Are you stumped trying to think of inventive indoor birthday party activities for kids? 

Trust us, we’ve been there. At Lost Reality, we have had the privilege of hosting many children’s birthdays, giving us keen insights into their likes and dislikes. 

This has inspired us to put together this exclusive list of creative games – a refreshing departure from the usual musical chairs or pass the parcel. 

These inventive activities will not only entertain your children and their friends but also stimulate their young minds on their very special day!

Stack the gifts

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Stack the Gifts is an inventive party game that converts your unwrapped presents into a source of fun. 

This activity is perfect for kids of all ages, and it nurtures their communication skills and problem-solving abilities. 

It’s especially enjoyable for children who love puzzles and teamwork.

How to play

  • Gather a variety of wrapped presents. Ensure there are pairs of similar sizes and shapes.
    • Remember to set fragile gifts aside.
    • If there aren’t enough presents, or if you’d rather they didn’t play with actual gifts, you’ll need to prepare empty gift boxes before the party.
  • Divide the gifts into two similar stacks and assign a team of two players to each stack. The teams sit back to back, each team facing its own stack of gifts.
  • One member of a third team builds a unique stacked arrangement using one stack of gifts.
    • Each gift must touch at least one other, and no props are allowed.
  • The team member who can see the constructed gift tower describes it to their back-to-back partner, who then tries replicating the arrangement with their own stack of gifts.
  • Keep track of the time using a stopwatch or timer. You can also set a time limit and see how many stacks the teams can recreate within this limit.
  • For added fun, you can make it a relay race, with team members taking turns carrying their gift stacks to a display table.

And the best part about this game is that the young ones get to continue the fun even after the game ends – when they unwrap the presents!

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Paint the pavement

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Brighten up your party and your driveway with this age-old favourite! 

It encourages creativity in kids of all ages. 

Simply create homemade paint matching the party theme and let the children’s imaginations run wild with inexpensive foam brushes. 

Most homemade paints can be easily washed off, which means the Little Picassos’ masterpieces can easily be cleaned away after the festivities, ensuring a no-mess, hassle-free end to the party.

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Escape the Lava Monster!

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Get ready for an adventurous indoor game with “Escape the Lava Monster!” 

Perfect for energetic kids and larger spaces, this game stimulates children’s agility and strategic thinking, and promotes physical activity. 

How to play

  • Arrange pillows or pieces of scrap fabric around the room. These act as safe islands in the sea of hot lava (the floor).
  • One child is the “Hot Lava Monster,” roaming the lava and trying to tag other players.
  • Players must leap from one safe space to another without touching the lava.
    • To amp up the challenge, create obstacles using household items, making it harder for the lava monster to reach the players.
    • Some safe islands can be larger than others, allowing multiple players to wait there.
  • If a player gets tagged by the lava monster, or they step or fall into the lava, they’re out!
  • The last player remaining wins the game and gets the honour of being the next lava monster.

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DIY photobooth

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Make every moment picture-perfect with a DIY Photobooth, a delightful addition to any party. A photo booth lets the kids dive into a world of fun and creativity. 

With just a few props like pool noodles, sunglasses, and pom-poms against a plain wall, the children can create memorable pictures. 

This easy-to-set-up activity not only keeps the children engaged but also provides them with fun keepsakes of the party.

Can you tie-dye

Dive into a world of colour with “Can You Tie-Dye?” a fun and creative party activity. 

By providing each child with a white cotton tee, rubber gloves, and bottles of dye from a tie-dye kit, they can design and take home their own unique party souvenir. 

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Catch the leader!

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“Catch the Leader!” is a clever game that, like the escape games at Lost Reality, improves players’ observation skills. 

It’s also a perfect option for dialling down the energy a bit if the party becomes too rowdy.

How to play

  • Start by selecting one child to be the guesser. Have this child leave the room or face a wall for a brief moment.
  • While the guesser is not looking, designate another child as the leader. Do this by pointing, so the guesser won’t overhear.
  • The leader initiates the game by making a subtle motion, such as touching their earlobe or shifting their weight from one foot to another.
  • All the other players mimic the leader’s actions. Every few seconds, the leader switches to a new action.
  • The guesser re-enters the room or turns around and tries to identify who the leader is.

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Land, sea, or air

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“Land, Sea, or Air” is an energetic activity that invites kids to explore imaginary terrains right at home. Not only is it ideal for energetic children, but it also encourages quick reflexes and active participation in a fun and dynamic setting.

