Planning a memorable birthday party for your 10-year-old in Perth can be delightful yet daunting. 

Among the myriad of good birthday party places for 10-year-olds in Perth, finding the perfect spot that combines fun, education, and excitement is key. 

As the best escape room in Perth, we understand the importance of an unforgettable celebration. 

Our curated list of top venues offers unique and engaging experiences that cater to the adventurous spirits of young ones.

AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia)

Children exploring the vibrant marine life at AQWA in Perth.

The perfect aquatic birthday adventure for kids in Perth.

Embark on an enchanting underwater journey to celebrate your child turning ten at AQWA, The Aquarium of Western Australia. 

This venue – a top family-friendly activity in Perth – offers over 40 exhibits, including vibrant coral reefs and fascinating shipwrecks, perfect for young explorers. 

Children will be thrilled to meet an array of marine life, from majestic sharks to colorful fish, and learn about ocean conservation.

AQWA’s interactive touch pools and displays provide a hands-on experience, making learning fun and engaging. 

Their comprehensive party packages, including themed decorations and catering, ensure a stress-free celebration for parents.

Dedicated party hosts are on hand to ensure a smooth, enjoyable event for everyone. 

Choose AQWA for a birthday that combines education, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (08) 9447 7500

Perth Mint

Kids marveling at a gold pour demonstration at Perth Mint

The Mint is an educational and fascinating birthday destination.

Perth Mint, steeped in history, offers a fascinating educational outing for a tenth birthday. 

The birthday boy/girl and their friends can explore the world of gold and coins, igniting a passion for Australian history. 

The highlight is the live gold pour, captivating young minds with the magic of molten gold turning into solid bars. 

Additionally, themed coin collections, including pop culture and historical themes, enrich the experience, making it a top tour for Perth families

They also offer unique birthday coin souvenirs, making it a memorable visit. 

A birthday at the Perth Mint will be one that combines learning with unforgettable fun, ideal for inquisitive kids.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (08) 9421 7222

Lost Reality Escape Room

Group of kids enjoying an escape room challenge at Lost Reality.

Escape into a world of puzzles and teamwork with us for a unique Perth birthday experience.

At Lost Reality Escape Room, we offer an exhilarating and imaginative party in Perth for your little one’s tenth birthday. 

Our escape games, including themes like The Jungle, The Frozen King, and Mystical Manor, provide a captivating adventure, perfect for young minds. 

We focus on teamwork, puzzle-solving, and critical thinking, ensuring a learning yet thrilling experience. 

Our kids’ birthday party packages cater to different group sizes, with options like the Basic and Standard packages, accommodating up to 15 players. 

These packages include party bags and customised birthday invites, adding a personal touch to your celebration.

Celebrate at Lost Reality, where fun meets learning and create unforgettable birthday memories.

Tip: We have two Perth locations – Cannington and Victoria Park – you can choose the one that’s convenient for the special day!

Website: Visit our home page

Nostalgia Box Video Game Museum

Children playing retro video games at The Nostalgia Box Museum.

Step back in time with retro gaming – a unique blend of fun and nostalgia for a birthday bash.

The Nostalgia Box Museum in Perth is an interactive haven that showcases the evolution of video gaming, making it a great birthday event venue for children turning ten.

This unique venue offers a trip through gaming history, where kids can play classic games, fostering their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills (beginners need similar skills to beat escape rooms). 

The museum’s extensive collection of consoles, from the 1970s to today, makes for an engaging and educational tour. It also makes for a nostalgic tour for many parents too!

Tailored kids’ birthday packages at The Nostalgia Box ensure a fun-filled, stress-free celebration. 

These packages include access to a party room, guided museum tours, and immersive gaming sessions, catering to all your party needs. 

A birthday at The Nostalgia Box is not just about gaming; it’s a memorable experience blending education, nostalgia, and fun.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (13) 0018 4423

Super Bowl Melville

A birthday party enjoying bowling at Super Bowl Melville.

Strike into fun – Bowling at Super Bowl Melville for an exciting birthday party.

Super Bowl Melville offers a dynamic and fun-filled setting for a memorable tenth birthday bash in Perth. 

Their customized birthday packages ensure a seamless celebration with bowling, festive decorations, and arcade games.

