An escape room is a game of 60-minute real-life mystery and adventure. You and your team will come together in a theme room and have an hour to complete your task and escape the room. A successful escape from the room will require you to find hidden clues and solve tricky puzzles all over the room. 

 So take a peek below the rug, through the books, take a closer look at all the paintings on the wall or search it on the grass. Lost Reality Escape Room has two different themes of the room, which can be tricky for everyone. 

 Everywhere you look, there’s a potential hint to get out of the escape room or the mystery waiting to be solved. But do it fast as the clock starts ticking as soon as you enter the escape room.

 It takes teamwork, coordination, imagination, and patience to win the escape room. Escape rooms are great for family holidays, corporate team building, or just having fun with your buddies. Escape rooms are great opportunities to share with others as you work together to find answers to get out of the escape room, solve puzzles, and achieve your ultimate objective – escape and win the game.

 Even if you don’t get out of the room, the entire team is going to have a blast and make memories that you’re going to share for a long time. It’s fun to bring a big group to an escape game, but you can also have a wonderful time on your own! You can be positioned in any escape game location with strangers who will quickly become teammates. Some people even find friends in escape rooms for life with strangers!


Play the game feeling good about yourself and plan to succeed. Embrace the challenges. Don’t get too upset if you’ve been stuck on something for a few minutes, and you’ve got to use a hint. Be on good terms with your group, too. If you’re playing with a few strangers, introduce yourself, and get to know each other. You’re all going to work together on the same goal, so be polite, enthusiastic, and supportive.


 There might be some stuff you’re not allowed to touch in the room. That is why it is important to follow the rules. Disrupting this can lead to a jigsaw puzzle and a loss of time as frustration erupts as to why the system doesn’t work. The game master can have to go into the room to fix the problem. All this leads to a waste of time and momentum. Other items to remember are the number of hints you get and the duration of the game. Also, learn how to send clues. Different teams have different ways of delivering assistance.


 The first move in every escape room is to search the room. Find any clue or hints thoroughly and find everything you can, but just finding anything isn’t enough; you need to get in contact with your teammates. It seems obvious, but groups that vocally interact and work together as a group have the highest likelihood of success. The main thing to keep in mind is that communication begins when the clock starts to tick. 

 When you enter the escape area, you get into a sensory overload. There are so many hints, props, and devices to play with. Share details with others to minimize the chances of miscommunication. To read more tips and tricks to win, click here.


Place all the physical items you find in one centralized location within the room so that you can quickly access all your clues. The clue that you can’t solve now may become relevant later in your game, so save your team some time by putting the clue in an obvious, noticeable location.

 You and other teammates will be able to get back to this place as the game continues, but don’t forget to take hints with you from room to room. Something may mean little to you at the moment, but a teammate might find a clue of his own that cracks the puzzle the team needed to make progress.


This is the secret to success. After all, escape rooms are entertainment. It was supposed to be fun. Don’t storm out of frustration if you’re running out of time. Give it a laugh; it’s just a game. Keep a good relationship with your team, whether it’s your close friends, relatives, or just random strangers you’ve been paired with.

 Everyone is looking for a good time, and that really ought to be the target. This is extremely important to remember while playing your first escape room. It normally takes a couple of attempts before they break out. Understand this and just try to enjoy the moment, and don’t let your overall level of satisfaction be dictated by whether or not you win.

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