Businesses that seem to be plagued with employee issues ranging from a lack of communication, destructive competition, and mistrust could benefit from a teambuilding exercise.

While the idea of teambuilding time has been mocked in sitcoms, it can be useful because it builds relationships that weren’t there before. Team building activities Perth can build trust among employees, as well as improve collaboration and communication. It also helps to mitigate conflict. 

The result can be more employees participating in their jobs rather than just showing up. Team building activities Perth can translate into better teamwork in the office or on a job site.

Plus, it can be fun for everyone.


The ultimate goal of team building activities Perth is to spend time together in a shared experience or completing a common goal. These types of events are memorable.

Some corporate offices try more forced events like seminars with trust falls, but those aren’t effective. That is because employees just see it as something else their executive is requiring.

Team building days need to allow things like leadership lessons or other types of practical teaching experiences to happen naturally rather than being pushed at a corporate event. Things people learn in an organic way stay with them longer. They are also more likely to use them later.

Experts say learning is closely tied to happiness. That means that employees who are constantly learning and advancing are happier than those who feel they are in stale, dead-end jobs.


Business experts state one of the newest, and most fun, ways to create teambuilding is to send your team to an escape room. Escape rooms are where your team is locked in a themed room and is given a scenario. Their mission is to follow clues in the room to open the door and get out within an allotted time.

Participating in an escape room does the following:

  • It is a safe way to have fun and encourage your employees to work together to solve the puzzle and escape.
  • It forces people to work together.
  • It improves their communication.
  • It offers a way for them to get to know each other in a personal way.
  • It helps all figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • It builds trust.
  • It gives everyone an equal role in the common goal of completing a mission.

Escape rooms are the best way to practice problem-solving skills and utilize logical thinking. This is the way they are structured, so it’s a good match for any company wishing to improve overall result-based thinking in their company.

One thing participating in an escape room does better than most other team building activities Perth is it gets people to use their creative thinking skills. It allows them to put those skills to the test in an adventure that gets their heart racing and adrenaline flowing.

This is one of the things that makes using an escape room as part of team building activities Perth a truly unique experience for your employees.

It is one they will talk about and remember for a long time.

The result is all of this can be transferred to the office once everyone goes back to work.

Explore exciting team building activities for Christmas in Perth.


Lost Reality Escape Games Perth is the perfect place to practice teambuilding skills.  We are tailored for small to medium-sized businesses because can accommodate up to 30 players in one 60-minute session across all four rooms.

Pricing is affordable at $36 per person.

The four rooms at Lost Reality Escape Games offer both challenges and excitement for participants. They include:

The Frozen King

This is a sci-fi-themed room where an army is destroying all before them as it heads to a kingdom in the dead of winter.

The Jungle

Your team is in an abandoned garret and heavily involved in a game as odd sounds and fierce animals appear everywhere. Your future depends on your movements.

The Mafia

Your team is searching for a mysterious ledger that would cause the fall of the Corleone Mafia family in New York. However, the ledger is hidden in the mob family’s home and the police need your help to capture these criminals.

The Witch’s Potion

This room is where your team sets to travel into the witch’s lair. The old witch is believed to live in the forests and is said to be able to create a potion that cures all. The king is now sick with a strange illness and your team must get the witch’s potion to cure him and save the kingdom.


Each room will accommodate two to either six or eight players. For those who may get anxious in a space or are prone to fear, players can leave to take a break and rejoin your group once they are feeling better.

We also have accommodations for disabled guests, so there is no reason everyone can’t participate.

Lost Reality Escape rooms are all about having fun! While it is an adventurous setting, these escape rooms are meant to be enjoyed by all customers so there is nothing to fear.

No matter which room you choose, your team will be forced to practice things like problem-solving and teamwork. The best part is they are having so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work.


Team building includes many ups and downs as well as turns to work. After all, you are combining different personalities who may not be used to working together. In some cases, your team members may have misconceptions about each other or not know each other at all.

This means many emotions may come out during the exercise from excitement to frustration and even anger. However, having a fun place to exhibit these emotions will help your team members positively work through them.
In the end, each will have a greater understanding of other team members, of themselves, and how they can all contribute to making a mission successful.


Lost Reality Escape Games makes it easy to book team building activities Perth. Once you get a preferred date and time, you can check the availability online and book your games.

Your team isn’t left in the dark either. The team will get a briefing before entering the game. They will be told all the details about playing the game and are given some helpful tips. Also, the Gamesmaster may give up some clues just in the nick of time!


Companies will hire corporate team-building event planners to come to the facility and conduct activities. However, that doesn’t really provide an escape for employees and tends to feel like work.

The best way to create a good teamwork atmosphere is to go off-site for team building activities Perth.

Several venues accommodate team building. Most are rented or reserved by team building event planners specifically for a company.

Teams Day Perth has hundreds of team-building activities to inspire your employees and Total Team Building’s Survivor Challenge works for both small to large groups as your employees are separates into different groups where they participate in both mental and physical challenges. An ultimate triva event completes the session.

The XL Event Amazing Race Perth is another way to have team building activities Perth. It is a 48-hour event that is good for both small and large groups.

Those who love go-karts can get a team to participate in Kart World’s Suzuka Grand Prix. This go-kart challenge for groups can be effective for a business with eight or fewer employees.

Lost Reality Escape Games is a unique place for team building because you don’t need an event planner to organize games and team building activities Perth. The rooms are set and the Gamemaster and other staff members are ready to help your team have fun while working through the game.

It is super easy to book online so there you don’t have multiple people to coordinate with as you would if you were planing a team-building day on your own.

A price of $36 per person makes an escape venue one of the best and most memorable team building activities you can book for your employees.


Company owners and managers need to invest some money and resources into regular team building activities Perth. Business experts agree this is a worthwhile investment as it builds morale and creates positive communication between employees.

It is also a good way for employees to get to know new members of the company.

Plus, making the investment will show your employees how much they are appreciated. That will also translate to more loyalty and dedication to the company.