Ah, Perth, Australia – a place known for its stunning beaches, like Bathers Beach, laid-back lifestyle, and, you guessed it, one of the most exhilarating live games/entertainment scenes around. I’m here to take you on a little adventure, diving into the world of escape rooms. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is an escape room game?” or pondered the excitement behind this global phenomenon, you’re in for a treat. As an expert in live games and entertainment, I’ve seen firsthand the joy and teamwork unfold in these immersive experiences. As a top escape room in Perth we are in a unique position to showcase the thrills of an escape room for you.

The Evolution of Escape Rooms

Let’s rewind a bit. The concept of escape rooms started as virtual challenges, but it wasn’t long before it catapulted into the real world, offering a blend of clues, puzzles, and heart-racing moments. From Adelaide, South Australia, to the bustling streets of Albany Highway Victoria Park, escape rooms have become a go-to for thrilling entertainment.

In Perth, Lost Reality stands out by transforming mundane evenings into epic tales of adventure. Imagine being locked in a room where the only escape is to crack codes, solve puzzles, and outsmart the game master’s tricks. It’s like jumping into a novel where you’re the protagonist, and the plot depends on your next move. Whether it’s for an escape room for 2 or a larger group, the excitement is just the same.

Why do People Keep Coming Back for More? It’s Simple:

  • Challenge and Reward: Every escape room game promises a challenge. But some of the best in this business, like Lost Reality, take it up a notch with intricately designed puzzles and themes that cater to all – from horror enthusiasts to detective fiction aficionados.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: These games are the ultimate activity for team building. They’re not just fun; they foster communication, collaboration, and a sense of achievement.
  • A Break from the Digital Overload: In a world glued to screens, escape rooms offer a tangible adventure. It’s a chance to interact with your surroundings and the people around you, making memories that last far beyond the game.

Types of Escape Rooms

Before we dive into the heart of adventure, let me introduce you to the various flavors of escape rooms that you may encounter in your search for the best. Whether you’re looking for an escape room for two people or a group challenge, there’s something for everyone.

For Beginners: Introduction to Escape Room Games

Don’t worry if you’re new to this. Reputed mystery rooms offer a range of escape rooms that are perfect for getting your feet wet. With clear instructions and a supportive environment, you’ll feel like an escape artist in no time.

types of escape rooms

For Couples: Romantic and Challenging Adventures

Here’s a fun fact; Escape rooms are fantastic for couples. It’s a chance to work together under pressure, learn about each other, and share a few laughs (or loving eye rolls). Lost Reality’s escape room for couples is designed to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

Team Building Activities: Enhancing Collaboration through Fun

Companies across Perth have discovered the magic of using escape rooms for team-building. It’s one thing to collaborate in the office, but it’s another ball game when you’re solving a puzzle to break through an escape room together. Escape rooms specialize in crafting these experiences, ensuring your team not only has a blast but also learns valuable lessons in teamwork and communication.

Team Building Activities

Stay tuned as we uncover more secrets behind the allure of escape rooms and take a closer look at Lost Reality’s unique offerings. Here’s the kicker: you’re about to find out how these games can transform your next outing into an unforgettable adventure.

Spotlight on Lost Reality Escape Rooms, Perth

Dive into the Unique Themes and Thrilling Adventures

Imagine stepping into various realms where every corner turned is a story unfolding, and every puzzle solved is a step closer to triumph or the thrilling brush with danger. Here’s a glimpse into each captivating adventure, where time is of the essence and teamwork is your greatest ally.

Unique Themes and Thrilling Adventures

Games at Our Cannington Location

  • The Jungle: Picture a mystical jungle echoing the spirit of Jumanji, nestled in the heart of Cannington. Here, 2-6 adventurers aged 12 and up embark on a 60-minute escapade, tasked with completing an enigmatic game to escape. The air is thick with mystery, and the sounds of the unseen creatures accompany your quest for wits and courage at a 4/6 difficulty level.
  • The Frozen King: In the wintry realm of Cannington, 2-6 heroes aged 13+ face a chilling 60-minute challenge to thwart an ice-bound apocalypse. As the cold winds howl, your team is humanity’s last hope against a relentless undead horde. With a difficulty of 3/6, brace yourselves for an epic saga set in a medieval world on the brink of doom.
  • The Witch’s Potion: Venture into an enchanted forest within Cannington, where 2-8 participants aged 14+ are given 75 minutes to concoct a life-saving elixir. The forest whispers secrets of old, and the air buzzes with magic as you seek the witch’s potion at a 4/6 challenge level, all to cure the ailing monarch and save the kingdom.
  • Sherlock Holmes: London is Falling: The cobblestone streets of Cannington set the stage for 2-8 detectives aged 13+ in a race against time. Over 60 minutes, delve into a tale of mystery and intrigue, working to foil Moriarty’s nefarious plot. With a difficulty level 5/6, your wits will be your best weapon in a city where every shadow could be an ally or enemy.
  • The Mafia: Cannington transforms into the battleground for 2-6 players aged 14+ to dismantle a notorious mafia empire within an hour. In this high-stakes spy thriller, the air is tense with danger and deception as you gather incriminating evidence against all odds, facing the ultimate difficulty of 6/6.

