Cuddling on the couch with Netflix and chill…ed beer?

Here’s an idea.

It’s the last few weeks of winter.

Your last chance to impress your partner with some romantic winter date nights.

To help you get started, here’s some inspiration on great places in Perth you can go on a date.

Gaze at the Stars at The Perth Observatory

A short drive (25 km, to be exact) out of Perth, the oldest Observatory is a great place for starry-eyed couples to gaze at the stars and marvel at the vastness of the universe.

They often have guided tours; a hit with the nerdy types, or so I am told. 

They also organize awesome events and workshops like this one…

…occasionally, so make sure you go through their website if you’d prefer an open-air event like that!

Check out their website for further details to plan your date!

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Nestle Together with Martinis and a Great View at the Aviary

Lovebirds of all shades love to nestle at The Aviary.


Well, as they put it,…

With the city skyline setting the backdrop, soak in the views with a cocktail in hand.

From lush green plants to timber decking, from relaxing lounge chairs to intimate tables, from bar snacks and burgers to martinis and cocktails…

It’s got more or less anything you need for a memorable date night in Perth!

Check out their website for further details to plan your date!

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Team up to Beat Perth’s Best-Loved Escape Rooms

Travel to mysterious worlds of adventure and excitement here at Perth’s most loved escape room.

Immerse yourself in one of our four escape games.

  • Face off against the Army of The Dead in The Frozen King.
  • Find a way to survive hordes of mysterious animals in The Jungle.
  • Sneak into the mansion of a crime syndicate to steal incriminating evidence in The Mafia.
  • Venture deep into the forests in search of a life saving potion in The Witch.

Puzzles will need to be solved.

Tasks to be performed.

Clues to be unearthed, to show you the way forward.

You have 60 minutes to accomplish your mission.

Can you do it?

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Drink at Strange Company

Taking your partner to Strange Company in Freo? Mate, this is absolutely a winner! The place has a fantastic atmosphere, as warm and inviting as a summer barbecue.

The joint’s got history, tucked away in a 1950s industrial building, but don’t reckon it’s all rust and rivets; it’s warm, inviting, and has style to boot, with bespoke touches everywhere you look.

The drinks? Crikey, they’ve got it all – beers, cocktails, and a wine list that’s pretty much a love letter to local Aussie producers.

And the crew behind the bar? Top-notch. They’ll yarn with you about the best tucker and drinks on offer.

So, whether you’re looking to impress or just have a good yarn, Strange Company’s the go.

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Laugh Out Loud at Comedy Lounge

If you’re keen on a ripper night out filled with non-stop laughs, the Comedy Lounge in Perth is the go.

They’ve got some of the best comedians from all over, and the vibe in the joint is just top-notch.

Whether you’re after the VIP treatment with tasty grub and drinks or just a spot to enjoy the show, they’ve got you covered.

And the staff? They’re as friendly as they come. Just a heads up, though, it’s all in good fun, but they don’t hold back on any topic.

So, if you’re up for a laugh and a great time, you won’t regret hitting up Comedy Lounge.

Experience Tapas and Other Authentic Spanish Cuisine at Pinchos

Pinchos is an authentic tapas bar where you can savour fine Spanish fare.

From beek cheek to pork belly, from Sangria to white wine, you have a whole range of gastronomic delights to choose from.

The staff are known to go the extra mile to infuse your meal with hospitality, for example, by having a card and a bouquet of flowers waiting for you at your table if you book for an anniversary.

And, if you’re up for corny jokes, you can have a little giggle over how a tapas bar can sound like an entirely different kind of bar sometimes.

Check out their website for further details to plan your date!

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Fun at Palace Arcade

Take a trip down memory lane with all the classic arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s. Plus, they’ve got some of the finest craft beers and cocktails in town.

The vibe is top-notch, especially with the two levels of gaming machines. And don’t get me started on the pizza – it’s absolutely stellar!

Whether you’re keen on a laid-back session or a bit of nostalgic fun, this spot is a winner. Just be wary of busy times, as you want the experience to be as smooth as possible.

Catch a Movie at Galaxy Drive-in Theatre

Image courtesy of Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

Like I need to tell you about the date potential of a drive-in cinema…

Drive into Perth’s only drive-in theatre and cuddle together for a movie beneath the stars.

Beats Netflix and beer at home, am I right, am I right?

They’ve even got a cafe where you can grab a bite!

Check out their website for further details to plan your date!

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Explore the Interiors of Fremantle Prison

Dare you step inside and take your time checking out a World Heritage site that was a notorious maximum security prison from 1887 to 1991?

They organize a variety of tours for visitors. For your date, I would recommend the…

  • Torchlight Tour, where guides enthral you with lurid tales from the prison’s history. Only on Wednesday and Friday evenings.
  • Or the Tunnels Tour, where you slip into hardhats and overalls and explore the tunnels built by convicts beneath the prison. Part of this tour will see you clamber aboard convict punts to explore submerged passageways.

Check out their website for further details to plan your date!

Explore WA Museum Together

You’ve got a bit of everything here: stunning exhibitions spanning from natural history to Aboriginal culture and even a glimpse into WA’s maritime past.

You can stroll through the galleries, chinwagging about the fantastic artifacts and artworks, or even take a guided tour to really get the lowdown on the joint.

Plus, the building itself is a blend of old and new, creating a top-notch atmosphere. And, if you’ve got young’uns in tow, there’s plenty to keep them entertained, too.

Entry is FREE!

So, grab your date and head down to explore and learn about this great state of ours, all while having a fantastic time together.

With these 10 best places, your winter dates in Perth will be filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. So, bundle up, step out, and create warm winter memories with your special someone in the heart of Perth.

What’s your favourite Perth haunt for a date to warm up a chilly winter evening? Tell us in the comments below!

Banner image courtesy of George Bakos on Unsplash.