room, but fear of terrifying themes, a creepy atmosphere and jump scares holding you back?

Unsure whether escape rooms are like haunted houses?

Then, this is the blog post you should read!

Allow us – Lost Reality Escape Room in Perth – to pull back the curtain and reveal to you…

Why you shouldn’t be scared of escape rooms – a sneak-peek

As you shall see, escape rooms are generally not designed to be terrifying. 

Many escape rooms do offer adventures that are meant to be thrilling, but pleasantly so. 

And even that is achieved through thoughtful game design rather than jump scares or outrightly terrifying elements.

Further, we shall see how you can conquer your fears through deep breathing, teamwork, practice, and seeking help from the game master if needed. 

What are escape rooms?

If you’ve never played one before let’s take a quick look at what escape rooms are, so we’re on the same page.

Escape rooms are live-action, interactive games where you and your team must work together to solve puzzles and challenges within a set time limit, usually 60 minutes, to “escape” the room.

They’re a great way to bond with friends, family, and coworkers while testing your problem-solving skills.

Are escape rooms inherently scary?

Are Escape Rooms Inherently Scary

The “Scream” movie may be inherently scary but escape rooms aren’t!

The very concept of having to “escape” from a room by spotting clues within a given time limit can induce nervousness.

In this section, we shall explore this in a little detail, explaining how an escape room is meant to be inherently fun and enjoyable – and not to scare you.

And while there are horror-focused adventures out there, you can easily avoid them if you want to.

How the concept of an escape room can inspire fear in some people

The idea of being locked in a room with a set time limit to escape can create feelings of panic and anxiety.

Let us reassure you that you aren’t really locked or trapped inside – either the door will remain unlocked throughout, or you can simply ask to be let out.

The pressure to solve puzzles and challenges within a specific timeframe can add to the stress and potentially make the experience seem daunting.

However, as we shall see, you can face down these fears – to know how, read on!

Whether the atmosphere of an escape room can be scary

The atmosphere of an escape room can range from whimsical to eerie, depending on the theme. 

While some rooms may incorporate spooky elements, they’re generally not designed to be terrifying.

Some escape rooms do use jump scares, but they’re usually horror-themed and you can just avoid them for games with other themes like witch’s fantasy, crime and so on. 

Do room designers intend to create a scary atmosphere?

Let us be clear here – the primary aim of an escape room is to offer an engaging and enjoyable experience for you.

Horror is just one niche of the escape room world, just like there are others like magical fantasy, thrilling/detective and so on.

Most escape rooms specify game themes clearly, check before you book!

Are escape rooms like haunted houses?

Are Escape Rooms like Haunted Houses

Yes that house is creepy. It’s also nothing like our escape rooms!

Haunted house attractions have been around for a lot longer than escape rooms have, and the concept is both similar to and possibly better-known than escape rooms.

That’s why so many people think escape rooms are just like haunted houses.

As we shall see here – that simply isn’t true.

What are haunted houses?

Haunted houses are attractions designed to scare and entertain visitors by creating an immersive experience filled with creepy settings, spooky characters, and jump scares

They often feature dim lighting, eerie sound effects, and live actors dressed as ghouls, zombies, or other frightening creatures. 

The goal of a haunted house is to provide a scary and adrenaline-pumping experience for horror afficianados.

Why do so many people associate escape rooms with haunted houses

There are many reasons why people associate escape rooms with haunted houses.

  • Both haunted houses and escape rooms aim to create immersive experiences in specially designed environments, in which participants have to find their way through a series of rooms.
  • Haunted house attractions also have a longer history than escape rooms – which may have simply made them better-known than escape rooms.

Explore the most challenging escape rooms in Perth.

So, are escape rooms like haunted houses?

While there are some similarities between escape rooms and haunted houses, let us tell you – they are fundamentally different experiences. 

While both are immersive and interactive,

  • An escape room engages you mentally (through the puzzles and clues) and emotionally (through the storyline and room design), while a haunted house focuses mostly on emotional engagement.
  • Horror is just one of the themes an escape room can have…on the other hand, horror is baked into the very concept of a haunted house.

To sum up, while a haunted house aims at creating a spine-chilling experience for visitors, an escape room aims to put its players’ skills (like observation, communication, quick thinking) and team work to the test, through an immersive experience.

Some of the common fears associated with escape rooms

Common Fears with Escape Rooms

A team of our escapers. We’re no experts, but they don’t appear to be very scared, do they?

Like we mentioned before, the very concept of having to find clues to escape from a room before your time runs out can be a little unnerving.

In this section, we’ll address some of these. 

Fear of confinement

Escape rooms can feel confining, as you’re usually in an enclosed space (a room) from which you have to “escape”, working against the clock to solve the challenges.

Some folks experience what’s called sensory overload – your senses taking in more information than they can process –  especially if there are loud noises, flashing lights, or intense visuals.

Fear of the unknown

Escape rooms can be unpredictable, as each room has its unique puzzles and challenges.

Some players may be afraid of the unknown due to concerns about what to expect or how difficult the tasks might be.

Fear of failure

Escape rooms can be challenging, pushing players to think critically and creatively.

The fear of failing, especially in front of others, can be intimidating and create anxiety for some players.

How to conquer your escape room fears

How to Conquer Your Escape Room Fears

A very crucial checklist for escape room beginners.

