Team-building retreats in Perth are the perfect way to get your team away from the office and into a new environment where they can bond, build trust and collaborate. With so many mesmerising locations, you will indeed find something for everyone.

The choice of retreats depends on what your team members like. Perth has many great venues, including campsites, activity centres, outstanding resorts and hotels, amphitheatres and many more. Choosing the right venue is the key.

Here are the top 9 team-building retreats in Perth.


One of the most popular team-building events in Perth, Kart World’s Suzuka Grand Prix is perfect for a group-sized team looking forward to an adrenaline rush. The circuit simulates the world-famous Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

The activity consists of three rounds with fifteen laps each. Each round has a winner, and the overall winner is also awarded a trophy. This event is perfect for sports teams, social clubs and corporate groups that help build team morale and camaraderie.

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Experience the excitement of Christmas team building activities in Perth.

Cart racing at Kart World's Suzuka Grand Prix Perth


A creative team-building event, Packs, Pride and Team Players will get your team together to complete various challenges. The activity allows your team to play zoologist, and you are tasked with transporting a rare species of turtles through intricate pathways filled with barriers.

The activity is fun, interactive, and an excellent opportunity to learn about amazing animals! Sign your team up for this unique and educational team-building event!

This event is a part of a full-day corporate training accompanied by a picnic. The minimum team size should be 10.


If you are looking for a team-building event that is both fun and challenging, then this space is for you. At Lost Reality Escape Rooms, Perth, you are locked inside a thematic room filled with clues and puzzles for you to find and solve to escape.

Your team has a time limit within when they have to put their minds together to solve the mystery. From five immersive and hi-tech escape rooms to choose from, this helps promote teamwork and communication within your group.

Lost Reality also helps you plan the event with additional requirements if needed.

Understanding the size of your team for an engaging team-building event.

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Halloween, Perth, Escape Room Adventures


One of the insanely fun team-building activities, Poker Deluxe offers you three packages to choose from, and each of them is perfect for any group size. The packages are customisable as well.

They have experienced dealers to ensure that you have a whole experience and your event is a success. There is a reward for the winner as well. They shall host your event wherever you desire and will provide you with anything that is required.

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Hiking is the best way to exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are plenty of great trails in and around Perth that make team-building events fun and are a great way to let some fresh air in.

Your choice of hike depends on your team and their stamina. Any level of hike shall give you the desired goal. Perth has some beautiful hiking trails that offer stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Hike a trail on the weekend with your team to increase motivation and team bonding, and you will return rejuvenated and re-energized!

Hiking with your corporate buddies in Perth


Exploring the best wineries and restaurants while bonding with teammates sounds like the best weekend getaway for a fun and unique team-building event. This is also a great way to learn about local wineries and restaurants.

Who doesn’t love a good food and wine tour? The event shall get everyone talking, and bonding shall take its course. Perth is also home to fantastic wineries; hence, the fun and enjoyment shall know no bounds.

Depending on your team, you may stay in the countryside for a night before you head back to city life. Head to the link to find some of the best wineries and restaurants to visit!


If your team is an adrenaline junkie, this space is for you. Perth has everything to offer. Right from skydiving to snorkelling, rock climbing, river rafting, ziplining, surfing, paddleboarding, learning to fly, trying ninja techniques and whatnot!

You may choose your destination depending on what your team wants to try out for the weekend. All of the above activities help in team-building and bonding, increase motivation, and return to work like never before!

Apart from that, these adventurous activities also provide a fun and memorable experience! Explore the link to find the best places for adventure and extreme sports.

Head here for more adrenaline-pumping activities in Perth!

Adrenaline pumping activities Perth


Perth has the best places to stargaze! On a clear day, you even get to spot the Milky Way! If your team is fond of nature and loves to ride their bike or drive their car to the land’s ends just to see the stars or experience nature, then this space is for you.

In an amazing team-building activity, you may choose a destination according to the best place to stargaze. Head out to a dark spot away from the city lights, set your telescopes and spend the night marvelling at the stars.

This is a great way to bond with your team while learning something new. You may stay in tents or book a nearby hotel. Either way, you shall experience the best team-building retreat in Perth!

Head here if you are looking for more day trips from Perth.

Stargazing in Perth


Wellness team-building events care for your mental health. One of the unique ways to rejuvenate and bond with fellow team members while promoting healthy living and working habits.

Yoga classes, cooking, group fitness classes and many more fall under the radar of wellness activities. They sure sound dull, but it isn’t always the case. Many events in Perth provide a fun and interactive session that boards well with employees.

Head to the link to explore wellness team-building activities in Perth!

Did I just spoil you with some of the fantastic choices for team-building events in Perth? I hope you find the right one for your team!

Everything might sound incredible but finding a suitable activity simply depends on the discussion you have with your teammates.

If you are still looking for more team-building events, explore the link. For corporate party activities, head here.