Hey, parents. Are you ready to host an unforgettable celebration for your child’s birthday but feeling overwhelmed by the task? Fear not! With these 15 mind-blowing and exhilarating indoor party activities for kids, you’re about to take the excitement level to the stratosphere! That too, without breaking the bank.

We’ve covered you, from epic scavenger hunts with them on the edge of their seats to DIY craft stations that unleash their inner artists; we’re presenting an extensive list of Indoor birthday party activities for kids. Prepare to witness the pure joy and wonder on your little one’s face right from the comfort of your living room as you transport them to a world of endless possibilities. Let’s rock this party like never before!

Indoor Game #1: The Floor Is Lava

Prepare to be amazed, dear parents! Get ready to witness your kids’ imaginations light up as they jump, dodge, and leap with excitement through molten lava. In just 5 minutes, you can create a fiery challenge for your little ones that will keep them entertained for 30 minutes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bunch of cushions
  • Loads of imagination
  • A burning desire for fun!


  1. Place the cushions around the room, using your creativity and imagination to create a path through the molten lava.
  2. Explain to your kids that they must avoid touching the floor at all costs, using only the cushions as stepping stones.
  3. Let the fiery fun begin! Watch as your children’s imaginations come to life, and they navigate the room with agility, all while developing their physical coordination and creativity.

This thrilling game allows your children to develop problem-solving skills while navigating the obstacle course you’ve created. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with your kids while helping them grow and develop.

So, gather those cushions and let the fiery fun begin! Prepare for a burst of excitement, laughter, and physical coordination that will leave your kids begging for more.

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Indoor Game #2: Treasure Hunt

Prep Time: Only 15 minutes!

Hours of Entertainment: An exciting 30 minutes of fun-filled adventure!

What You’ll Need:

  • A ‘treasure chest’ filled with gold chocolate doubloons and other candy or prizes. You can use a decorated cigar or shoebox for this.
  • A series of clues. It can be one object pointing to another part of the house, or a piece of paper with a riddle, question, or other written message. The clues should be small enough to be hidden. And not hard enough so children can decode.
  • Props like hats, eye patches, and a treasure map. Think about the pirate movies. Just like that.

Get ready for some treasure-seeking excitement with this Treasure Hunt activity! Dress your kids up and set them on a scavenger hunt around the house to search for hidden treasure. This game can be played as a group effort where all the kids work together to find the hidden treasure chest or as a competitive scavenger hunt where two teams compete against each other to find the treasure.

Before the party begins, work backward to hide the clues around the house and start the game with an elaborate story to excite the players about the game and the adventure ahead. And to make it even more fun, call it the Detective Game and hand out little Sherlock Holmes hats instead!

Indoor Game #3: Compete in the Candy Olympics

Prep Time: A mere 10 minutes only!

Hours of Entertainment: An exciting 20–40 minutes of sweet fun!

What You’ll Need:

  • Marshmallows that are pillowy soft
  • A big bowl for bobbing
  • Licorice baton for relay races
  • Smarties for Chopstick Challenge
  • Chopsticks for those who dare

Are you ready for the sweetest and most entertaining competition yet? Introducing the Candy Olympics! This game is all about indulging in sweet treats and having fun at the same time. 

Set up three candy-themed stations that will make your kids jump for joy! They can bob for marshmallows, do a relay race with a licorice baton, and take on the Smarties Chopstick Challenge. The Smarties Chopstick Challenge is a challenge that the players have to do with Smarties. 

Assign each group a specific amount of time at each station, and then make them switch stations. If you want to make it even more exciting, you can give out candy necklace medals as awards. So, gather your candy supplies and let the Candy Olympics begin!

Indoor Game #4: ‘What’s in the Bowl?’

Prep Time: Just 1 minute! We think it’s pretty fast.

Entertainment Time: A solid 10-20 minutes of fun and excitement!

What You Need:

  • A big mixing bowl. (Make sure it’s a real whopper!)
  • A bag (or two) of uncooked rice. (You’ll need more than you think!)
  • A blindfold. (For that extra thrill factor!)
  • A collection of small objects from around the house: coins, pieces of crayon, marbles, goldfish crackers, a pen lid, the cap to the toothpaste, whatever you got. (Make sure they’re safe for the kiddos!)
  • Prizes for the winners. (Gotta keep that motivation high!)
  • A timer (optional). (For those competitive types!)