Games at Our Victoria Park Location

  • Terminal Crisis: In Victoria Park, 2-8 operatives aged 13+ are racing to avert a catastrophic train derailment. With 60 minutes on the clock and a 2/5 difficulty challenge, your technical skills and quick thinking are crucial in this action-packed escapade where every second counts.
  • Special Ops: Tokyo: Embark on a covert mission in Tokyo with 2-8 agents aged 13+, navigating through Victoria Park with 60 minutes to neutralize a hidden threat. The suspense builds at every turn in this 3/5 difficulty operation, where the world’s fate rests in your hands.
  • Mystical Manor: Explore the enchanted corridors of “Mystical Manor” in Victoria Park, where 2-8 participants aged 13+ have 60 minutes to preserve its magic. Amidst a blend of mystery and fantasy, your journey at a 4/5 difficulty level will reveal secrets and tests that only the most courageous adventurers can overcome.
  • Dead or Alive: Victoria Park becomes a thrilling hunting ground where 2-6 investigators aged 13+ have just 60 minutes to solve a chilling mystery. With a moderate 3/5 difficulty, the quest to uncover the lair of a hidden predator is fraught with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Each adventure is carefully crafted to transport you into stories where you’re not just participants but heroes of your own epic. Gather your team, choose your journey, and step into a world where every tick of the clock brings you closer to glory or the thrilling end of your quest.

Planning Your Visit to Lost Reality

Tips for Choosing the Right Game for Your Group

Choosing the right escape room can be a bit like picking the right movie – you’ve got to consider the audience. Here’s a little cheat sheet for planning your visit to Lost Reality:

  • Know Your Team: Whether it’s an escape room for 2 or a larger group, understanding your team’s preferences and strengths can help you pick the perfect challenge.
  • Mix and Match: If you’re in for some activity team building, why not make a day of it? Lost Reality offers multiple rooms, allowing your team to split up and tackle different challenges before swapping stories at the end of the day.

Maximizing Your Experience

  • Team Building

Perfect for any group looking to enhance collaboration, Lost Reality’s escape rooms are designed to improve communication, trust, and teamwork, making them an excellent choice for team development activities.

  • Children’s Birthdays

Offering an unforgettable party experience, Lost Reality caters to large groups with its variety of themed escape challenges, ensuring a thrilling celebration for kids with required supervision for those under 15.

  • Family Outings

Lost Reality ensures fun for the whole family, from teens to grandparents, with activities suitable for all. Notably, “The Jungle” is highlighted as an exciting option where even the youngest family members (under eight) can participate at no extra cost.

  • Romantic Escapes

Transform an ordinary date into an extraordinary adventure with a couple’s escape challenge, offering a unique way to engage in role-playing and solve puzzles together, creating lasting memories.

  • Hen Parties

Make the bride-to-be’s day unforgettable with a fun and adventurous escape room challenge, acting as the perfect icebreaker and team-building exercise for all her friends, ensuring a day filled with laughter and excitement.

  • Buck’s Night

Give the future groom a taste of marital teamwork with a fun-filled escape room experience, emphasizing the importance of communication and collaboration in a memorable way.

Our Locations

  1. Events in Cannington
    This venue, nestled within the Cannington Commercial Centre, can welcome up to 40 participants for diverse and exhilarating escape room challenges, including adventures like navigating through a mysterious forest or unraveling a detective mystery, among others.
  2. Occasions at Victoria Park
    With a capacity for 30 adventurers, this location offers a selection of enthralling experiences ranging from thwarting a train disaster to solving a city-wide mystery, ensuring every guest has an engaging and memorable experience.
lost reality perth locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Ah, the burning questions! Whether you’re a seasoned escape artist or a curious newcomer, there’s always something new to learn about escape rooms. Let’s tackle some of the most common queries, shall we?

1)   What’s the Big Deal with Escape Rooms?

Simply put, escape rooms are like live-action video games. They’re immersive experiences where you and your team solve puzzles and complete a mission before time runs out. It’s the thrill of the chase, the joy of solving mysteries, and the ultimate test of teamwork.

2)   Can a Dynamic Duo Really Escape?

Absolutely! While the challenge may seem daunting, an escape room for two is a fantastic way to bond and have fun. Lost Reality has seen countless pairs, from best buds to lovebirds, tackle rooms with gusto. It’s all about quality over quantity, folks.

3)   How Do I Pick the Perfect Game?

Think about your group’s interests and strengths. Lost Reality offers a variety of themes, so whether you’re into fantasy, mystery, or action, there’s something for you. And if you’re looking for an escape room game near me in Perth, their Albany Highway Victoria Park location is a great start.

4)   What’s the Secret to Success?

Communication, communication, communication! And a bit of creativity doesn’t hurt either. Whether you’re in it for serious activity, team building, or a fun day out, talking things through and keeping an open mind will go a long way.


Here we are, at the end of our little journey through the thrilling world of escape rooms. From the adrenaline-pumping challenges to the laughter-filled moments of triumph, it’s clear that escape rooms offer something truly special.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a puzzle enthusiast, or just looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, Lost Reality invites you to enter a world of adventure. With games that cater to all ages and group sizes, from escape rooms for couples to larger team-building activities, there’s never been a better time to test your wits and have a blast.

Dive into the World of Escape Rooms

Don’t just take my word for it. Head over to Lost Reality and see for yourself why escape rooms have become one of Perth’s favorite entertainment options. Whether in Adelaide, South Australia, or cruising down Albany Highway Victoria Park, an unforgettable experience awaits.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team, pick your adventure, and step into the game. Remember, in the world of escape rooms, the only limit is your imagination. Ready, set, escape!