If you didn’t know already, when it comes to options for the perfect escape room, Lost Reality is undoubtedly one of Perth’s heaviest hitters and certainly a pioneer in the escape room scene. For those in the know, you are probably aware of just how intricate, detailed, and impressive they can get. For those who may be new to the concept of an escape room, Perth or not, then you definitely have been missing out.

From captivating storylines, ingenious puzzles with clever clues, hand-crafted props, to special FX — when all done correctly, these elements can indeed be a work of art and a surreal artistic expression that offers a unique experience like no other. Escape rooms can bring together all the senses and engage the imagination in a truly profound way.  In doing so, they can also bring together friends, families, and even co-workers.


An escape room creator is very much an artist. Like an author and a brilliant work of fiction, a director and a poignant film, a painter with a captivating portrait, or a musician with their latest masterpiece—such is the escape room creator with their escape rooms. They set forth with a creative vision and bring it to life to be enjoyed and interpreted by their audience.

What makes an escape room so unique from each of these other modes of art is that escape room creators have a plethora of different options at their disposal. Couple this with a complete and unbridled artistic freedom, and the possibilities are nearly endless.


Depending on just how crafty, inspired, and creative the escape room designer is, they are able to pick and choose what forms of art they would like to incorporate. In this respect, escape room creators and designers have complete control.

Think of it a bit like this— they can control the temperature, sound, light, smell, ambiance, and atmosphere—all of which contribute to creating your overall experience. An escape room done right is a perfectly narrated story. They are the perfect combination of excitement, intrigue, challenge, and curiosity.

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The fact of the matter is if you are the type to fall in love with a good film, then chances are you will fall in love with at least one escape room Perth has to offer as well. Just as you can have your go-to genre when it comes to film, so can you with escape rooms as well.

Perhaps you enjoy a good murder mystery with a lot of twists and turns, a Sci-Fi adventure set aboard a spaceship in the dead of space, a magical fantasy world reminiscent of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, or, for the particularly brave of heart (or the gluttons for punishment) perhaps you enjoy a good horror. Or, perhaps, like a proper film buff or cinephile, you simply enjoy them all!

These same themes and genres apply to escape rooms, too. An escape room done well can be just as fantastic and entertaining as a night at the movies. The right combination of visual effects, well-written storyline, compelling puzzles, and other immersive nuances can create an experience that is fundamentally superior to not only a regular movie-going experience but even offer something similar to a 4-D cinema experience as well.


From a technical level, escape rooms can get pretty complex and sophisticated… Like really complex and sophisticated. And, yeah, your standard escape room may have one or two cool locks, but that is nothing compared to what some of the more creative and tricky escape room creators can and have come up with.

Nowadays is not uncommon to see the use of heat sensors, magnets, sound detectors, motion detectors, or a combination of each and all. And, given the rise in popularity of escape rooms across the world, it will be nothing short of exciting to see the next big escape room Perth will have to offer and what new tech will be incorporated to make your escape room experience to the next level.

Whichever direction the industry heads next, it will undoubtedly only add to the already massive artistic arsenal escape room creators have at their disposal.


However, a lot of gimmicks and gadgets don’t necessarily guarantee the escape room will be a hit or a success. Just like with movies, a bigger budget does not always mean better. It’s very well true that some people go to the movies strictly for the entertainment value of a non-stop action flick with little or no concern for the quality of the plot. While, for others, the story is everything.

A well-devised escape room with a compelling and intriguing story with technically simple yet devilishly clever puzzles is often the most enjoyable. In fact, the expression, ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ definitely applies to escape rooms. Creators and designers tend to get even more creative when they don’t have a big budget to play with, and this can be the inspiration for true innovation and lead to new means of expression.

But, above all else, you will remember an escape room that is well written for years to come. And, like a really good book or your most recent binge-worthy show, you will be telling and recommending it to your friends, family, and co-workers. That’s the magic of a narrative that resonates with you on a personal and profound level. And, put simply, that’s the beauty of a proper work of art.

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However, one respect in which an escape room is certainly unlike a movie is that you are expected to be silent and keep to yourself for the duration of the film, even when going with a friend or with a group. In an escape room, communication is absolutely vital, and constant talking (and, yes, sometimes, the odd yelling or shouting) is necessary to complete any given objective or room.