Round the kids up for the thrilling and suspenseful game of ‘What’s in the Bowl?’ This game is a party version of the classic baby shower game, but don’t be fooled; it’s no child’s play! 

Blindfolded players must fish out as many small objects as possible from a bowl filled with uncooked rice, all while racing against the clock! Or, if you’re feeling daring, players can try to guess the identity of each object just by touching alone! 

But beware, the competition is fierce, and only the most skilled and daring players will come out on top! So, grab your blindfolds and get ready for a heart-pumping round of ‘What’s in the Bowl?’ Don’t forget to award prizes to the winners and keep those kiddos entertained for hours!

Indoor Game #5: Play ‘Thief’

Prep Time: 0–5 minutes

Hours of Entertainment: 15–20 minutes

What You’ll Need:

  • Assorted candies (you already have some hidden somewhere, don’t you?)
  • Blindfold
  • Newspaper or magazine
  • Coins
  • Small toys

It’s time to prepare for some intense action with the game of “Thief,” a game that’s perfect for a rowdy group of kids who need to burn off some energy. It’s a thrilling game where the winner takes all – a heap of candy as the grand prize. The best part? The game requires silence from all the players except one, making it an excellent way to calm down an excitable group of kids.

To play, one player gets assigned to be blindfolded while the other players take turns trying to steal their “treasure” (i.e., a pile of candy) without getting tagged and called a “thief!” by the blindfolded player. 

It’s a game of stealth and cunning as each player tries to outwit the blindfolded player and claim the coveted candy. And, in the end, the participant with the most candy at the end is declared the winner. So get ready to test your skills and grab some candy!

Indoor Game #6: ‘Stomp the Balloons’

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Entertainment Time: 10–15 minutes, depending on how many balloons you blow up ahead of time.

What You’ll Need:

  • Balloons
  • String and scissors

Stomp the Balloons is a perfect way to tire out and entertain kids.

This last-person-standing game involves running around the room with balloons tied to the players’ legs, trying to pop everyone else’s balloons. The aim is to be the last player with an un-popped balloon still attached by the end of the game.

You can divide the party-goers into multiple teams and pit them against one another or play as individuals. Before the party, blow up numerous balloons and attach a 12-16-inch string to each one. The more balloons you inflate, the more rounds of the game you can play. Tie one or two balloons to each child’s ankle (add more balloons with fewer kids to prolong the action), explain the rules, and shout, “Stomp away!”

Out of most, this is one of our favorite Indoor birthday party activities for kids. We’re certain that your child and their friends will have a blast with it.

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Indoor Game #7: Ping-Pong Toss

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Entertainment Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need:

  • Solo cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • Prizes.

Ping-Pong Toss is a fun and easy game to set up that can keep kids entertained for a long time. To start, set up a 5-row pyramid of 15 Solo cups on the floor, with each cup labeled on the inside with a random number from 1-5.

Then, put a piece of tape on the floor several feet away from the pyramid, designating the spot where the shooter should stand. Each kid gets five ping pong balls to throw into the cups, each earning the point value of the cup it lands in.

Record the points for each player and then move on to the next child. After a set number of rounds, add the total scores and declare a winner.

For an added touch, you can glue all the cups to a giant piece of cardboard before the party to prevent them from accidentally getting knocked over. And don’t forget the prizes!

Indoor Game #8: Musical Hoops

Prep time: 0-5 minutes

Entertainment time: 10-15 minutes

What you’ll need: Multiple hula hoops

A twist on the old favorite, Musical Chairs, Musical Hoops, is a great game for kids that lets them groove and move until only one child stands! But don’t worry – this game won’t remove all the seating from your living room.

Simply place one hoop per child on the floor and play their favorite music as they march around. When the music stops, the kids have to jump into a hoop. As each round passes, you remove a hoop (but not a participant).

Ultimately, the whole group has to squeeze into the last remaining hoop by any means necessary – a toe, a foot, or even a hand. The player is “safe” if any body part is inside the hoop, so it’s anyone’s game until the end! Get ready to dance and have fun!

