Welcome to your all-in-one guide for the best school holiday activities Perth offers throughout the year! 

From sun-filled summers to enchanting springs, our city brims with opportunities to create unforgettable experiences for your kids!

In this guide, you’ll find a treasure trove of activities catering to every interest (from outdoor spots to curiosity about how things work) and age (from 1-year-olds to teens), ensuring school breaks are fun and memorable. 

Let’s explore the vibrant and diverse options Perth offers for your family’s next school adventure!

Summer holiday activities in Perth

Parent and kids enjoying boat ride on lake during perth summer holiday

Let’s start with the longest and most exciting of them all – the summer holidays or the December term break. 

Running from mid-December to late January, the summer break is the stepping stone for kids to enter a new academic year filled with new challenges and adventures.

These sun-soaked weeks are a great opportunity for kids to unwind and for you, as a parent, to bond with your little ones. 

The warm weather and festive spirit combine to offer a variety of outdoor activities and family fun. 

From tranquil parks and interactive museums to thrilling escape rooms and mini-golf adventures, let’s embark on a journey through the diverse and vibrant summer activities Perth has in store.

Totterdell Park

Child playing football in Totterdell Park

Family picnics at Totterdell Park in West Perth are among Perth’s best summer holiday activities. 

Tucked away among shiny office buildings, this charming park has everything to keep your boys and girls entertained: slides, monkey bars, and a climbing wall, all set in a safe play area. 

But it’s not all about play; there’s plenty of grassy space for a family picnic or a kickabout with a footy. 

It’s a great spot to relax under the shade of mature trees, and you can even bring your dog along!

And it’s a short ride from Elizabeth Quay, where you can find more fun activities and eateries. Remember Elizabeth Quay – we’ll revisit it in a while…

So, pack a picnic, grab a ball, and maybe even the dog, and head down to Totterdell Park for a laid-back, fun-filled summer day out.

Whiteman Park Pool Playground

Two young kids enjoying swimming in Whiteman Park Pool Playground.

The Whiteman Park Pool Playground offers the perfect spot for children to cool off and have fun. 

This free-to-use, 30cm-deep wading pool with playful waterspouts is safe even for toddlers, making it a great option for you to get the little one(s) interested in swimming. 

It’s open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm during the warmer months, it’s a great place for kids to enjoy water play in a safe environment. 

And it’s conveniently located opposite the Village Café – known for its fish & chips and pancakes AND which has a kids’ menu, making it a top pick for a Perth family outing during the summer break.

Rottnest Island

Quokkas roaming on Rottnest Island in Perth

A 30-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, Rottnest Island is a great place to visit during the summer holidays, especially for families with slightly older kids. 

With no cars allowed, bikes or Segways are the best ways to tour the island. 

As you may have heard, the island is famous for its friendly quokkas, and you should absolutely try to take a selfie with them. 

For water enthusiasts, The Basin provides an excellent spot for swimming, while the Wadjemup Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s history, including 40,000-year-old artifacts and outdoor sculptures.

Searching for even more activities? Choose from whale-watching cruises, bike rentals, and mini-golf – there’s something for everyone!

Code camp

Learning coding at Code Camp!

Looking to blend in some learning during the summer break? Code Camp offers an exciting and educational experience for kids. 

This program introduces children to various aspects of technology through hands-on activities, with levels from beginner to advanced

Children can explore coding, robotics, animation, and even DJing. 

Notably, the little ones get the opportunity to design and code their own adventure games with popular themes like Minecraft and Roblox, developing their innovative and creative skills. 

The events usually run for 2-3 days and are held in multiple locations, making them easily accessible from anywhere in Perth.

Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair

Kids on holiday enjoying a ride at Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair in Perth

Elizabeth Quay is a 10-minute taxi ride from Totterdell Park (remember we talked about Totterdell Park?), and it’s here that the Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair takes place.

Admission is free, and the fair boasts a variety of attractions, including carnival rides, sideshow games, and the classic Elizabeth Quay Carousel. 

Highlights include the Nova 93.7 Fireworks that light up the Perth sky, food trucks providing a range of delicious treats, and the Luna Glow Shop & Showbags adding to the festive atmosphere. 

Overall, the Fair is a must-visit destination for you and your children during the year-end holidays.