Therefore, another unique aspect of an escape room is that it’s an immersive experience not just for you but also for friends, family, or co-workers. Escape rooms are designed with groups in mind, usually ranging from 2 – 10 players. Some cannot be completed without the minimum number of players, while for others, it is just highly recommended.


It is often fascinating and almost always surprising to see different minds work together to solve puzzles. You may have the more perceptive or discerning member of the group who will immediately notice an item precariously out of place or another who will pick up on a pattern that no one else would have seen.

There may be those members of the group who are really good at putting all the clues together to come up with an answer to a particular riddle or puzzle. Then, of course, there is always that one group member who just needs to touch everything. In doing so, they are usually bound to find a key or some other important story item, much to their own surprise.


In this way, escape rooms are indeed works of art designed to be enjoyed with others. Similar to multiplayer video games, an escape room offers the unique opportunity to work through and participate in a story together with others. No, not just attending together or sitting beside each other like at a movie theater or a concert, but fully involved and immersed together. And what makes it even more interesting is that the outcome of the story depends on the competence of not only your team but you as well.


Another exciting aspect of an escape room is that it is very much personalized and curated to you and your group. You are the protagonists of the story and narrative. However, in this story, the stakes are a bit higher because there is a possibility that you can lose.

This fact tends to win over even the most skeptical player or member of a group. It awakens a primal sense of competition and an innate drive to win.  At the end of the day, nobody wants to be responsible for holding a team back from beating the game and completing the room. The saying a ‘team is only as strong as its weakest link’ very much comes into play in an escape room. There are very few people who would willingly choose to be that weakest link.

In fact, escape rooms are a great way to inspire camaraderie and cultivate a sense of teamwork. And it is for this very reason that escape rooms are commonly used for team-building exercises. And, while you wouldn’t normally associate corporate team building with anything truly artistic—escape rooms are indeed the exception.


One consideration that escape room creators need to always keep in mind is the difficulty of their rooms. While there are certainly the geniuses and fanatics out there that will actively seek out a hardcore challenge, the average attendee may not necessarily enjoy the feeling of losing and will instead become frustrated and discouraged. In this way, calibrating and refining the difficulty of a room is an art all of its own.


Luckily, escape room creators have come up with a bit of a compromise and, in a way, a foolproof system for even their most difficult of rooms. While each may run a bit differently, in general, an escape room’s difficulty is measured out of 5 stars (yes, just like a movie).  The more stars, the higher the difficulty.

But, as we know, sometimes people can bite off a little more than they can chew. Have you ever been out with someone (or maybe you were that somebody) who insisted on ordering their dish ‘extra spicy’ at a restaurant? And, sure enough, the food arrives, and it turns out that the restaurant wasn’t lying when they said it would be really spicy and now the dish is almost indelible and far from enjoyable?

Such is the plight of escape room designers. Just as a lot of people overestimate their heat tolerance, a lot of beginners will overestimate their escape room abilities. And, despite numerous warnings and disclaimers, it’s just not fun for anyone when a group is making zero progress in a room. So what is the solution?


They use the hint or clue system, where they can ask the escape room representatives specific questions. How many a group gets is usually dependant on the difficult rating of the room. Sometimes you have to work for the hints, and sometimes they come free.

However, ultimately, the creators want their artwork to be enjoyed and appreciated. And to do so, they will often give as many hints as it takes to get you to the end (however, this isn’t true for all!).

In these situations, you quickly develop an appreciation (and maybe a bit of tolerance) for just how elaborate and intricate the puzzles and a storyline in an escape room can be. Especially if you realize that your group would only have only solved 20% of it on your own.


So if you want to start escaping, then go ahead and just pick any escape room Perth has to offer. They are fun and inexpensive ways to challenge yourself and immerse yourself. And, next thing you know, you’ll be the next fanatic escape room fanatic.


It is no wonder why escape rooms are growing in popularity worldwide, and there’s no denying that they are here to stay. And, in due time, “escape room Perth” will be a bucket list item for anybody traveling to (and indeed, living in) Australia.

Good Luck Escaping!