Indoor Game #9: DIY Indoor Photo Booth

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Entertainment Time: 30-60 minutes

What You Need:

  • Paper or fabric to create the backdrop
  • Mac Photo Booth Software (or something similar)
  • Props or dress-up clothes
  • A bench (to put them in line)

This activity will keep your kids engaged, capturing memories and having fun.

You don’t need a lot to get started. Grab some wrapping paper or fabric to create a unique, colorful backdrop to make the photos pop. Ensure you have Mac Photo Booth Software (or similar) set up and ready to go. You’ll also want an array of fun props and dress-up clothes on hand to inspire and delight your little ones. Don’t forget the bench! This will ensure everyone is aligned in the photo, so you’ll end up with some great shots.

The best part of this activity is that children can take as many photos as they want and try different expressions and poses to their heart’s content. They can make silly faces, strike a pose, or ham it up for the camera. They can create memories that’ll last a lifetime with black and white photo strips or a digital album to share with friends and family. Get your camera ready, and let the fun begin!

Indoor Game #10: Paper Bag Puppets

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Entertainment Time: 30-60 minutes

What You Need:

  • A wax paper roll, duct tape, or rubber bands.
  • A slick floor.
  • Music.
  • Paper and a pen to make placards with scores. Similarly, you can make ‘medals’ out of construction paper if you want to conduct a full ceremony at the end.
  • Hats, props, and accessories.

Why spend a fortune on ice rink rentals for your party? Turn your kitchen into one for free. Wax paper figure skating is an exciting way for kids to pretend skate, dance, and have a ton of laughs. The activity involves sheets of wax paper wrapped (and taped) around each child’s feet, combined with a smooth slick floor. This will enable them to ‘skate’ around the room for hours, although it’s more exciting when they each perform a full skating routine to music and then award the winners with ‘medals.’

This activity is especially great for younger kids who are too small to appreciate ice skating, as it allows them to feel like professional skaters in the comfort of their homes.

To make things even more fun, you can incorporate hats, props, and accessories to create elaborate outfits that mimic those of famous skaters. You can make score placards out of paper and a pen or ‘medals’ out of construction paper for a full skating ceremony at the end of the activity. So what are you waiting for? Get your wax paper and tape ready, and turn your home into a skating rink today!

Indoor Game #11: A Lie And Two Truths

Prep Time: Zero.

Entertainment time: 15-30 minutes or more.

What You Need:

  • Candies

To start, give each player an equal number of candies and ask them to take turns playing the game.

The game involves one player making three statements about themselves – one being a lie and the other being true. The other players then have to use their critical thinking skills to guess which statement is the lie.

For every correct guess, the player who guessed right will receive a candy. However, for every wrong guess, the player who made the statements has to give a candy to the player who guessed incorrectly.

The player who collects the most candies by the end of the game is declared the winner! So grab some candies and prepare for challenging and rewarding fun with the Candy Guessing Game.

Indoor Game #12: Balloon Hitter

Prep Tim: 15 – 20 minutes.

Entertainment Time: 30 mins of an intensely exciting time.

Prepare to engage in a stimulating game of balloon hitter. This activity requires some essential materials, including a balloon for each player and a set of target objects. 

You Will Need:

  • A balloon for each kid participating
  • Few objects as targets

Inflate the balloons, and ensure they are of equal sizes to maintain a level playing field. 

Next, arrange the target objects at a distance on the floor in a strategic pattern to challenge the players. The game demands the players to stand on one side and hit the targets with their balloons. The players can try as often as you allow or base it on time.

Balloon hitters can be an exciting game that brings out the competitive spirit in each kid. The winner is the player who can hit the target first with the balloon. Prepare to engage in a thrilling experience that will keep the players on their toes. It’s easy to do and super affordable at the same time.

Indoor Game #13: Relay The Candy

Prep Time: 5 minutes (or as long as it takes to locate toothpicks and hole-y candies)

Entertainment Time: 15 minutes (or until someone starts craving sugar)

Materials Needed:

  • A hole-y candy for each player (don’t worry, they’re not sick)
  • A toothpick for each player (but please remind them not to poke their eyes with it)

Start the game by asking the participants to form teams of four players each. This way, everyone can work together and not feel alone in their struggles. After distributing the toothpicks, ensure everyone understands the rules – no poking yourself, no poking others, and definitely no poking any animals in the vicinity. 