Lost Reality Escape Room (that’s us!)

Kids enjoying themselves during the summer hols here at Lost Reality Escape Room

Searching for a thrilling & immersive summer holiday adventure that teaches your kids the value of quick thinking and teamwork?

Head for Lost Reality Escape Rooms!

As Perth’s top-rated escape room, we engage kids and parents alike with exciting challenges ranging from magical jungle journeys and epic battles to action adventures and creepy mysteries.

Our interactive puzzles are perfect for kids to develop problem-solving skills while having a blast, making us the perfect venue for everything from family get-togethers to birthday parties.

With two locations – our original venue in Cannington (inside the Commercial Centre) and a newer one in Victoria Park – we are the perfect Perth destination for you and your kids during the school break.

Wanneroo Mini Golf

A round of putt-putt at Wanneroo Mini Golf during the summer holidays.

Do the summer hols even feel complete without any putt-putt? 

We’re guessing that your kids’ answer is “NO”…and that’s why we’re placing Wanneroo Mini Golf on your list of summer break activities.

This venue is located in the beautiful Wanneroo Botanic Gardens and boasts Australia’s largest outdoor Mini Golf complex.

The future Tiger Woodses can choose from two unique 18-hole courses: the Garden and Billiard Golf courses. 

Each course features its own challenges, including uniquely shaped tracks with obstacles, curves, ramps, and other surprises, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all ages and skill levels. 

With ponds, streams, and lush foliage, Wanneroo Mini Golf is a great option for holiday fun in Perth.

Autumn term break activities in Perth

Perth during the autumn holiday.

April brings a 2-week break, a brief respite for Perth’s school students from the grim demands of academics.

As temperatures start dropping from their summer highs and the city’s landscape transforms with autumnal colours, various activities open up. 

From interactive learning experiences to exploring the natural beauty of Western Australia, check out Perth’s best activities for kids during the autumn term break.

Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre

Exhibit at the Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre in Perth.

Nestled in the heart of Perth, the Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre is a hub of inspiration and learning. 

This interactive centre offers a unique peek into the world of medical research, making it a perfect blend of education and fun. 

Kids can engage with hands-on exhibits, learn about groundbreaking research, and even participate in interactive workshops, gaining insight into everything from immunotherapy to MRIs. 

Ideal for 7-12 year olds, this centre promises an enlightening experience during the April term break.

Lake Leschenaultia

Kids love watching ducks swimming in Lake Leschenaultia.

Want to introduce your children to various flora and fauna during the autumn holidays? Take them to Lake Leschenaultia.

Just a short drive from the city, the lake is ideal for a family outing with your kids. 

You can enjoy canoeing on the tranquil lake, taking leisurely walks along the scenic trails, or simply relaxing and picnicking by the water’s edge. 

To host an event there, contact them about hiring a picnic shelter. 

The Railway Museum

Kids are allowed into the trains at The Railway Museum!

Step back in time at The Railway Museum, where history comes alive for all ages. Located in Bassendean, this museum is a treasure trove of Western Australia’s railway history. 

Kids can marvel at the collection of vintage locomotives, explore historic carriages, and learn about the evolution of rail transport.

The best part – they allow children to get into many of the trains.

It’s not just a museum visit; it’s a journey through time that ignites the imagination of young and old alike.

Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre

Kids enjoying indoor climbing at the Indoor Climbing Centre.

For an adventurous twist to the autumn holidays, Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre offers an exhilarating experience for your little daredevils. 

Located in Balcatta near Northbridge, it’s a place where young girls and boys can challenge themselves, build confidence, and have a lot of fun. 

With walls of varying difficulties and experienced instructors on hand, Rockface caters to everyone, from kids as young as 3 to teens, young adults and even older climbers. 

Winter holiday activities in Perth

Children enjoying winter holiday activities in Perth.

As the Perth weather dons a cooler hue and schools shut down for the semester break, it’s time to check out indoor and cozy outdoor activities. 

Winter in Western Australia is mild, offering a pleasant break from the heat and a chance to explore a different side of Perth. 

From ice skating to educational adventures, let’s delve into some of Perth’s top attractions during the mid-year holidays.

Perth Ice Arena

Kids enjoying ice skating at Perth Ice Arena during winter holidays.

