Are you looking for a fun, satisfying, and non-lame team-building adventure? An event that your staff is really going to get excited about? Lost Reality Live Escape Game is here to give you a fun and engaging place to have your team building.

So, build energy and dedication by breaking out of the dull world of the office. Break out of the conventional rut of team building and join the next generation of team building activities where they all have a job to play with office mates.

The escape rooms produce wonderful moments of bonding. To solve the escape room’s mystery, all players must work together. If the team is new or has been working together for years, team building is an opportunity to get you out of a traditional office atmosphere to do something pleasant that can teach useful, meaningful lessons to your team.

The best team-building activity is an escape room. Here are five reasons why.

1. Members Set A Common Goal

Together, players in the escape room set a goal: to solve the mystery of the room, escape and win. Similarly, department representatives set departmental priorities. Completing a project, tackling all things in the queue, and bringing numbers up are typical departmental objectives.

Team goals, whether they are job-oriented or escape-oriented, all work the same way. There are three steps to team goal setting.

First, members have to discuss what they think the ultimate aim is. They make notes as to what they feel the department should be doing. Second, with a few other participants, they compare certain notes. They will also find their notes in chaos. In order to revise their notes into one shared objective, they must work.

Third, the updated notes are contrasted with the entire team. Again, they are likely to find their notes in chaos. To revise the notes again, the whole team must then work together. They’ll rewrite them this time into one shared goal that everybody decides on. Many teams find this approach helpful in identifying a shared goal. It allows them to reorient their participants and concentrate on that one goal.

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2. Learn To Communicate

For an effective team, communication is crucial. Suppose you are getting through a meeting with your colleagues on Monday morning or helping to plan a major presentation. In that case, it is incredibly important to ensure that everybody is on the same page. You don’t want to repeat someone else’s work or waste considerable time going down a road that will not be fruitful for your team.

In a high pressure, low stakes world that is not made or break for your bottom line, escape games help you improve critical communication skills. Teams need to work together to find clues and figure out how different puzzles fit together.

Communication is also an excellent time-saver in an escape room, much like in a work environment. Players need to avoid wasting time retrying tactics that have not already worked for other team members. Ultimately, an escape room is a perfect way to find out how well (or poorly) the team interacts under pressure, and it also provides you with an opportunity to improve those skills.

3. Build Trust

The potential it gives your team to establish confidence rapidly is one of the most critical aspects of team building. Although the age-old activity for this is a natural trust fall, is there no better way to establish relationships? Will trusting drop really tell you whether you will be able to work with your colleagues efficiently and effectively? Probably not.

The work they do to your projects or your regular office setting is what you really need to trust your colleagues. Can you trust them to be supportive and capable? Can you trust them to be collaborative and persistent? You can’t answer these questions with a trust fall, but you can respond in an escape room.

4. Get Members Engaged

Escape rooms encourage people to explore tombs, hunt for buried treasure, and solve the mysteries of a hundred years of murder. They are not just activities for problem-solving. They’re fun, engaging activities. Like board games and video games, they easily and efficiently challenge players with overcoming obstacles.

Studies have, in fact, found that better learners are those who play games. Plus, escape rooms offer a break from the normal tasks in the office. It’s necessary now and then that businesses take a break and let their workers have a little fun.

The team-building of escape rooms helps workers to learn work-related skills while having fun. Escape rooms are a powerful tool for businesses who want to evaluate their workers, improve their talents, and engage them.

5. Get To Know Each Other Better

The best way to get to know your teammates’ various aspects is to see them in different settings. Every day, seeing the same individuals in the same workplace atmosphere helps you get into a rhythm about how you behave and what you talk about.

However, team building operations drive you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to respond to fresh challenges. No matter who shines, you will certainly come to an escape room with an all-new outlook on some of your team members from team building.

Luckily, our amazing Perth escape room challenges improve these vital team-building skills in a fun, entertaining way. Gone are the days of drudgery team building! The escape room experience can also show the strengths and weakness of a group’s dynamics as a benefit for organizers, vital knowledge for any leader looking to optimize their team member’s talents back at the office.