Now it’s time for the fun part! One player from each team begins the game by inserting the toothpick in their mouth and trying to pick up one candy with the same. Easy, right? Not quite. If they drop the candy, they must start again (discuss a challenge). Once the player gets the candy, the next teen takes over, and the cycle continues.

Keep a close eye on the clock and set a time limit of 2 minutes. The team to pick up all the candies quickest becomes the winner. But wait, there’s a catch – no cheating allowed! If someone cheats, disqualify them immediately. Cheating is not allowed in any form, and it can ruin the game for everyone.

Relay The Candy is a fun game that requires focus, patience, and skill. It’s a great icebreaker activity for new groups and perfect for building teamwork and communication skills. Ensure you have plenty of candies, toothpicks, and a first-aid kit in case someone accidentally pokes their mouth with the toothpick. Safety first!

Indoor Game #14: Who Am I?

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Entertainment Time: 20 minutes

Materials Needed:

  • Sticky notes – various colors and sizes to keep things interesting
  • A pen – black, blue, or red, whichever inspires you


This game is all about brainpower and guessing skills! To start with, grab a pen and start brainstorming some famous characters. Make sure the names are of celebs that kids are familiar with.

Once you have a list of names, pick one that is obscure or offbeat, write it down on a sticky note, and stick it on one player’s forehead without letting them see what’s on it. This will add an extra level of challenge and intrigue to the game.

The player with the sticky note on their forehead then asks questions to their group members, and the group can only answer yes or no. But be careful because the group can be tricky, and they may give you misleading answers!

The goal is to guess the character or celebrity name on the sticky note. And if you guess correctly, you get to keep the sticky note as a trophy! But if you don’t guess correctly, you’ll have to keep trying until you get it right.

Each player gets a maximum of three attempts to guess the name, but don’t worry; the group can give you hints along the way. And if no one guesses the name, the person with the sticky note on their forehead gets to keep it as a badge of honor.

It’s a fun and exciting game that requires a lot of creativity and critical thinking. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about the people around you just by playing this game. So, let’s get started and see who can guess the most characters or celebrities correctly!

Indoor Game #15: The Puzzle Hunt

Prep time: 2-7 minutes

Entertainment Time: 15-25 minutes of awesomeness.

What you’ll need:

  • Floor puzzles (one or more sets, depending on the number of kids)
  • A timer (your phone will work perfectly)

It’s like a treasure hunt, but kids search for puzzle pieces instead of searching for treasure! But not just any puzzle pieces, oversized floor puzzle pieces!

Here’s how it works: hide the puzzle pieces in a designated room (or rooms), and the kids must search for them to assemble the puzzle. And to make things more exciting, you can make assembling the puzzle a race to win a prize; the winner wins something the kids love. 

Speaking of prizes, have you thought of what the prize could be? How about time for cake? You can make it more fun by making the prize more challenging. (Have consolation prizes for the other kids too.)

For larger groups, you can hide several puzzle sets and assign teams to find the pieces of their assigned puzzle. This makes it more complicated and requires teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. The group to assemble their puzzle pieces first will be the first to get cake (after the birthday boy or girl of course).

Make sure to have a timer handy to keep track of the time spent on the puzzle hunt. And remember, the more complex the puzzle, the more challenging the hunt will be. So, get ready for an exciting adventure full of twists and turns with the Puzzle Hunt!

Before You Go, Let’s Wrap Everything Up

As we wrap up our list of 15 Fun & Exciting Indoor Birthday Party Activities for Kids, we’re hit with a wave of nostalgia. We remember the excitement of our own childhood birthdays and the joy of celebrating with loved ones.

Watching our children grow and have birthdays reminds us of the magic of childhood. We hope this list has sparked your creativity and helped you plan unforgettable birthday parties for your little ones, filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Remember, it’s not just about the parties and presents. It’s about celebrating the amazing little humans our children are becoming and showing them how much we love them. Whether you go all out or keep it simple, we hope your child feels cherished and adored on their special day. Cheers to another year of adventures, and happy birthday to all the little ones out there!