Are you looking to host a magical, unicorn-themed birthday party for your child? Searching for inspiration and cues that would turn the daunting task of party planning into a delightful adventure?

Unicorn parties are indeed a huge hit among kids, but we understand how challenging it could be for adults to dream up the ideas and bring them to life. You could say it’s almost as difficult as trying to get an actual unicorn as a birthday present!

But you can stop worrying – We at Lost Reality frequently organise special events and know a thing or two about hosting a magical children’s birthday party in Perth!

In this blog post, we’ll reveal the top unicorn birthday themes along with step-by-step guides to setting up the most whimsical activities, alluring attractions, and entertaining games.

Dive into this sea of rainbow colours and glitter, and let us guide you through your magical unicorn party journey!

Unicorn invitation

First impressions truly count, and what better way to set the tone for a magical unicorn birthday party than with a unicorn-themed invitation? 

Unicorn invitations, filled with rainbows, glitter, and magical creatures, are more than just a notice of an upcoming event; they serve as a delightful glimpse into the fantastical world that awaits your guests. 

The magical designs and captivating colours are bound to make your little ones and their friends excited for the enchanted experience that lies ahead.

How you can create and send out unicorn invitations: Step-by-step guide

  • Choose a Template: Select a template that best suits your vision of the unicorn-themed party.
    • For instance, you can choose from an array of free unicorn invitation templates at Greetings Island.
  • Personalise Your Invitation: After selecting a template, personalise it by adding your child’s name, the date and time of the party, and the venue.
    • Don’t forget to include a catchy phrase that encapsulates the unicorn theme, such as “Join us for a magical adventure in unicorn land!”
  • Add Magical Touches: Consider incorporating elements that scream ‘unicorn’ – think rainbows, stars, glitter, and of course, a magical unicorn. These delightful features will captivate the kids’ imaginations and build anticipation for the party.
  • Print or Digital: Depending on your preference, you can either print these invitations or send them digitally.
    • If you prefer to keep track of RSVPs electronically, Paperless Post provides unicorn-themed digital invitations that allow you to send, track, and follow up with guests conveniently.
  • Send Out the Invitations: Finally, it’s time to send them out.
    • If sending by post, consider adding a sprinkle of glitter into the envelope for that extra magical touch.
    • For digital invitations, ensure you have the correct email addresses or contact numbers.

Remember, the invitation is the first taste of the magical unicorn experience you’re offering, so make it count!

Unicorn dress code

Unicorn dress code

Immersing your guests in the magic of your unicorn-themed party begins with a simple yet powerful element: the dress code. 

With a unicorn dress code, you’re inviting your young guests to step into a world of whimsy and magic, letting their imaginations run free. 

This delightful detail can transport the children into a fairy-tale land, making them feel like they’re part of the enchanted unicorn realm.

How you can plan a unicorn dress code: Step-by-step guide

  • Set the Theme: For a unicorn party, you can opt for a pastel colour palette or go bold with bright rainbow colours. Be sure to include lots of sparkles!
  • Specify in the Invitation: Clearly mention the dress code in the invitations.
    • For example, you could write, “Dress in your favourite magical unicorn colours! Think glitter, rainbows, and everything sparkly.”
  • Ideas for Outfits: Provide suggestions to help parents.
    • This could include unicorn costumes, pastel-coloured dresses, rainbow-striped socks, or a simple white shirt paired with colourful accessories.
  • Provide Accessories: You could also provide unicorn-themed accessories at the party for children who may not have unicorn-themed clothing.
    • These could include unicorn horn headbands, glittery face paint, or rainbow tutus.
  • Consider the Weather: If you’re a parent in Perth, you know how the weather gets! If it’s hot, suggest unicorn-themed t-shirts, shorts, or sundresses. If it’s cooler, unicorn hoodies or rainbow scarves could be suitable.

Implementing a unicorn dress code can add that extra layer of magic to your child’s party, letting their fantasies come alive as they become part of the enchanted unicorn universe!

Unicorn escape room game

Nothing sparks excitement and engages young minds quite like an escape room challenge, and a unicorn-themed one is no exception. 

A unicorn-themed escape room game combines the thrill of problem-solving and teamwork with the enchantment of a magical unicorn universe, creating a uniquely engaging experience.

This immersive activity allows the children to go on a mystical journey, discovering the magic of unicorns while enhancing their critical thinking skills.