The chilly season brings the perfect opportunity for Perth’s students to experience the thrill of ice skating. And what better place to ice-skate than the Perth Ice Arena?

This family-friendly venue in Malaga is ideal for children of all ages, whether they’re first-timers or aspiring figure skaters. 

With a range of skates available for hire, including supportive penguin aids for the littlest skaters, your children can safely find their feet on the ice. 

The arena also hosts fun events, so make sure you check their calendar before making plans. 

After an energetic skating session, families can enjoy a warm treat at the Ice House Café, rounding off a perfect winter day out.

Super Bowl Warwick

Kids enjoying bowling at Super Bowl Warwick in Perth.

Super Bowl Warwick is a hit for families, especially for kids who love a bit of friendly competition. 

This vibrant bowling alley is set up to ensure even the youngest bowlers can join in. 

With lightweight balls, bumper lanes to prevent gutter balls and exciting glow-in-the-dark “Cosmic Bowling”, it’s a place where kids can feel like champions. 

With special family deals and birthday party packages, Super Bowl Warwick is an ideal spot for a winter holiday outing that combines fun, activity, and a little bit of healthy competition.


A child fascinated by an event at Scitech

Where the Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre is a great place for young minds to learn about the human body, Scitech covers everything from everyday science to the wonders of space.

Your boys and girls can engage in playful exploration while absorbing valuable scientific concepts.

The planetarium offers a mesmerizing journey through the stars, perfect for inspiring young astronomers. 

Scitech also hosts regular workshops and science shows tailored to spark curiosity and encourage learning among kids of all ages.

Finally, if you want to inspire and teach your children about science at home, Scitech has resources to help you!

It’s more than just a museum visit; it’s a full-day adventure into the world of science, making Scitech a must-visit for families during the winter holidays.

Fremantle Prison

Explore the historic Fremantle Prison during winter school break.

Fremantle Prison brings history to life for slightly older kids (10 to 12-year-olds and above), making its tour a Perth must-do during the hols. 

Through a variety of tours, your boys and girls can learn about the rich history of one of Western Australia’s most iconic landmarks. 

The ‘Behind Bars’ tour is especially engaging for young visitors, providing insight into inmates’ daily lives from a bygone era. 

And true crime enthusiasts will find Fremantle’s ‘True Crime’ tour focusing on some of the prison’s most notorious inmates fascinating. 

Be warned that some parts of the prison’s history can be intense.

While the guides are skilled at tailoring the content to be kid-friendly, we’d suggest avoiding taking anyone younger than 12 on the trip. 

Spring term break activities in Perth

Diverse spring term break activities in Perth.

As winter makes way for the vibrant colours of spring, the October school holidays bring a fresh bouquet of activities for your little ones. 

Spring in Western Australia is a time of blossoming flowers, longer days, and an invigorating energy perfect for outdoor and educational adventures. 

Let’s explore the best spring holiday activities in Perth that promise fun, learning, and memorable experiences for your little boys and girls.

Perth Observatory Night Sky Tour

Enjoy a night sky tour at Perth Observatory during the spring term holidays!

The Perth Observatory in the serene Bickley Valley offers an enchanting Night Sky Tour that’s a hit with folks young and old. 

As the evening sky unveils a tapestry of twinkling stars, your family can embark on a stellar journey guided by knowledgeable guides. 

Gaze at distant galaxies, sparkling star clusters, and even planets. 

Afterwards, drop in at their Museum to check out the array of scientific and cultural artifacts and understand the various other functions of the Observatory, which include timekeeping and surveying. 

The Observatory also offers special children’s activities, making it an inspiring and educational outing for your budding astronomers this spring.

AWESOME Festival

Family enjoying activities at the AWESOME Festival in Perth.

The AWESOME Arts Festival for Bright Young Things is a cultural highlight for Perth families each spring. 

Conducted in the Perth Cultural Centre, this festival is dedicated to children and offers a kaleidoscope of artistic experiences. 

From interactive art installations and live performances to creative workshops, there’s something to captivate every mind – even those as young as 1 year old! 

Whether your child loves painting, dancing, storytelling, or theatre, the AWESOME Festival nurtures their creativity and introduces them to the vibrant world of the arts. 

