There’s a reason why escape rooms continue to gain global recognition. And if you haven’t experienced it yet, words can’t begin to fully describe the feeling. Solving escape rooms has several health benefits and if you’ve been looking around for motivation, this is it!

Enough talk. Let’s get straight to the point.


There’s no substitute for an escape room evening if you’re looking for unadulterated entertainment. Here are the top five factors that set escape rooms apart.

Escape Rooms Improve Communication

Since most escape rooms are designed for two or more people, effective communication is the key to solving puzzles. Therefore, if you suffer from miscommunication in the workplace or at home, escape rooms can act as therapy. With regular practice, your performance will improve and over time you’ll find it easier to interact with strangers. This is a crucial life lesson that comes in handy in the real world too.

Learn to Increase Productivity

Escape rooms aren’t just exciting, they’re great for boosting morale and increasing productivity. This is why escape rooms are a popular choice for corporate gatherings. While employees with higher morale are likely to perform better, the benefits aren’t just limited to the workplace. Hence, visiting escape rooms in Perth frequently leads to a holistic lifestyle.

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Escape rooms are great at nurturing instant problem-solving skills as every puzzle requires players to operate under a time limit. This constant pressure develops quick thinking, which is crucial for solving problems effectively. Escape rooms offer a diverse range of problems, which means players must constantly innovate, which develops critical thinking. These life skills are extremely valuable in the real world.

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Builds Stronger Bonds Between Individuals

Since escape rooms need players to work together, it strengthens individual bonds and improves relationships. Whether you’re working together with friends, family, or colleagues, escape rooms can create stronger bonds. Apart from helping people connect, escape rooms can help you develop people skills. This makes it easier to interact with strangers in the real world. The long-term benefits of a 60-minute escape room puzzle are mind-blowing!

Improves Memory

Escape rooms test your memory by consistently throwing challenges and puzzles in your direction. Better yet, not all clues that you uncover might be useful right away and players might have to recall clues uncovered earlier on to progress at a later stage. This helps boost your memory capacity, which is great practice for real-world applications.

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What Sets an Escape Room Evening Apart?

As evident, spending your time-solving escape room puzzles has a long list of benefits. While some are apparent right away, others come in handy in the long run. The same cannot be said for many other recreational activities around us. If you need more reasons to visit, here are five lesser-known occasions that you can celebrate at an escape room.