Looking to enjoy an escape room outing? Wondering what to wear to make the most of your experience?

Believe it or not, your outfit can actually impact how far you get in your adventure (that’s not clickbait; we will explain why).

Which is where this blog comes in.

Allow us – Lost Reality Escape Room in Perth – to guide you through the essentials of escape room fashion…

What are escape rooms (for newbies only; skip this section if you’re familiar with ER’s)

For those new to the scene, escape rooms are thrilling live-action experiences where you and your team must solve a series of puzzles and challenges to “escape” the room within a set time limit

It’s an adrenaline-packed adventure that requires quick thinking and teamwork.

With that covered, let’s get cracking on the topic of your escape room getup.

Can your choice of dress really impact your escape room experience?


Nope, we aren’t being the fashion police. Read on to see why…

We told you we’d explain this, didn’t we? Here’s the deal:

Searching for clues and brainstorming difficult puzzles with teammates are essential in an escape game. Uncomfortable clothing and inappropriate footwear can hinder your mobility and distract you from effectively spotting clues and solving puzzles. 

Dressing appropriately ensures you remain comfortable, mobile, and focused during your escape room adventure.

Sneak peek into what you can expect from this post

Curious about what lies ahead? Here’s a little taste of what you can expect:

  • Tips for dressing appropriately on an escape room date.
  • The best outfit choices for different types of escape room adventures.
  • A deep dive into selecting the right shoes, pants, and tops for optimal comfort and mobility.
  • Essential accessories to consider for your escape room experience.
  • Safety tips and tricks for having a blast while staying safe during your adventure.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer), and let’s uncover the basics of escape room fashion!

Dressing for an escape room date


Going on an escape room date can be a fun and exciting way to get to know your partner better. But what should you wear? 

You want to make a good impression while being comfortable and practical for the game. We’ve got you covered with tips on what to wear and what to avoid for your escape room date.

What to wear on a date to an escape room

  • Comfortable, casual clothing that allows for freedom of movement.
  • Layers, so you can easily adapt to the room temperature.
  • Shoes with good grip and support (think sneakers, not high heels).

What to avoid wearing on your escape room date

  • Restrictive clothing that could hinder your movement (skinny jeans, tight dresses, etc.).
  • Inappropriate footwear like high heels or open-toed shoes.
  • Bulky or excessive accessories that could get caught on something.

Long story short: looking your best for a date is important, but remember you don’t want to be uncomfortable and unfocused.

And if you’re not sure about this entire idea, go through the pros and cons of an escape room first date to gain some insight!

What to wear on an escape room adventure

don draper

A.k.a., How to be the “Don Draper” of escape rooms.

Let’s get through a quick guide on how to dress for an escape room outing. From revealing the factors you need to consider to concrete suggestions for various clothing types ranging from the top layer to footwear, and even how to put it all together – we’ll go through all the essentials.

Factors to consider

When selecting your escape room outfit, consider the following:

  • Opt for functionality over fashion.
  • Prioritize comfort and mobility.
  • Dress in layers for changing temperatures.

Overview of the best outfits for conquering escape rooms

Here’s a quick rundown of some stellar escape room outfits:

  • Athletic wear like yoga pants and moisture-wicking tops.
  • Casual wear such as jeans and comfortable t-shirts.
  • Light, breathable materials like cotton or linen.

Selecting the right shoes

Choosing the right footwear is crucial for escape room success. Go for shoes that:

  • Provide good grip and support.
  • Are closed-toe to protect your feet.
  • Feel comfortable for an extended period.

Covering your base: pants, shorts, and skirts

When choosing bottoms, consider these options:

  • Loose-fitting pants for ease of movement.
  • Trousers, shorts, or skirts, as long as they provide adequate coverage and mobility.

Choosing a top layer: sweater or jacket

A top layer is essential for comfort and adaptability. Consider:

  • A light sweater or hoodie for added warmth.
  • A zip-up or button-up jacket for easy removal.

Accessories to consider when selecting your escape room outfit

Some functional accessories to consider include:

  • A watch to keep track of time.
  • A hair tie or headband to keep hair out of your face.
  • A small, lightweight bag or fanny pack to store personal items (yep, fanny packs are still fashionable!).