  • Deep breathing: Focus on your breath to help calm your nerves.
  • Work with your teammates: Teamwork and communication can alleviate stress and fear.
  • Keep doing escape rooms: The more you experience them, the more comfortable you’ll become.
  • Start with people you’re close with: This can help build your confidence in a supportive environment.
  • Practice problem-solving: Hone your skills to feel more at ease in an escape room.
  • Ask the game master for help: They’re there to guide you through the experience and ensure you have a great time.

What about horror-themed escape rooms?

This niche of escape rooms will include story elements drawing on popular horror tropes like abandoned houses, zombies, mad doctors and so on.

The gameplay will include scare-inducing elements like creepy sound effects, dim lighting, and unsettling props.

Some may even be located in places whose actual history includes unsettling, unexplained or unhappy episodes.

However, they’ll make it amply clear on their website that they are in fact horror-focused – and if that’s not your thing you can just avoid them!

Frequently asked questions about whether escape rooms are scary

Frequently Asked Questions About Whether Escape Rooms are Scary

From answering queries like whether escape rooms include jump scares to addressing potential pain points like whether you’re actually locked or trapped inside – you can find all your escape room scariness questions answered here!

Should I be scared of an escape room?

Generally, no. 

Escape rooms are designed to be fun, engaging, and challenging experiences. 

However, some individuals might feel scared due to the theme, atmosphere, or their personal fears. 

Remember, knowing your limits and preferences will help you choose the right escape room experience for you.

Lost Reality Adds: None of our current escape games are horror-themed.

Do escape rooms have jump scares?

Some horror-themed escape rooms may include jump scares, but they are not a common feature in the industry. 

The focus of escape rooms is primarily on problem-solving and teamwork.

Lost Reality Adds: We don’t have live actors in the room or anything that will jump out to scare you; contact us if you have apprehensions.

Some tips to overcome escape room fears and apprehensions

To survive a scary escape room, try the following strategies:

  • Deep breathing to stay calm.
  • Collaborate with your teammates.
  • Familiarize yourself with the room’s theme and story.
  • Remember it’s just a game, and you can always ask the game master for help if needed.

How violent is escape room?

Let’s be clear, are you talking about an escape room experience or the escape room movie? 

If you’re referring to escape room experiences, let us assure you that they are not violent

They focus on intellectual challenges and teamwork, not physical confrontation or aggression.

Some themes may involve simulated danger, but there is no real threat or harm involved.

If you’re talking about the movie, we feel we shouldn’t spoil the suspense other than to say that while there is some violence, it’s an awesome escape room-based movie and you should definitely check it out!

Which is the scariest escape room in the world?

Fear is subjective so it’s hard to pinpoint the “scariest” escape room in the world. 

That being said, there are some experiences like those offered by The Basement escape room in Las Vegas and Annabelle offered by Lost In Melbourne Escape Rooms which are known for high fear factor ratings.

Lost Reality Adds: If you’re getting bored with all this talk of scary games, check our escape adventures for enjoyable, intriguing, engaging but completely non-scary experiences!

Are you really locked inside the escape room?


In most cases, the main door always remains unlocked and you can just leave whenever you want to.

In some adventures (like one in which you have to escape a prison cell), the main door isn’t left unlocked; however you can ask the game master for help.

Lost Reality Adds: Here at Lost Reality you can always step outside to take a break. Whenever you feel like you are ready to rejoin your companions, just let a staff member know, and they’ll let you back into the room as long as you’re still within your allotted time (one hour).

How can you ask for help in an escape room?

If you need help in an escape room, simply tell the game master, who is usually monitoring your progress. 

They can provide hints or guidance to help you move forward in the game.

They can also guide you out of the game if you need to take a break.

Are escape rooms like haunted houses?

While escape rooms and haunted houses share some similarities, such as immersive environments and themed settings, they are fundamentally different experiences. 

Escape rooms focus on problem-solving and teamwork, while haunted houses aim to scare and entertain visitors.

Are escape rooms family-friendly?

Many escape rooms are family-friendly and offer themes suitable for various age groups.

However, it’s essential to check the recommended age and adventure themes before booking a room.

Lost Reality Adds: All of our games are family friendly, but children ages 15 years old and under must be accompanied by at least one (1) paying adult (18+).

Are escape rooms dangerous?

Escape rooms are not dangerous

Any danger which is part of the gameplay is simulated and players are never at risk.

They are carefully designed and monitored experiences to ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants. 

In case of an emergency, there is always a way to exit the room.

What happens if you don’t escape in time?

If you don’t escape the room within the given time limit, the game master will usually end the game and reveal the remaining puzzles or solutions. 

It’s all part of the experience, and there’s always the opportunity to try again in the future.

Check out our blog post on escape room questions you never got around to asking for more details.

So, should you be scared of escape rooms? (spoiler alert: no, you shouldn’t)

It is natural to feel apprehensive about trying something new, especially if it has the word ‘escape’ in it. 

But let us assure you – there is nothing to be scared of in escape rooms. 

They are safe experiences that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Many escape rooms are family-friendly and cater to all age groups.

Unlike haunted houses, escape rooms are not designed to scare you but to challenge your problem-solving and teamwork skills. 

Finally, you can always check the game theme and choose one that is not spooky or disturbing.

Still hesitant to try an escape room?

You have no idea what you’re missing out on!

If you are travelling from Northbridge, check out the escape games we have here at Lost Reality and talk with us about your fears and doubts.

Put together a team of your family and friends. Try to include at least one person who’s done escape rooms before.

And then select an escape room and make your booking!

Ten to one you’ll find most of your fears melt away during your escape room adventure!