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From escaping the Frozen King to defeating Moriarty’s nefarious plans, the stage is set. So, put on your game face and let the countdown begin.


These are our top five escape games. Have you played them yet?

The Frozen King

Winter is here! The Frozen King and his Army of the Dead are destroying everything in their path. The only weapon that can destroy the White Army is hidden in the Throne Room. Nearby kingdoms have gathered their armies to prepare for battle.

The commander is looking for a group of elite soldiers to head north and recover the sword from the Throne Room. You are an elite warrior and humanity’s last hope. So, get together with your mates and retrieve the sword before the Frozen King arrives with his army.

The Frozen King is a challenging puzzle suited for up to eight players. The plot is based on mystery, adventure, and medieval fantasy and is suited for children over thirteen. Spanning 60-minutes, The Frozen King has a success rate of 62%. Click here to learn more.

The Jungle

Get ready to experience the realm of Jumanji! Are you prepared for a journey into a world of adventure and mystery? The Jungle takes you through the depths of a mysterious planet from where you must try and find your way out.

Attracted by the sounds of a mysterious drum, your friends decided to check out an abandoned attic where they find themselves trapped inside a game. You must try and escape the trap before time runs out while avoiding strange animal encounters along the way. Your future depends on it.

The Jungle is best suited for up to six players and is ideal for veteran players. The storyline is based on adventure and mystery, while the game is suited for players aged twelve and above. Spanning 60-minutes, The Jungle has an average escape rate of 74%. Click here to learn more.

The Mafia

The end is near for the infamous Corleone family. Years of hardcore spying and exemplary policing is finally paying off as the authorities have gathered enough proof to act against the Mafia. Numerous errors and several suspicions have led to the downfall of organised crime.

But that is not enough for a conviction. Finding the ledger would be the final nail in the coffin. You’re a veteran police detective who has been working the case for several years. In the last hour, it’s now up to you and your team to get your hands on the ledger and blow the covers off the Mafia’s operations wide open.

But it’s not that easy as the ledger is well hidden in the Corleone family’s lair. The dangerous mission must be accomplished within a limited time and without fuss. So, gather your best mates and start cracking at the case.

The Mafia is ideal for up to six players and is recommended for experts. The plot revolves around spy thrillers and a world of crime and is designed for players aged 14 and above. Spanning 60-minutes, the Mafia has an average success rate of 50%. Click here to learn more.

The Witch’s Potion

Great misfortune engulfs the kingdom as the monarch is down with a grave illness. According to ancient beliefs, an old Witch who lives in the forest can conjure potions to cure any disease.

Any warrior brave enough to bring back the life-saving potion from the Witch’s lair will be handsomely rewarded. Alas! There is but a handful of champions brave enough to head into the path of darkness.

No one except you and your band of great warriors has agreed to embark on the perilous journey. But the cost of saving a life is extremely high. Are you prepared to pay the price?

The Witch’s Potion is recommended for 4-8 players and is ideal for escape room veterans. The plot revolves around adventure, fantasy, and magic and is suited for players aged fourteen and above. Spanning 60-minutes, the average success rate is 32%. Click here to learn more.

Sherlock Holmes: London is Falling

London is in grave danger once again. This time the threat is from your arch-nemesis James Moriarty. The seemingly innocent letter that arrived via mail earlier today has a hidden message with a warning and clues about the time and place of attack.

You know the mastermind is Moriarty from how the “M” is stylised. Moriarty assembled an Electromagnetic Waves Emitter somewhere in his hidden laboratory, and the device will start emitting waves within the hour.

Moriarty wants to shake the very foundations of London and watch the city crumble on top of itself. Moriarty is mocking your deduction abilities and throwing an open challenge to try and stop him.

You, along with Dr Watson and a team of rugrats, must save the city from the clutches of the evil mastermind. Your goal is to locate and break into Moriarty’s secret lab before the clock stops ticking and disable the Electromagnetic Wave Emitter.

But Professor Moriarty is a genius, and foiling his plans won’t be easy. London’s fate now rests in your hands. Tick Tock, Sherlock!

Sherlock Holmes: London is Falling is ideal for up to six players. The plot revolves around detective fiction, mystery, and adventure and is suitable for players aged 13 and above. Spanning 60-minutes, the game is a recent launch, and its success rate is yet to be determined. Click here for more details.

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