And you can create the game yourself and set it up in your house – here’s how…

How you can plan and set up a unicorn escape room challenge: Step-by-step guide

  • Choose a Storyline: Conceptualise a unicorn-themed storyline for your escape room.
    • For instance, the children might need to solve riddles and puzzles to find a lost unicorn in a magical forest.
  • Design Puzzles: Create puzzles and challenges that fit with your theme. They should be age-appropriate and varied to keep the interest of the children.
    • For instance, you could use a rainbow-coloured lock where children must find the correct colour sequence to unlock it.
  • Set Up the Space: Decorate your space according to your theme. Use unicorn decorations, rainbow lights, and even soft unicorn-themed music to set the mood.
  • Practice the Challenge: Before the party, run through the challenge yourself to ensure all clues lead correctly to the solution and that it is achievable within your time frame.
  • Explain the Rules: On the day of the party, explain the rules and storyline to the kids before they start the escape room challenge.
    • Ensure they understand it’s about fun and teamwork and that it’s okay if they don’t escape in time!
  • Supervise and Help: Monitor the game to ensure everyone is safe and having fun. You might need to give hints or help if the kids get stuck on a challenge.

Pro tip: In our experience, many parents prefer joining in the fun rather than simply standing on the sidelines. You can make that happen by roping them in as in-game actors who will interact with the children in the game, perhaps as part of a live puzzle or as a character.

A unicorn escape room challenge will undoubtedly add a fun, interactive element to your child’s party, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all!

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Unicorn cake

Unicorn cake

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash.

A celebration as magical as a unicorn-themed birthday party surely calls for an equally enchanting cake – and that’s where a unicorn cake comes into play. 

Bursting with colour and embodying the magic of unicorns, these cakes are more than just delectable treats; they serve as the crowning glory of your party decor. 

As the centrepiece of the dessert table, a Unicorn Cake will undoubtedly bring the twinkle in your little one’s eyes and create a memorable party moment when the birthday song starts playing.

How you can make your own unicorn cakes: Step-by-step guide

  • Choose a Recipe: The first step is to find a recipe that suits your baking skills and your child’s taste.
    • Websites such as One Fine Baby offer a range of unicorn cake recipes, from simple to elaborate ones.
  • Gather Your Ingredients and Tools: Based on the recipe you’ve chosen, gather all your ingredients and tools.
    • Don’t forget to include lots of colours for the icing to create a vibrant, magical cake.
  • Bake the Cake: Follow the instructions in the recipe to bake your cake. Remember, the cake doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be baked with love.
  • Decorate: After your cake has cooled, it’s time for the fun part – decorating! Use colourful icing to create a unicorn mane, edible glitter for some sparkle, and don’t forget the unicorn’s horn – an ice cream cone covered in gold food spray works perfectly.
  • Present Beautifully: Place your cake at the centre of your dessert table for everyone to admire before cutting it. If you can, use a cake stand to elevate it and make it the star of the table.

Making your own unicorn cake is a fun and rewarding way to bring a touch of edible magic to your child’s unicorn-themed party!

Rainbow food

Rainbow food

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash.

In keeping with the colourful theme of a unicorn birthday party, rainbow food will ensure that your magical bash is a feast not just for the taste buds but for the eyes too. 

This vibrant cuisine, brimming with all the colours of the rainbow, adds an extra layer of charm and whimsy to the unicorn-themed menu, enticing the little ones to enjoy their meals even more.

How you can make your own rainbow food: Step-by-step guide

  • Choose a Recipe: Select a recipe that fits your cooking comfort zone and your party’s food preference.
  • Collect Your Ingredients: Once you’ve chosen your recipe, gather all the ingredients needed.
    • For a rainbow effect, you’ll need food colouring or a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colours.
  • Preparation: Follow the recipe’s instructions, looking for when to add the colours. Remember, the idea is to make the food as colourful and appealing as possible.
  • Presentation: Serve your rainbow food in a manner that showcases its vibrant colours.
    • Layered desserts in clear glasses or fruit skewers are a great way to display the rainbow theme.

Creating your own rainbow food is not just an opportunity to get creative with your unicorn party decor but also ensures that you’re providing delicious and visually appealing meals that will make your unicorn-themed event an epically magical party to remember.

Unicorn piñata

Unicorn piñata

Photo by Oscar Aragon on Unsplash.

No unicorn-themed party would be complete without the thrilling addition of a unicorn piñata. This classic party game, when reimagined in the shape of a magical unicorn, provides a unique mix of excitement, anticipation, and a surprise reward that the kids will absolutely love.

Unicorn piñatas elevate the level of fun at any party, offering an enjoyable activity and also serving as a fantastic piece of party decor. 