It’s a celebration of childhood imagination that you won’t want your kids to miss!

City Of Perth Library

Family exploring books and activities at City of Perth library during school holidays.

The City of Perth Library is more than just a place for books; it’s a haven of knowledge and creativity for children. 

During the spring holidays, the library transforms into a buzzing hub of activity with a variety of free events for kids. 

Storytelling sessions, craft workshops, and interactive exhibits provide a stimulating environment for young learners. 

With its impressive children’s section, complete with a whimsical canopy tree, the library encourages a love for reading and learning. 

It’s an ideal spot for a quiet day out, where your children can explore the world through stories and activities.

Perth Royal Show

Family enjoying activities at the Perth Royal Show.

As one of Perth’s most anticipated events, the Perth Royal Show is a spring holiday must-visit. 

Held at the Claremont Showground, this annual event is a spectacular celebration of Western Australian agriculture, entertainment, and food. 

It’s a great way to introduce your children to farming and wildlife.

Kids of all ages are delighted by the array of attractions, including farm animal displays, thrilling rides, and showbags filled with goodies. 

From cuddling baby animals to enjoying the fireworks display, the Perth Royal Show offers a day full of joy and excitement for families.

Frequently asked questions about planning kids’ and family activities during school holidays in Perth


What are some popular school holiday activities for children in Perth?

Perth offers a range of exciting activities for kids during school holidays, including – 

  • Summer holidays: Visiting Totterdell Park, exploring Rottnest Island, enjoying the Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair, and playing at Wanneroo Mini Golf.
  • Autumn holidays: Discovering the Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre, enjoying nature at Lake Leschenaultia, and exploring The Railway Museum.
  • Winter holidays: Ice skating at Perth Ice Arena, bowling at Super Bowl Warwick, and learning at Scitech.
  • Spring holidays: Star-gazing at Perth Observatory Night Sky Tour, engaging in the AWESOME Festival, and visiting the Perth Royal Show.

Are there any educational activities for children during school breaks in Perth?

You bet! The top educational activities for children during school holidays in Perth include:

  • Interactive learning at the Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre.
  • Scientific exploration at Scitech in West Perth.
  • Historical insights at The Railway Museum in Bassendean.
  • Technology and coding at Code Camp at various locations around Perth.

What are some unique family-friendly experiences in Perth during school holidays?

Some unique family-friendly experiences during school holidays in Perth are:

  • Exploring Rottnest Island near Fremantle for biking and quokka selfies during the summer.
  • Immersive puzzle-solving at Lost Reality Escape Room in Cannington and Victoria Park.
  • Historical tours at Fremantle Prison in Fremantle.
  • Night sky tours at Perth Observatory in Bickley.

Can families find outdoor activities in Perth during the school breaks?


The top outdoor school holiday activities in Perth are:

  • Water play at Whiteman Park Pool Playground in Whiteman.
  • Canoeing at Lake Leschenaultia near Chidlow.
  • Biking or Segway tours on Rottnest Island near Fremantle.
  • Farm animal displays and rides at the Perth Royal Show at Claremont Showground.

Are there activities for different age groups in Perth during school holidays?

Of course!

Perth offers a variety of activities suitable for different age groups during school holidays:

  • For younger children: Water play at Whiteman Park Pool Playground in Whiteman, storytelling sessions at City Of Perth Library, and interactive art at the AWESOME Festival in the Perth Cultural Centre.
  • For middle-aged children: Coding and robotics at Code Camp at various locations, climbing challenges at Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre in Balcatta, and mini-golf at Wanneroo Mini Golf in the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens.
  • For older children: Historical tours at Fremantle Prison in Fremantle, ice skating at Perth Ice Arena in Malaga, and biking or Segway tours on Rottnest Island near Fremantle.

Started planning your children’s school break activities yet?


As we conclude our exploration of school holiday activities Perth showcases for every season, it’s time to start planning your kids’ adventures. 

Perth’s array of seasonal activities offers the perfect blend of education, excitement, and family bonding. 

Whether it’s a day trip to a serene park, a fun-filled visit to a local fair, or a thrilling escape room adventure, there’s something for everyone. 

Start planning now and watch your children’s school holidays transform into a series of enriching, joy-filled experiences.