The lively atmosphere and the excitement of bowling make it an ideal spot for an active and joyful party experience (which is why bowling also happens to be a top Halloween activity in Perth). 

Catering to various group sizes, these packages allow for a personalized touch to your child’s special day. 

Super Bowl Melville is not just a bowling alley; it’s a place where every strike amplifies the joy of the occasion. 

For a birthday filled with laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable moments, Super Bowl Melville is a top pick for Perth families.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (08) 9330 7466

Laser Blaze Perth

Kids in laser tag gear playing at Laser Blaze Perth.

Action-packed laser tag fun – the perfect high-energy birthday party for Perth kids.

For a birthday party full of action and excitement, Laser Blaze Perth stands out as an exhilarating choice for 10-year-olds, with locations in Willetton, Malaga (Lost Reality is easily accessible from Malaga as well), Port Kennedy, and Rockingham.

This dynamic venue is perfect for kids aged 7 and up, providing a thrilling laser tag experience that combines fun and strategy. 

Their birthday packages, designed for various group sizes, include exciting laser tag games, party room access, and refreshments. 

These well-organized celebrations ensure a stress-free experience for parents and unforgettable fun for kids. 

The games at Laser Blaze encourage teamwork and critical thinking, making the party both enjoyable and mentally stimulating. 

Beyond the laser tag arena, the lively atmosphere of Laser Blaze adds to the excitement of the day. 

Celebrate at Laser Blaze for a birthday that blends high-energy play with memorable moments. It’s the perfect place in Perth for a tenth birthday filled with adventure, laughter, and lifelong memories.

Website: Visit their website

Phone: (08) 9300-3700

Perth Royal Show

Family enjoying the attractions at the Perth Royal Show.

Experience the excitement of the Perth Royal Show – a diverse birthday adventure for all ages.

Watch your son/daughter step into a world of fun and excitement at the Perth Royal Show, a perfect venue for celebrating the milestone tenth birthday. 

This iconic event, which happens to be a top school holiday destination too, offers a diverse range of activities catering to young attendees’ adventurous spirit. 

Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they explore agricultural displays, thrilling rides, and interactive animal exhibits, providing a unique blend of entertainment and education. 

The Show’s lively atmosphere, with its array of shows and contests – from flower shows and dog performances to community stage events and a scarecrow competition –  ensures an engaging and memorable experience for the whole family. 

Birthday celebrations here are not just about fun; they’re an opportunity for kids to learn about Perth’s rich agricultural heritage in an interactive setting. 

With an abundance of food stalls and local delicacies, the Perth Royal Show also offers a taste of Western Australia’s culinary delights, adding to the festive mood. 

Make your child’s tenth birthday extraordinary with a day at the Perth Royal Show, where excitement and learning go hand in hand.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (08) 6263 3100

iPlay Australia

Kids engaged in various arcade games at iPlay Australia.

Arcade thrills and spills – iPlay Australia for a fun-filled tech-savvy birthday.

For a birthday bursting with excitement, iPlay Australia is the go-to destination for 10-year-olds. 

It offers a diverse mix of activities, from cutting-edge arcade games (great for 13th birthday parties in Perth also) to VR experiences, with some attractions having height requirements suited for this age group. 

Their venues excel in combining fun and adventure, ensuring a memorable celebration with its bowling alleys, bumper cars, and more. 

Their well-crafted party packages ensure a stress-free experience for you (the parents), complete with festive décor and treats. 

Choose iPlay Australia for a day where energetic fun and unforgettable birthday memories are guaranteed.

Website: Visit their website

Bounce Inc. Cannington

Children jumping joyfully at Bounce Inc. Cannington.

Leap into fun – Bounce Inc. offers high-flying birthday adventures in Perth.

Celebrate your child’s birthday with an exhilarating jump into Bounce Inc. Cannington, where every leap spells fun. 

This venue, a hit among Perth’s indoor birthday party places for 10-year-olds, offers a mix of trampolines and adventure challenges tailor-made for energetic youngsters. 

Bounce Inc.’s party packages (including an option for unsupervised birthday parties) promise a seamless and exciting experience, featuring activities like dodgeball courts and freestyle areas.

They have height requirements for certain activities, ensuring a safe experience for all party guests.

It’s not just about jumping; it’s an opportunity for kids to learn, interact, and create lasting friendships. 

