Escape rooms first popped up in Australia just over a decade ago (in 2011). 

And within that time, they’ve not only become the go-to option for everything from a family outing to a team building event, but also spawned a successful series of films and the Red Bull Escape Room World Championship (although that seems to be on a pause since COVID).

Which begs the question…

Why are escape rooms so popular?

Here’s how we see it: Escape rooms offer participants a chance to go on an adventure they could only have dreamt of

From investigating a mysterious hideout, à la Sherlock Holmes, to taking on a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones-style mythical mission – the possibilities are endless. 

A thrilling blend of immersive storytelling, teamwork, and brain-teasing puzzles, an escape room challenge is a great way to have a blast with family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

And just as you would expect, there are numerous questions that folks have but don’t always ask. Allow Lost Reality Escape Room in Perth to answer some of the most popular ones!

Escape room phone policies

Escape Room Phone Policies

Let’s face it – phones are a big part of our lives. From work emails to social media popups, there’s so much happening on the phone.

But…can you take your phone with you inside an escape room? Can you use it to catch yourselves in action for social media?

Let’s see…

Can you have your phone with you inside the escape room?

Well, this one’s a bit tricky. While some escape rooms do allow you to keep your phone, you can’t use it during the game


A, it can distract you from the game, and B, some players may use it to gain an unfair advantage.

Will your phone be taken away?

This, again, depends on the escape room. Some even have lockers where you can keep stuff like phones.

Lost Reality Adds: At Lost Reality, we won’t confiscate your phone. However, we have complimentary lockers in which you can keep your phone during your experience. 

If you decide to keep your phone on you, please keep it out of sight and on silent mode. Trust us – you’ll be too busy having fun to even think about it!

Can you use your phone inside an escape room?


This is where virtually all escape rooms agree – using your phone inside the escape room is a big no-no. 

It’s a one-way ticket to distraction-ville, and it may give certain players an unfair advantage.

Using the facilities

Using The Facilities

Do escape rooms have a bathroom? What happens if you need to visit the bathroom midway through the experience?

Do escape rooms have bathrooms?

As with most entertainment centres, escape rooms generally have bathrooms you can use. However, they might be unusable at times (for example, due to plumbing problems or maintenance), so make sure you ask about the availability of bathrooms upon arrival.

Lost Reality Adds: We can confirm there is a bathroom in our facility.

What if you need a bathroom break during the experience?

Hey, we get it, nature calls! If you feel you need to go, just let your game master know; they’ll help you out!

That being said, it will interrupt the experience, so it’s advisable to visit the bathroom before the game.

Lost Reality Adds: We always recommend going to the bathroom beforehand, but if you need to use the bathroom midway through, just alert one of our friendly staff.

Time limits

Time Limits

You already know that escape room adventures have a time limit. For example, as you’ll find on our games page, most of our adventures are 60 minutes, while one gives you 75 minutes to escape.

However, what happens if you run out of time? Can you leave the room early?

What happens if you run out of time in an escape room?

You are asked to stay back and write a 1000-word essay…Nah, only kidding.

If you run out of time, special effects may come into play to conclude the storyline, after which you exit the room.

For example, in our Mafia-themed room, you may be presented with the fallout of your failure to retrieve a secret ledger before your exit.

After that, depending on the escape room in question, there may be a small discussion on where you went wrong during the game, followed by pictures to commemorate the event.

Can you leave an escape room early?

Absolutely. From feeling nervous or claustrophobic to requiring a bathroom break, whatever the issue be, just let your game master know

Your safety and comfort are top priorities.

Can you be late for an escape room?

You should avoid being late for your adventure, as your room might be booked by another group right after your slot. 

If you’re very late, you could lose time or even be asked to reschedule.

Lost Reality Adds: As we note in our FAQs, we recommend arriving 15 minutes before your time slot. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, your game time will be curtailed accordingly.

Safety measures in escape rooms

Safety Measures in Escape Rooms

As we said, player safety is a priority for any escape room. That being said, let’s check out some of these aspects, beginning with whether the door is locked.

Will the door be locked?

Escape rooms prefer to have the door unlocked, except if it interferes with the experience. For example, it would be difficult to run a prison cell-themed experience if the cell door were left open.