Putting your escape room outfit together

To create the perfect escape room outfit, follow these steps:

  • Choose a comfortable, functional base layer (pants or shorts/skirt and a shirt).
  • Select appropriate shoes for support and grip.
  • Add a versatile top layer (sweater or jacket) for changing temperatures.
  • Incorporate functional accessories as needed (watch, hair tie, etc.).

Ensure your ensemble allows for maximum mobility and comfort. And you should also match the occasion – work casuals for a team building event with your coworkers and bold fashion for a buck/hen party.

Tips on having fun and staying safe during your escape game


To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it’s important to consider safety when dressing for an escape room. Plus, you should know a few things about having fun in the game to make the most of your experience. Let’s dive in and explore some tips to help you have a great time while staying safe.

Safety considerations when dressing for an escape room

To stay safe during your escape room adventure, remember these dressing tips:

  • Avoid wearing anything that could cause injury, like high heels (#accidentprone, according to Vogue) or loose jewellery.
  • Choose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement or vision.
  • Opt for closed-toe shoes to protect your feet.

Things you should know about having fun in the escape room

Here are some pointers to maximize your escape room experience:

  • Communicate with your team and be open to others’ ideas.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings to avoid tripping or bumping into objects.
  • Take breaks as needed to stay focused and energized.

Answering frequently asked questions on what to wear in an escape room…


Let’s now look at some of the most common queries players have about what clothes are the best for enjoying an escape room outing. From whether enclosed shoes are required to what you should take along – various kinds of questions have been answered here!

What is the best outfit for an escape room?

Generally, the best outfit for an escape room prioritizes comfort, mobility, and functionality. Key components include:

  • Casual, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement.
  • Layers to accommodate changing temperatures.
  • Closed-toe shoes with good grip and support.

Lost Reality Adds: Always go for comfortable shoes and clothing!

Do you have to wear enclosed shoes in an escape room?

While every escape room may have different requirements, it’s generally a good idea to wear enclosed shoes for safety and comfort. Closed-toe shoes provide better protection and grip, which can be essential during the adventure. This matters as you’ll be walking around and discovering things for at least an hour!

Can you wear jeans or a dress to an escape room?

You sure can! Jeans can be a comfortable option as long as they allow for ample movement. Dresses are also acceptable, provided they don’t restrict mobility or compromise modesty during physical activities. Remember, the key is to prioritize comfort and ease of movement.

Lost Reality Adds: We don’t allow either at our establishment…nope, only kidding! We’re cool with both!

What should you not wear to an escape room?

Here’s a quick list of what to avoid when dressing for an escape room:

  • Tight, movement-restrictive clothing.
  • High heels or open-toed shoes.
  • Bulky or excessive accessories that could get caught on something.

Lost Reality Adds: As we’ve said before, uncomfortable clothes and shoes can restrict your movement and distract you from the game. Keeping that in mind, assemble your Lost Reality Escape Room outfit any way you want to!

What should you wear to an escape room date?

For an escape room date, stick to comfortable, casual clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Consider layering for changing temperatures and choose closed-toe shoes with good grip and support.

Lost Reality Adds: Whatever we’ve said above – keep it comfy.

How should you dress for an escape room adventure?

When dressing for an escape room adventure, keep these tips in mind:

  • Opt for functionality over fashion.
  • Choose clothing that allows for maximum mobility and comfort.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes with good grip and support.
  • Layer up to adjust to the room temperature.

What should you take along to an escape room?

When gearing up for an escape room adventure, consider taking these functional accessories:

  • A watch to keep track of time (just in case there isn’t a visible timer in the room).
  • A hair tie or headband to keep your hair out of your face during those intense moments.
  • A small, lightweight bag or fanny pack to store personal items (if permitted by the escape room).

Lost Reality Adds: Don’t forget your reading glasses if you need them! Also, remember to RSVP your mate Mr Humour.

Final thoughts on escape room attire

Escape rooms can be a fun and exciting adventure, but it’s important to consider your attire before embarking on the challenge. In summary, here are the main points to keep in mind when choosing your escape room outfit:

  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothing that allows for easy movement.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery or accessories that could get in the way or be easily lost.
  • Choose closed-toe shoes with good grip to ensure safety.
  • For a date, aim to impress while remaining comfortable so that you can focus on the game and your date.
  • Communicate with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy the escape room experience fully. So dress smart and have fun!

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