Western Australians have a notorious reputation for being some of the most chilled people on Earth. With such a relaxed attitude you must think it’d be pretty darn hard to piss us off. And for the most part, it is!

But just like it’s harmless to pick on your siblings every once in a while, but not okay to bully strangers, Perthians don’t like to be mocked by outsiders. Let’s take a quick peek at the top five things that you should never say to a Perthian.


Football is our National Game and a major part of our culture. And while it’s not a crime to dislike the sport, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself. For reference, football in Australia has the fourth-highest attendance of any professional sport around the world. And if that isn’t crazy enough for you, every Friday before the Grand Final is celebrated with a parade and a public holiday. So, it’s unwise to play with our emotions.

American Coffee is Better

You must be joking! What’s the point of ordering a Triple Venti Soy Latte with extra caramel and whip cream when all you get is a sweet dish wash foaming at the mouth! To Perthians coffee is an art and the barista is the artist. We have professionally-trained people here who create some of the finest blends every morning. Perthians prefer bespoke coffee at small cafes over big chains and we take our brew very seriously!

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Fosters is the Best Beer in the World

You ignorant drongo! You’ve clearly never tried Carlton Draught. While Fosters is probably the most iconic Australian beer, it’s not a Perthian’s first choice. It’s not even on our top 10 list. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that the Brits love Fosters more than us! Perthians love their Victoria Bitter and we also love to support our local micro-breweries.

Vegemite is Disgusting

You clearly aren’t doing it right! Unlike other condiments, you don’t just eat a spoonful or slather it on a piece of toast. Instead, take small portions like the rest of us and you too can become a Happy Little Vegemite. Vegemite is the largest source of Vitamin B and there’s a lot more to be happy about. Even Miley Cyrus is a fan of Vegemite!

I Hate Slang

Well, tough luck then. You’re in the hub of abbreviations and we’ve shortened everything for easier convo. We have a long list of words that make zero sense to tourists and we often use offensive words to describe our best mates. Sounds confusing? Welcome to Perth!

Exploring Perth Like a Local

If you’ve just moved here or are visiting, here’s a list of activities that you must try. One of the highlights of Perth is the escape game scene. So, if you haven’t tried an escape room in Perth yet, let’s change that on the next trip.