Team-building events are like B2B event marketing, where the client is your company’s workforce. Such corporate events aim to foster better communication among the employees and instil team spirit.

Corporate parties bring people closer and create memories. They help resolve tension and improve productivity. On that note, here are the top 10 corporate party ideas to bring everyone closer.


Are you ready to build, invigorate, and strengthen your team? These ten party ideas will help bring the team closer.

Plan a Field Day

You can plan an outdoor excursion if the weather is nice. Model your event on a traditional high school field trip for adults. Fun activities include football, three-legged races, or any other games that you might like.

No matter what you choose, the emphasis should be on teamwork and getting along. Host the event at a local campground, park, or any available open space. And don’t forget to seek permission from the authorities in advance.

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Host a Team Lunch

Team lunches are all-expense-paid celebrations organised once a month to commemorate the team spirit. The event circles around fine dining at premium restaurants and motivates employees to return to the desk on Monday with renewed vigour.

If you wish to make things interesting, you could organise exclusive events for the top performers. Those who qualify become a part of the “Lunch Club” and get to bond over their shared victories. This might motivate your team to perform at the optimum level.

Spend a Day at an Escape Room

Escape rooms are an excellent team-building activity that motivates players to work together to beat the game. The players enter a locked room and must use their collective wits and observational skills to find and solve problems that will eventually lead them out.

Escape rooms are one of the most popular venues for corporate team-building events. If you’re near Perth, drop by Lost Reality with your squad and spend the following 60-minutes chasing the thrill.

Host a Happy Hour Kickback

Bust out the kegs, set the ping pong tables, and bring snacks for a DIY rooftop happy hour for your employees every Friday. This sets the mood for the weekend and gives people the chance to interact with their team outside work.

Even if you can’t provide kegs or don’t have the space for a rooftop happy hour, giving free drinks and hosting games frequently shouldn’t be much of a challenge for most employers. You can also get in touch with a local winery or brewery to organise tasting sessions.

Host a Board Game Tournament

Board games are fun! And a growing number of corporate organisations are taking note. Instead of limiting your workforce to a couple of games between breaks, why not host a tournament where people from all departments can participate?

This way, the people get a chance to mingle outside their team and have fun while at work. You can never go wrong with a classic mix of indie games. If you need help, you can always host a poll on the company’s internal mail thread.

Host a Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Host a traditional scavenger hunt for your employees if you have the space and time. From local treasures to trivia challenges and charity fundraising, you can choose between several themes for the event.

Friendly competition is always good for bonding as it promotes interaction while challenging the limits of human imagination. If you have the resources, hire a professional scavenger hunt company to help you set up an elaborate event.

Plan a Surprise Treat

Impromptu ice cream treats are the best kind of surprise, irrespective of age! Surprise your employees with ice cream in the middle of a workday or after a party when they least expect it. Bring an ice cream cart with various flavours and let them get creative with the order.

You can personalise the experience by adding custom touches like inserting toothpick flags with a thank you note on to every serving. These spontaneous events give your employees a chance to take a break and enjoy a delicious treat with co-workers.

Recognise Your Employees Publicly

Everybody loves to be appreciated for a job well done. Recognition is a powerful motivational tool and encourages people to perform better. Publicly recognising your employees will encourage them to take an active role in every aspect of their work and keep the entire workforce motivated.

Share examples of a job well done or an employee’s impressive act. And once the nominations are in, publicly acknowledge their accomplishments. Peer recognition works wonders for teamwork and group performance as the employees know that their efforts are being appreciated at every level of the organisation.

Get Crafty

Involve your employees in art and craft. You can encourage interested candidates to enrol for art and craft classes. This helps the creative juices flow, the results of which can be felt at work. You can partner with a local studio to take the initiative forward.

Encourage your team to pick up a new skill. For instance, they can learn how to cut stamps, design patterns, or try their hands at pottery! Activities like these can help identify hidden talents while offering another good reason to be out with co-workers outside work!

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

If your team is packed with adventurous individuals, this might be the perfect way to get along. Book an indoor skydiving session for your employees and take the literal leap of faith. Get the team involved and create memories together.

Even if everyone’s not interested in indoor skydiving and would rather spend time outdoors, plan a series of activities to push people outside their comfort zones for a similar effect. Activities with any sort of physical challenges ought to do the trick.


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