These charming unicorn games keep children engaged and excited, while the promise of hidden treats inside adds an extra layer of excitement.

How you can make a unicorn piñata DIY: Step-by-step guide

  • Gather Your Materials: You’ll need a large balloon, newspaper strips, flour, water, paint, paper mache paste, crepe paper, and candies for the fillings.
  • Make the Base: Here’s what you need to do:
    • Inflate the balloon and use it as a base. 
    • Dip the newspaper strips in a mixture of flour and water (or use paper mache paste) and layer them on the balloon.
    • Let it dry until it becomes hard.
  • Decorate: Once dried, paint your piñata white or any light colour that will serve as the unicorn’s body. Add details like the unicorn’s face and a colourful mane using crepe paper. Don’t forget the unicorn’s signature horn!
  • Fill with Treats: Before you seal the piñata completely, fill it with treats like unicorn marshmallows, unicorn confetti, and small toys.
  • Hang and Enjoy: Find a suitable place to hang your unicorn piñata, and let the games begin!

Creating a DIY unicorn piñata adds a personal touch to the kids’ activities, making your unicorn birthday party a memorable event. And seeing the work of art burst open to a shower of surprises will surely be the highlight of their day.

Magical decorations

Creating a truly memorable unicorn birthday party involves transforming the party space into a magical wonderland, and that’s where magical decorations come in. This goes beyond typical party decor—it’s about cultivating a captivating atmosphere that transports your little guests into a fantastical realm of unicorns and rainbows.

These magical decorations infuse an element of enchantment into your party. Children will love the vibrant colours, the sparkle, and the sheer joy of being surrounded by fairytale elements.

How you can make unicorn party decor DIY: Step-by-step guide

  • Plan your theme: Before starting with the decorations, plan out your theme. The colours usually associated with unicorn parties are pastels, but you can choose any vibrant and glittery theme.
  • Get Supplies: Purchase supplies from local craft stores or online. Make sure to have glittery paper, stickers, colourful balloons, ribbons, and other craft supplies.
    • For more options, you can visit this link which contains great unicorn party decor themes and supplies.
  • Start Crafting: Create a unicorn banner using cardstock and glittery paper.
    • Make balloon bouquets by attaching unicorn head cut-outs to pastel-coloured balloons.
    • You can also create a DIY unicorn pinata as a centrepiece.
  • Table Decor: For the table, use a unicorn-themed tablecloth. Add unicorn confetti and themed plates and goblets for an extra magical touch.
  • Venue Decorations: Decorate the venue with rainbow balloons, fairy lights, and DIY garlands. Don’t forget to create a special area for the unicorn-themed escape room challenge!
  • Final Touch: Complete your decor with a magical unicorn cake placed at the centre of your dessert table, surrounded by unicorn bark and unicorn marshmallows.

These DIY decorations not only make your party look epically magical but also make it an event to remember.

Unicorn glitter tattoo/face paint station

A glitter tattoo/face paint station is where the magic happens, and childhood fantasies come alive. It’s a place where kids can transform into magical unicorns, complete with colourful, sparkly tattoos or face paint. 

This should prove an absolute hit among children. Plus, it adds an interactive and creative element to your party, keeping the children engaged and having fun – and even draws in the parents that want to get in on the fun and become budding tattoo artists!

Setting this up may seem daunting, but don’t worry – here’s a step-by-step guide…

How you can set it up: Step-by-step guide

  • Choose the Location: Decide where you want to set up the station. It could be a corner of your living room, garden, or even a separate room. Make sure it’s a comfortable space with good lighting.
  • Gather Your Supplies: You’ll need glitter tattoo kits or face paint kits, stencils with unicorn designs, brushes, and wipes. You can find these at your local craft store or online.
  • Set Up the Station: Arrange all your supplies neatly on a table. If you’re using face paint, provide a mirror so the kids can see their transformation.
  • Safety Measures: Keep wet wipes and tissues handy for any accidental spills. Make sure an adult is present to help the children, especially for the face painting.
  • Clean Up: Once the party ends, remember to clean all the brushes and stencils for future use.

With this glitter tattoo/face paint station, you’ll add a sparkling touch to the birthday child’s unicorn party!

Unicorn crafting station

A Unicorn crafting station is another creative corner where children can make their own magical unicorn crafts. 

From colourful unicorn headbands to enchanting enamel pins, this station allows children to explore their creativity while having fun.

It encourages hands-on activities and brings a unique personal touch to your party, ensuring every child takes home a magical memory of their own creation.

