An escape game is an immersive indoor adventure sport that teleports players to a whole new world where they must find clues and solve puzzles to escape the trap within 60-minutes. If you’ve always wanted to play an escape game, we explain everything that you must know to get started.


Several elements combine to create the escape room experience. Here are the primary contenders.


An escape room theme is what sets the mood. Themes can range from sci-fi action-adventure to murder mysteries, horror, and more.

Game Moderator

The Game Moderator is in charge of explaining the theme to players. They’re responsible for breaking down the rules of the game and answering any questions that the players might have.

Mission Video

Right before entering the room, every team is briefed via a mission video. It explains the scope of the mission, your goals, and why you have an hour to accomplish said goals.

The Escape

The timer starts once you enter the room. Search for patterns and communicate with the team in the quest for answers. Teamwork is the key to escaping a room before time runs out.

Ask for a Clue

The Game Moderator keeps a close eye on your activities inside the room. Their primary task is to ensure that you’re having an awesome time. If you’re stuck, ask the Moderator for clues.


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The Frozen King

As winter approaches, the army of the dead is fast approaching our borders. Mankind must prepare for war. As the armies from different kingdoms gather resources, our commander has assembled a group of elite warriors to head north and search for the throne room, wherein lies the only weapon that can kill the frozen king. You’re an elite soldier and mankind’s last hope of retrieving the weapon.

The Jungle

Having heard the beats of a mysterious drum, your friends decide to check out an abandoned loft. As you head upstairs, you’re teleported into a mysterious game. As you gather your wits, you find yourselves in a different world with weird creatures lurking in the darkness. You must act fast and think on your feet to return to our world unscathed.

The Mafia

After reigning for decades, the Corleone family’s luck is finally running out. You’re a veteran detective who’s been on the case for a while. But years of evidence have been insufficient for a conviction. Your luck is about to change as you realize that there’s a ledge that can be the final nail on Corleone’s coffin. However, the ledge is hidden inside the Mafia’s home. You must take a treacherous journey to find the ledger quickly and quietly.

The Witch’s Potion

According to ancient legend, there’s an old witch that lives in the forest who can create potions for every ailment under the sun. As a mysterious ailment overtakes the king, the bravest warriors are summoned and tasked with bringing the witch’s potion in exchange for a handsome reward.

Are You Pumped to Try Your First Escape Game?

Escape rooms are fun. Especially if it’s your first time. You must be thrilled and a little scared, which is understandable. But the anticipation and anxiety are worth it. If you’re looking for motivation, here are a few tips on how to win an escape game.