Opt for Bounce Inc. for a birthday filled with laughter, physical activity, and joyful memories in a safe, supervised setting.

Tips: They also have Perth venues at Joondalup and Osborne Park. The Cannington venue is a short walk from our Cannington escape room.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (08) 6183 7645

Outback Splash

Kids enjoying water activities at Outback Splash.

Splash into outdoor excitement – celebrate with a splash at Outback Splash for birthdays

Celebrate your child’s tenth birthday at Outback Splash, Perth’s ultimate outdoor adventure playground. 

With specialised birthday packages, this venue promises a hassle-free, fun-filled day amidst nature’s charm. 

Activities like mini-golf (the Holey Moley Golf Club is also known for mini-golf), mazes, and water playgrounds cater to young thrill-seekers, adhering to safety with specific height and weight requirements. 

It’s a place where fun and learning coexist, allowing kids to challenge themselves and explore. 

Outback Splash offers a unique blend of excitement and outdoor experiences, perfect for an unforgettable birthday bash.

Website: Visit their website

Location: Plan your route via Google Maps

Phone: (08) 9571 1375

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents planning a birthday party with a checklist.

Your questions answered – essential tips for planning the perfect Perth birthday party!

From popular party themes to food & drink options and even planning tips – here are the most frequently asked questions on birthday party planning for ten-year-olds in Perth.

What are some popular themes for 10-year-old birthday parties?

Popular themes include underwater adventures, historical explorations, escape rooms, retro gaming, and outdoor wilderness. 

These themes cater to diverse interests ranging from the marvels of the ocean and historical treasures to interactive gaming and outdoor activities.

Some other popular options are unicorn-themed parties and princess-themed events.

How many kids should be invited to a 10-year-old’s birthday party?

The number of guests usually depends on the venue capacity, budget, and the nature of the party. 

Smaller, more intimate venues are suited for fewer guests, while larger venues can accommodate more. 

It’s important to consider the child’s close friends and classmates to ensure a manageable and enjoyable celebration.

What are some suitable games and activities for 10-year-olds at a birthday party?

Educational activities and guided tours can be engaging at venues like aquariums and museums. 

Interactive gaming and problem-solving challenges are great at escape rooms and video game museums. 

Physical activities like trampolining or laser tag are also popular, offering excitement and team-building opportunities.

You can also add DIY birthday party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Balloon Pop to the event.

What are some food and drink ideas for a 10-year-old’s birthday party?

Food ideas like finger foods, mini pizzas, and sandwiches are commonly preferred.

Kid-friendly birthday drink options include fruit juices, smoothies, or flavoured water are both healthy and appealing to children. 

Many venues offer party packages that include these kinds of food and drink options.

What should be considered regarding birthday cakes and desserts?

When selecting a cake, aligning it with the party’s theme can add to the excitement. 

Cupcakes or themed cakes matching the party venue or theme can make the celebration more special.

Some venues might offer their own dessert options, adding convenience to the planning.

Any tips for planning the perfect party for a 10-year-old?

Early booking of the venue is essential. Align the party package with your budget, ensuring it includes the necessary amenities. 

Verify the venue’s supervision and safety measures, especially for physical activities. Ensuring the venue aligns with the child’s interests can enhance the party experience.

Are there any unique birthday party venue ideas for 10-year-olds?

Unique venues like historical museums or video game museums offer a blend of fun and education. 

These venues provide a distinctive experience, with interactive learning and engagement opportunities that are both enjoyable and enriching for children.

Started planning your child’s tenth birthday yet?

Parent and child discussing birthday party ideas.

Let the birthday planning begin – creating memorable tenth birthday parties in Perth!

If you’re looking for good birthday party places for 10-year-olds in Perth, you’re in the right place. 

Celebrating this milestone requires a venue that’s fun, safe, engaging, and memorable. 

From the wonders of marine life at AQWA to the thrilling adventures with us at Lost Reality Escape Room, our list provides a diverse range of options. 

Each venue is selected to ensure your child’s birthday is filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable experiences. 

As you embark on this exciting planning journey, remember that the perfect party spot is just a decision away. 

Ready to make your child’s tenth birthday extraordinary? 

Contact us to book a celebration filled with adventure, laughter, and lifelong memories.