How you can set it up: Step-by-step guide

  • Select the Crafts: Decide on what crafts you want to include. You could have unicorn headbands, enamel pins, unicorn balloons, or even unicorn-themed greeting cards. The choice is endless!
  • Gather Your Materials: Depending on the crafts chosen, gather all the necessary materials. You might need colourful papers, glue, scissors, glitter, beads, markers, and safety pins for the enamel pins.
  • Choose a Suitable Spot: Find a suitable area in your house or party venue that is safe and comfortable for the children to craft. Ensure the area has enough tables and chairs and avoids potential hazards.
  • Set Up the Station: Arrange the crafting materials on the table. Label each craft station if you have multiple crafts. You could also provide example crafts to guide the children.
  • Supervise: Always ensure an adult is present at the station to guide and supervise the children, especially while using scissors or other sharp objects.
  • Cleanup: At the end of the day, don’t forget to clean up the crafting area. Keeping a trash can nearby will make this task easier.

With these steps, you can easily set up a unicorn crafting station, offering your young guests a magical, hands-on experience at your party.

Storytelling corner

Storytelling corner

The storytelling corner is a delightful addition to any party, sparking the power of imagination and creating magical moments for children.

Listening to stories not only entertains but also fosters children’s cognitive development, enriching their vocabulary and listening skills. 

Moreover, it offers a calming counterpoint to the exuberant energy of party games, making it a wonderful inclusion for your party.

Setting up a storytelling corner for your kids’ themed birthday: Step-by-step guide

  • Select the Stories: Choose a selection of unicorn-themed stories or other enchanting tales. Books with colourful illustrations can make the storytelling experience even more engaging.
  • Create a Cozy Space: Dedicate a quiet and comfortable area for your storytelling corner.
    • It could be a corner of the room adorned with comfy cushions and soft lighting to create an inviting ambience.
  • Arrange Seating: Create a seating arrangement that ensures all children can see the book and hear the story.
    • Floor cushions or a large rug can be an excellent choice for kids to sit or lie down on.
  • Prepare the Storyteller: This could be you, a friend, or you might even want to hire a professional storyteller. If you’re doing it yourself, read the books beforehand to get familiar with the story and work out the best places to show the illustrations.
  • Schedule the Story Time: Decide on the timing for the storytelling session. It could be at the beginning to settle kids in or towards the end as a wind-down activity.
  • Story Props: If possible, use props or costumes related to the story. It will make the storytelling more interactive and fun for the children.

Setting up a storytelling corner is a beautiful addition to your unicorn-themed party, ensuring the magic of the day lingers long in the memory of your little guests.

Unicorn-themed games

Unicorn-themed games add a sprinkle of fun and fantasy, ensuring your party is filled with laughter and joy while keeping your little guests entertained.

Here are some fun unicorn-themed games you can incorporate into your party:

Unicorn Relay Race – In this game, children are split into teams and given a unicorn horn relay baton. The objective is to pass the horn down the line as fast as possible without dropping it.

Unicorn Pin the Horn – A twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Blindfolded kids try to stick a horn on a unicorn poster in the correct spot.

Unicorn Ring Toss – Set up a few unicorn horns on a table or ground and let the kids take turns throwing rings, aiming to land them on the horns.

Unicorn Treasure Hunt – Hide small unicorn-themed items around your party area. Equip the kids with a treasure map or clues to find them.

Magical Unicorn Tag – In this game, the child who is “it” wears a unicorn headband. The goal is to tag another player, who then becomes the new unicorn.

Rainbow Unicorn Hopscotch – Put a unicorn spin on the classic game by using rainbow-coloured squares and unicorn markers.

Unicorn Balloon Pop – Fill unicorn balloons with small prizes or confetti. Each child gets a turn to pop a balloon and claim the surprise inside.

Unicorn Sack Race – Children jump to the finish line in unicorn-themed sacks. It’s an old-school game with a unicorn twist that guarantees lots of giggles.

Pass the Unicorn – Similar to ‘pass the parcel,’ but with a unicorn plush. When the music stops, the person holding the unicorn gets a small prize.

These games will surely add a dose of fun to your unicorn-themed party and keep the little ones engaged throughout the celebration.

Unicorn hair salon

Why not invite your young party-goers to immerse themselves in the magic by stepping into a unicorn-inspired hairstyle? Not only does it add to the aesthetic of your party, but it also provides a memorable activity that keeps children engaged and adds to their overall unicorn experience.

