Dreaming of a princess extravaganza for your child’s birthday, but feeling lost amidst the sea of options?

Coming up short on possible birthday cake designs or themed games and activities to mark the day?

Don’t worry – we got you!

As Perth’s top escape room, we’ve hosted numerous special events over the years, including birthday parties for kids.

And we’ve put together this guide on princess birthday party ideas, based on our insight into what the children are looking for.

Choosing a magical venue

Magical Venue

Searching for the perfect venue to host your little one’s princess-themed birthday party? Let’s explore some enchanting options that will set the stage for a magical celebration!

At home venues

Your very own living room and backyard can transform into magical realms fit for a princess.

  • Living Room Castle: With the right decor, your living room can turn into a grand castle hall, where the princess and her royal guests can celebrate in style. Soft drapes, twinkling fairy lights, and plush cushions can set the stage for a regal celebration.
  • Backyard Kingdom: Imagine a sprawling kingdom right in your backyard, complete with a royal garden and a makeshift throne. Set up tents as royal chambers and let the little ones feel the magic of an outdoor royal gala.

Public indoor event spaces

From professional event venues to libraries, restaurants, and enchanting escape rooms, there’s a myriad of public spaces that can host your princess party.

  • Professional Event Venues: Spacious and versatile, these venues can be decked up to resemble any fairy tale setting that you want.
  • Libraries: With tales of princesses and knights surrounding you, what better place to immerse yourself in a sensory experience?
  • Restaurants: Opt for a private dining area and let the culinary experts treat your little princess and her entourage to a royal feast.
  • Escape Rooms: Especially places like Lost Reality Escape in Perth, where the theme can be tailored to give a thrilling yet princessy touch to the birthday bash.

Outdoor venues

The vast outdoors, like parks and camping grounds, offer a natural setting for a princess-themed birthday party.

  • Parks: Spacious parks with beautiful landscapes can be the backdrop for a fairy tale come to life. Set up picnic spots, and maybe even a gazebo, for that royal touch.
  • Camping Grounds: For a more adventurous princess party, camping grounds can be the setting for tales around a campfire, stargazing, and sleeping under the canopy of stars, making it a birthday to remember.

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Princess-themed decor

Princess-Themed Decor

Ever walked into a room and felt like you’ve been transported to a magical kingdom? That’s the feeling you want to create with your princess-themed decor. 

Let’s make your kid’s birthday party look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale!

Table setup

Imagine a long table draped in pastel-coloured tablecloths adorned with golden candelabras and delicate rose petals scattered around. 

Place settings with gold-rimmed plates, crystal glasses, and napkins folded into crowns. 

And don’t forget the centrepiece – A tall vase filled with cascading flowers or a miniature castle can set the mood just right.

Pro tip: Use disposable tableware that matches the theme. There are many princess-themed plates, cups, and napkins available that can add to the decor without the hassle of cleaning up.

Floral decorations

Flowers are a must! Opt for soft pinks, purples, and whites. 

Roses, lilies, and baby’s breath can be arranged in vases or hung as garlands. 

Consider adding some fairy lights intertwined with the flowers for that extra magical touch.

Wall and ceiling

Hang pastel-coloured streamers, balloons with images of Disney princesses, and even glittery starbursts. 

Create a backdrop with a castle silhouette or a mural of a magical kingdom. 

For the ceiling, golden and silver helium balloons can float above, making the room feel enchanting.

A throne for the birthday princess

Set up a special chair for your child, draped in velvety fabric and adorned with cushions. This will be her throne for the day, where she’ll sit, open presents, and feel like the royalty she is.

A grand entrance

Set the tone right from the entrance. 

A red or pink carpet leading to the party area, flanked by torches (battery-operated, of course) or flowers, can make every guest feel like they’re entering a royal ball.

Invitations worthy of royalty!

Royal Invitations

Invitations set the tone for the entire party, and with a theme as enchanting as this, you want to make sure they’re nothing short of magical. You can find some free templates here.

  • Scroll Invitations: Elegant scrolls tied with ribbons sprinkled with a touch of glitter for a fairy tale touch.
  • Castle-Shaped Cards: Unique cards shaped like majestic castles that reveal party details inside.
  • Digital Invitations: Personalized e-invites with princess-themed templates, animations, and enchanting music.
  • Pop-Up Invitations: 3D cards that spring to life with a princess or castle when opened.
  • Personalised Invitations: Invites tailored with each guest’s name for a special touch.

With the invitations covered, what do you think comes next? Party favours, of course!

Stunning party favours

Party Favours

Party favours are the magical touch every princess-themed celebration needs. 

Gift each child with sparkling jewels, miniature tiaras, or their very own magic wand to make them feel like royalty. 

Personalised thank-you scrolls add a touch of elegance, while princess storybooks offer a fairy tale ending to their day. 

For a crafty twist, consider DIY crown kits that extend the enchantment at home. 

Remember, it’s the thought behind each favour that truly makes the day unforgettable.