How to play

  • First, designate which part of the floor is “land” and which part is “sea”.
    • The easiest way of doing that is with tape – lay down a long piece with the area in front of the tape as “sea” and the area behind the tape as “land”.
  • Select one child to be the leader. The leader will be responsible for directing the players.
  • The leader will call out one of three commands: “Land!”, “Sea!” or “Air!”.
  • When “Land!” is called, kids jump into the land area. When “Sea!” is called, they leap into the sea area. And when “Air!” is called, kids jump as high into the air as they can.

Pro tip: You can come up with some other rules, such as if the leader calls twice (whether it be land, sea, or air), players need to stand still. Or you could come up with some other calls such as “earthquake” or “volcano” and ask the children to come up with their own moves!

Toss the cans

This activity reimagines everyday items – in this case, used tin cans – into a game of precision and fun. 

Gather used tin cans, add a swift coat of acrylic craft paint, stack them in a pyramid and let each party guest take their turn to knock them down with a beanbag. 

It’s a simple yet entertaining game that can encourage both aim and recycling habits!

Pro tip: You should gather the cans yourself before the party, but you can involve the children in painting the cans. It’s a great way to teach the little ones about the virtues of recycling.

Go fish (not the card game)

Who needs to shuffle cards when you can really “Go Fish”?

Inject a healthy dose of whimsical charm to your party with this activity. 

Set up a bowl full of gummy fish candy, and hand each child a net for “catching”. Let them enjoy the thrill of fishing for their sweet treats, which they can package in a clear bag to take home. This interactive game not only gives them a delightful party activity but also leaves them with a sweet memento – definitely more exciting than your traditional game of cards!

Freeze dance

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Turn up the music and let the kids groove with “Freeze Dance”, an improvisation of the classic game of musical chairs – but with a delightful dance twist. 

  • As the music plays, everyone dances around, letting their imaginations guide their moves. 
  • The moment the music stops, they must freeze instantly, holding their pose until the rhythm returns. 

Those who fail to freeze immediately are out! 

This playful game not only engages the kids but also sparks their love for dance, making it a more creatively stimulating experience than just running around to grab a chair.

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Stomp the balloons

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Unleash the energetic excitement of your older kids with this exhilarating indoor party activity that combines the thrill of balloon popping with a competitive edge. 

Perfect for those unafraid of a little pop, this game engages your children’s physical skills and quick thinking, making it an ideal activity for lively kids and simple to clean up!

How to play

  • Begin by inflating balloons and scattering them across the floor.
  • Provide each child with a small paper bag and start the music. The goal is to pop as many balloons as possible using only their feet.
  • Each time a balloon is popped, the child must collect the remnants and place them in their bag.
  • The game continues until all the balloons are popped. The kids then empty their bags and count the number of popped balloons they’ve collected.
  • The child who has popped the most balloons wins!

Tip: If some kids are eager to join but are uncomfortable with the noise of popping balloons, consider providing them with earplugs or headphones. That way, they can participate in the fun without any distress.

DIY escape room

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Inject some brain-stimulating fun into your child’s birthday celebration with a DIY escape Room,” an activity that takes imagination, problem-solving, and teamwork to a whole new level. 

Ideal for older kids who love a good challenge and enjoy unravelling mysteries, this indoor birthday party activity for children provides an unforgettable adventure right at home.

How to set it up

  • Choose a room or part of the house to set up your escape room. It should be a space that can be modified temporarily and safely.
  • Develop a theme or story for your escape room. This could be anything from a “treasure hunt” to a “mystery at the museum”.
    • Make sure the theme is engaging for the kids.
  • Create a series of clues, puzzles, or challenges that align with your theme. These could involve solving math problems, decoding messages, finding hidden objects, or assembling a puzzle.
    • The solution to each clue should lead to the next, creating a chain until the final “escape.”
  • Hide the clues throughout the room in strategic locations. Some can be in plain sight, while others might require a bit of searching.
  • Split the kids into teams or let them solve the escape room individually. Set a timer for the game (usually around an hour is a good duration).
  • The first team or individual to solve all the puzzles and “escape the room” is the winner.

A DIY Escape Room offers an immersive experience that will captivate the kids’ interest, much like a ‘Lost Reality’ adventure, making for a memorable birthday party.

Which of our kids’ birthday activities and games did you select?

Which of our kids’ birthday activities and games did you select? We’re sure whichever you choose from our selection of indoor birthday party activities for kids will add a creative spark to your party, making it a memorable event. 

These activities are designed to inspire and entertain, taking the birthday celebrations to a whole new level of fun and imagination. 

From all of us at Perth’s best-loved escape room, we hope you have an unforgettable and creatively enriched celebration!

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