Setting Up a Hair Salon for a Unicorn-Themed Birthday: Step-By-Step Guide

  • Designate a Space: Choose a corner of your party area to set up the salon. Make sure it’s a comfortable space with ample room for kids and the stylist.
  • Gather Supplies: Stock up on hair accessories like unicorn headbands, glitter hairspray, hair chalk for rainbow streaks, and hair ties. Don’t forget a mirror so kids can admire their new look!
  • Set up Stations: Set up chairs and a small table to hold your styling tools and accessories. If possible, set up a mirror at each station.
  • Styling Time: You can hire a professional hair stylist who’s comfortable with children or ask a couple of creative adults to step in as the hairstylists.
    • Make sure they know how to create simple hairstyles like braids or ponytails enhanced with unicorn-themed accessories.
  • Safety First: Ensure that all the products used are child-friendly and non-toxic.
    • It’s also a good idea to ask parents ahead of time about any hair product allergies.

A themed hair salon can fill your unicorn birthday party with laughter, smiles, and many magical hairstyles!

Unicorn dance

Unicorn dance

Combining the enchantment of magical fun with the energy and excitement of dancing, a unicorn dance is a dynamic, high-energy element to include in your child’s unicorn-themed birthday celebration.

As you well know from experience, children have boundless energy – and a dance party is the perfect outlet. 

With catchy music, glittering disco lights, and an array of rainbow colours, kids get to dance their hearts out, boosting their spirits while contributing to the overall fun of the event.

Planning a unicorn dance party: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Designate the Dance Space: First things first, you need a space. Whether it’s the living room, backyard, or rented hall, ensure there’s enough room for kids to move and dance freely.
  • Set the Mood with Lighting: Purchase or rent disco lights or a simple mirror ball to create a real dance floor atmosphere. Hang fairy lights for a touch of whimsy.
  • Set the Playlist: Choose a selection of kid-friendly, upbeat songs that match the unicorn theme. You could include songs like “Unicorn Song” by the Irish Rovers or popular kids’ dance songs.
  • Dance Props: Provide glow sticks, rainbow ribbon twirlers, or scarves to make the dancing even more fun. Ensure all props are safe and suitable for children.
  • Teach a Unicorn Dance: Either hire a local dance instructor or learn a simple, fun dance routine from a YouTube tutorial that you can teach to the kids.
  • Safety: Make sure the area is safe for dancing – remove any trip hazards and ensure there is a soft landing space for any tumbles.

With this setup, this will undoubtedly be the highlight of your child’s birthday celebration!

Unicorn puppet show

A unicorn puppet show brings to life delightful and magical stories featuring our favourite mystical creatures – unicorns. 

Adding a unicorn puppet show to your child’s unicorn-themed party provides an exciting change of pace, allowing the kids to sit, watch, and engage with the story unfolding. 

Not only does it spark their imagination and creativity, but it also provides a fun way to calm down their energy levels during the party.

Planning a unicorn puppet show: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Choose Your Story: Start by selecting a unicorn-themed story. This could be an existing fairy tale or a creative story you or your kids come up with.
  • Acquire Your Puppets: You can either make your own unicorn puppets using simple materials like socks, felt, and craft glue or purchase them from a toy store or online. Ensure the puppets are easy to handle.
  • Plan Your Puppet Stage: A puppet stage can be as simple as a cardboard box with a hole cut in the front.
    • You can decorate it with unicorn-themed colours, sparkles, and stickers.
  • Rehearse the Show: Practice the story with the puppets. This can be a fun activity to do with your kids in the run-up to the party.
  • Showtime: During the party, gather the kids around the puppet stage and perform the show. You could even get the birthday child involved in the performance!

By adding a unicorn puppet show to your child’s unicorn-themed party, you’ll be offering a unique, entertaining, and memorable experience that will surely captivate the young audience.

Unicorn naming activity

Incorporating a unicorn naming game into the party agenda is an excellent way to inspire creativity and individuality among the little guests. 

Kids can choose unique names for their unicorns, exercising their imagination while having a blast. 

This game not only helps in creating a lively and interactive environment but also gives the children a sense of ownership over their imaginative creations.