Pro tip: Always consider the age group of the kids when choosing party favours. For younger kids, avoid small parts that could be a choking hazard.

A regal menu!

Regal Menu

Crafting a menu fit for your little princess doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of magic, you can whip up dishes that not only look the part but taste divine too.

Fairy tale finger sandwiches

Start with dainty finger sandwiches filled with classic fillings like cucumber, egg salad, and smoked salmon. 

Cut them into whimsical shapes using crown or castle-shaped cookie cutters to add that royal touch.

Magic potion punch

Quench the thirst of your royal guests with a shimmering drink! Mix together lemon-lime soda, a splash of cranberry juice, and a hint of blue raspberry Kool-Aid. 

Add some edible glitter to make it sparkle like a true potion from a fairy tale.

Explore our blog post on drink ideas for children’s parties for more options.

Royal cheese and fruit platter

Arrange an assortment of cheeses, fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, and blueberries, and some crackers on a platter. 

You can also add some gold-dusted chocolate coins for that extra regal touch.

Princess pasta salad

Whip up a delightful pasta salad using bow-tie pasta (they look like little butterflies!), cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and fresh basil. 

Drizzle with a light vinaigrette and sprinkle some edible gold stars for added charm.

Enchanted veggie wands

Skewer some cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, and olives on pretzel sticks.

These veggie wands are not only healthy but are sure to be a hit among the little ones.

Mystical meatball skewers

Prepare or buy mini meatballs and skewer them with pieces of bell pepper and pineapple. Serve with a side of magical marinara dip.

Pro tip: Presentation is key! Use gold or silver trays, crystal bowls, and ornate serving utensils to elevate the dining experience. Remember, it’s all about making the guests feel like they’re dining in a royal palace.

The birthday cake

Birthday Cake

What’s a birthday without a cake, especially when it’s a princess-themed celebration? The birthday cake isn’t just a delicious treat; it’s the crowning glory of the party table, a magical moment waiting to happen.

  • Castle Cake: A multi-tiered cake with pastel-coloured fondant, and decorated with edible gold accents and candy pearls. Don’t forget the flags on the top for that royal touch!
  • Disney Princess Cake: Whether it’s Cinderella’s glass slipper, Ariel’s under-the-sea wonder, or Elsa’s icy palace, there’s a Disney princess cake that’s perfect for your child.
  • Tiara Cake: A simple yet elegant design, this cake features a golden tiara on top, surrounded by cascading fondant drapes.
  • Dress Cake: Shaped like a princess gown, this cake can be customised to match the birthday girl’s favourite colours and designs.

Pro tip: If you aren’t a baking enthusiast, place an order with a local bakery. Discuss your princess party ideas, and they can whip up a cake that’s not only delicious but also Insta-worthy!

Games worthy of the birthday one!

Can’t quite figure out how to plan games to fit the occasion? Simple – just adapt known games to the theme through simple wordplay and/or adjusting the rules.

How about a round of “Musical Thrones,” where kids dance around a circle of chairs, and when the music stops, they must find a throne to sit on? 

Or perhaps a “Glass Slipper Relay,” where participants race to find a hidden glass slipper and bring it back to the starting line. 

“Princess Says” is a royal twist on the classic “Simon Says,” with commands like “Princess says curtsy” or “Wave your magic wand.”

Check out our blog post on kids’ birthday party games for more ideas!

Activities to mark the occasion

Dive into a world of enchantment with activities that will leave your guests spellbound. 

Set up a magical photo booth with props like tiaras, wands, and flowing capes, allowing the little princesses to strike their best royal pose. 

Organise a crown designing station where they can craft their own regal headpieces with glitter, jewels, and ribbons. 

And don’t forget the mesmerising magic show, where a magician can whisk them away to a land of fairy tales and wonder, making their princess experience truly unforgettable.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can design an escape game at home and have an escape room birthday party!

Planning a princess-themed birthday party at Lost Reality

Looking for a unique venue to host your child’s princess-themed birthday party? Lost Reality in Perth offers an enchanting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 

Dive into thrilling escape rooms where kids can explore magical worlds, tackle fun puzzles, and boost their teamwork skills. 

Not only will they immerse themselves in captivating adventures, but they’ll also learn valuable skills like critical reasoning and imagination. 

If you’re searching for the ultimate kids’ birthday party in Perth, Lost Reality is your best bet!

Ready to plan a birthday that your little princess will really remember?

Memorable Princess Party

Every birthday is a new chapter in your child’s life, and it deserves to be celebrated in the most magical way possible. 

Imagine a day filled with laughter, adventure, and memories that will be cherished for years to come. 

From enchanting decor to thrilling activities, our princess birthday party ideas will play a crucial role in making the day special. 

And if you’re considering adding an extra touch of magic, why not explore the captivating worlds of our escape room games

At Lost Reality, we offer a unique option to make your little princess’s birthday not just a party, but a fairy tale come to life in Perth!