However, you can bet there will always be a way to pause the game and leave the room should you need to – just let the game master know.

Lost Reality Adds: At Lost Reality, the door is never truly locked. You can always leave for an emergency or if you feel uncomfortable.

Can you leave at any time?

Yes you can! #SafetyFirst

Will you be placed with random people?

Almost certainly not. Since COVID, the vast majority of escape rooms have made all games private – which means it’s only you and your group inside.

Lost Reality Adds: All our bookings are private. For example, if you make a couple’s booking, it will just be the 2 of you inside.

Escape room etiquette

Escape Room Etiquette

While it isn’t like dining room etiquette with fixed hands for the knife and fork, players should maintain some decorum inside the room to maintain the quality of the experience for everyone.

Can you take photos in an escape room?


While escape games are all about making memories, snapping pics during the game will splinter the experience. Plus, we need to preserve the experience (as in not revealing the solutions) for others.

Lost Reality Adds: You can get group pictures taken at the end of your game – just ask one of our friendly staff members!

Can you get drunk in an escape room?

Let us be clear – NO.

One, you need to be alert inside the room, and as you probably know, alcohol is to alertness as down is to up.

Two, you could end up spoiling the experience for the others and even destroying the room – something NO escape room will be happy about.

Other less frequently made queries

Frequesntly Made Queries

A real potpourri of questions!

From the difference between a scavenger hunt and an escape room to whether handcuffs are used – we’ll explore various such aspects in this section.

What is the difference between a scavenger hunt and an escape room?

A scavenger hunt is a typically outdoor game where participants are asked to find and collect certain items.

Whereas an escape room is an immersive experience in a themed indoor space. Unlike scavenger hunts, they are created with a storyline in mind, where you have to solve puzzles, break codes and so on to find clues on how to proceed.

Do escape rooms use handcuffs?

We haven’t heard of any escape rooms using handcuffs. Even if they are used, it would be as part of the experience, and like we said, all you have to do to take them off is ask for help.

Lost Reality Adds: We don’t use any handcuffs here at Lost Reality.

Can you cheat in an escape room?

Cheating defeats the purpose of the experience. Remember, it’s not a test!

You can, however, check out our guide to winning escape rooms for some tips to escape faster.

Lost Reality Adds: Our puzzles do not require prior knowledge and are uniquely designed in sync with the room and narrative. It’s not like you can Google the solutions!

How much do most escape rooms cost?

Prices vary depending on the room, location, and the number of players. 

Lost Reality Adds: You can check our pricing on the booking page. As with most other rooms, the more players on your team, the lower you pay per player.

Do you have to empty your pockets in an escape room?

It depends on the escape room. However, please remember to NOT use your phone during the game!

Lost Reality Adds: We offer players complimentary lockers to place personal belongings (including phones) before the start of their game.

Are escape rooms hot or cold?

This depends on the escape room. However, make sure you ask the escape room about it beforehand, as it will impact your escape room outfit.

Is any special clothing required?

Generally speaking, wear loose clothes you can freely move around in AND enjoy wearing (remember, a post-game picture is customary!)

For more escape room fashion tips, visit our article on what to wear in an escape room.

Can you take a bag to an escape room?

Just like emptying your pockets, this varies from escape room to escape room.

Lost Reality Adds: Here at Lost Reality, we can offer complimentary lockers to store your stuff during your game.

Fun escape room facts

Fun Escape Room Facts

Do escape rooms help you shed those pesky kilos?

From whether escape rooms can burn calories to celebrity escape adventures, we go through all such queries here!

Is there a weight limit for escape rooms?

There’s no specific weight limit for escape rooms. However, some rooms may have certain physical challenges, so it’s always a good idea to check with the room if you have concerns.

Lost Reality Adds: We have no weight limits.

How many calories do you burn doing an escape room?

Escape rooms like Lost Reality try to promote an active lifestyle, which may help you form habits like working out regularly.

However, escape rooms won’t help you burn calories directly.

Which escape room did Ariana Grande go to?

Ariana Grande visited the “60OUT Escape Rooms” in Los Angeles. She teamed up with Jack Black to take on their horror-themed escape room The Orphanage.

Final Thoughts

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