Planning a unicorn naming game: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Prepare the Materials: Prepare some decorative cards and pens. The children will use these to write down their chosen unicorn names.
  • Explain the Activity: Begin by explaining to the children that they will be naming their own unique unicorn. Encourage them to think creatively and create the most magical and fun names they can.
  • Let the Kids Name Their Unicorns: Hand out the cards and pens, and let the kids write down their unicorn names.
    • They can also draw their unicorns if they want to add a little extra fun to the activity.
  • Sharing Time: After everyone has named their unicorn, invite each child to share their unicorn’s name and a bit about their unicorn’s personality or magical powers.
  • Display the Names: Finally, you can create a ‘Unicorn Hall of Fame’ where all the unicorn names are displayed.
    • This will provide a wonderful keepsake for your child’s unicorn-themed party.

This delightful activity will create lasting memories and giggles galore as children share the whimsical names they’ve chosen for their unicorns.

Unicorn photo booth

Having a unicorn photo booth at your party doesn’t just add a dash of enchantment, it also provides a captivating activity and a keepsake all in one. Kids will love dressing up with unicorn horns, sparkly wings, and magical wands, and parents will treasure the delightful and candid photos for years to come.

Setting up a unicorn photo booth: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Select a Space: Find a suitable corner in your party venue to set up the photo booth. Make sure it’s well-lit and spacious enough for groups to pose together.
  • Backdrop Design: Get a unicorn-themed backdrop. You can either buy a ready-made one or create a DIY backdrop with unicorn designs and sparkly decorations.
  • Gather Props: Collect a variety of unicorn-themed props, such as unicorn horns, glittery wands, rainbow wings, and even oversized unicorn sunglasses. These props will add fun and whimsy to the photos.
  • Set Up a Camera: A tripod with a camera or a smartphone with a self-timer app can be your photo booth camera.
    • If your budget allows, hiring a professional photographer can add a touch of quality to the memories captured.
  • Let the Fun Begin: Once everything is set, let your guests know they can use the booth anytime to capture their magical unicorn moments.

Remember, a unicorn photo booth isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about creating a magical experience that will be remembered and cherished long after the party ends.

Unicorn gift bags

Unicorn gift bags

Unicorn gift bags are a captivating way to thank your little guests for gracing the unicorn-themed party with their presence.

These little packages of joy, filled with unicorn-themed goodies, not only serve as a delightful takeaway but also make the party an event that all the guests will remember. 

From enchanting unicorn stickers to rainbow-hued stationery, the possibilities for content are endless, providing your child’s friends with a piece of the magical unicorn kingdom to take home.

Making unicorn gift bags DIY: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Choose the Bag: Start with selecting theme-appropriate bags. You could go with plain canvas bags or coloured paper bags, depending on your preference.
    • For example, you could opt for light pink or lavender-coloured bags that complement the unicorn theme.
  • Unicorn Features: Add key unicorn features to the bags. This could include a unicorn face with a glittery horn and fluttery eyelashes. You can create these features using coloured paper, glitter, and some glue.
  • Personalisation: You can further personalise these bags by adding the names of the party guests. This could be done using colourful markers or even sparkly stick-on letters.
  • Fill the Bag: Fill the bags with unicorn-themed goodies. This could include unicorn stickers, rainbow stationery, glittery slime, and even unicorn-shaped chocolates.
  • Seal the Bag: Seal the bags with a colourful ribbon or a unicorn sticker, ensuring the contents stay inside and also adding a finishing touch to the overall look of the bag.

Remember, making unicorn gift bags is not just about crafting but about infusing each bag with a piece of the magical unicorn-themed party that your child’s friends can take home.

Unicorn-themed birthday party FAQs

Unicorn-themed birthday party FAQs

How do you plan a unicorn birthday party?

  • Start by selecting a suitable venue and a date. 
  • Next, create a guest list and send out unicorn-themed invitations. 
  • From there, you’ll want to arrange for unicorn-themed decorations, including banners, tablecloths, and centrepieces. 
  • Include a mix of unicorn-themed games and activities to keep the children entertained, and don’t forget the unicorn-themed menu and gift bags for the guests.

How do you set up a unicorn party?

Setting up a unicorn party requires creating a magical and whimsical environment. 

  • Start with decorating the venue with unicorn-themed decor, such as unicorn balloons, banners, and tablecloths. 
  • Set up different activity corners like a unicorn puppet show, a storytelling corner, and a dance area. 
  • And finally, a unicorn-themed menu, a photo booth, and a unicorn gift bag station can add to the overall appeal.

What is a unicorn birthday theme?

A unicorn birthday theme is a party theme centred around the mythical creature known as the unicorn, often associated with magic, rainbows, and positivity. 

It typically includes unicorn-inspired decor, activities, games, food, and gift bags. 

This theme is popular among kids, especially those who love these enchanting creatures and enjoy an element of fantasy in their celebrations.

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