Looking for the best ways to make the school holidays AWESOME for your kids?

Wondering how to make sure the children have a wholesome holiday this year, instead of remaining buried in their phones all day?

We’ve gone ahead, and picked out the 10 BEST things that you can do with your children during the hols, in and around Perth.

From learning new things at museums, to splashing around in a pool, to hiking through a stunning trail and biking across Perth, there are all kinds of activities for you to choose from!


  • The new Traffic Park And Playground at The Avenue
  • The WA Shipwrecks Museum
  • The WA Museum Boola Bardip
  • The Kwillena Gabi Pool
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Latitude Perth
  • The Lost Reality Escape Room (that’s us!)
  • The Butterflies, Birds And Bridges Trail
  • Go cycling
  • The Black Brewing Co

The new Traffic Park And Playground at The Avenue

Remember all those times you spent with your parents learning which way to look before crossing the road, what some of the traffic symbols mean and so on?

Did you think that could become an entire holiday activity? Well, it can, at The Avenue.

Their traffic park and playground features a bike track with stop signs, speed bumps and crosswalks that kids can navigate through. Plus there’s a toy double-decker bus complete with seats and steering wheel, plus a slide from the top into a sand pit.

Apart from the traffic-focused playground there is a rotating cable car, a nature play area with a cubby house and a teepee, plus…

Facilities for sports like basketball and soccer and even a picnic area with BBQ spots.

A great place for a family picnic with the kids during the school holidays.

Website: Visit their website

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The WA Shipwrecks Museum

Pirates of the Caribbean. Treasure Island. There’s a whole host of children’s literature out there that feature ships and shipwrecks. Which is why so many children LOVE visiting the WA Shipwrecks Museum during the hols.

Located in Fremantle, beside the Fisherman’s Wharf, the museum features a number of wrecks and relics that have washed up on the state’s shores.

Entry is free and there are lots of interesting exhibits (like the Batavia shipwreck). Feel free to ask the staff any questions you have; they’re pretty knowledgeable and ready to share what they know with you!

They also have several kids’ activities such as Now And Then, A Trek Through Time and Pondering Pirates.

Entry is free, but they do accept donations.

Website: Visit their website

The WA Museum Boola Bardip

Visiting museums presents a different kind of a learning opportunity – one where you get to interact with objects up close and personal.

A much more engaging kind of learning experience than school. That’s why we’ve included one more museum to the list of things to do with your children during the school holidays this year.

If you’re wondering why this and the Shipwrecks Museum have a similar name, it’s because they’re both part of the Western Australian Museum system.

The museum is one of the best places to learn about Western Australian wildlife, history and culture. In fact, Boola Bardip means many stories.

As it stands today, the WA Perth Museum encompasses four historic buildings:

  • The Old Gaol.
  • The Jubilee Building, where the museum was originally based.
  • The Art Gallery, and…
  • Hackett Hall, the state library’s old reading room.

Spread out across all this space are eight permanent display sections, ranging from Wildlife to Reflections (which shows the progress of humanity through time and looks at the future), and the Entertainment Room (where things like a Discman and a Gameboy are displayed).

Website: Visit their website

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The Kwillena Gabi Pool

It’s a bit of a distance from Perth, but the sheer beauty of the pool absolutely makes up for it.

Part of Mandurah’s waterfront development project, the Kwillena Gabi (‘dolphin waters’) Pool has been designed to be family-friendly and picnic/outing-friendly.

It’s got both a shallow area, perfect for younger children (including toddlers) and a deep end where teens and adults can enjoy themselves. Blow-up boats, floaties and pool noodles are all allowed.

The most magical thing about the pool is that it’s been constructed by placing circular pontoons on the estuary, and without any kind of underwater barrier. In other words, marine life like dolphins can freely enter and exit the pool, and you may get to interact with them.

Cottesloe Beach

The Kwillena Gabi Pool is a pretty awesome swimming experience including with marine life, but if it’s a beach outing, complete with sand and surf that you’re looking for, then head to Cottesloe Beach.

Stretched over a kilometre, Cottesloe is one of Perth’s most popular places for swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

Children will have a smashing time building castles out of the glistening white sand while you can just relax with a can of beer. Or if there’s more than one adult, you can go swimming in the ocean, in turns. The beach IS patrolled by lifeguards.

And before you leave, make sure to drop in at the Indiana Cottesloe Beach for fish and chips, pizzas, calamari and coffee.

Latitude Perth

Wanna take your kids through some workouts, but without venturing outdoors?

Then Latitude Perth is where you should be at.

With over 3000 sqm of trampoline and climbing activities, this is one outing your children will really remember!

There’s an obstacle course, dodge ball, a jumping area(interconnected trampolines), trampoline basketball, a giant gymnastics mat and of course several climbing walls.

The staff are pretty watchful and helpful as well, giving you a chance to relax in the cafe while your children have a blast in the play areas.

Pro tip: On weekdays they have whole day passes for kids.

Website: Visit their website

The Lost Reality Escape Room

Big surprise!, you may think. They’re including themselves in their own list.

That’s not it.

Having hosted hundreds of teams at our escape room games, we’ve found that kids definitely CAN take part in our escape games and DO enjoy themselves.

On one or two occasions we’ve even been amazed how they were able to sort out a challenge that had the adults in the group in knots!

Escape rooms are known to be excellent for family bonding. Plus they can teach players (including your children) valuable life skills like quick thinking, keeping your eyes and ears open, and teamwork.

When it comes to children taking part in our escape rooms,

  • We require children under 15 to be accompanied by a paying adult (18 and above).
  • And children under 8 can enter the room for free.

Website: Visit the homepage

The Butterflies, Birds And Bridges Trail

Located in Canning Regional Park, this trail is worth every minute of the twenty or so minute drive from Perth city centre, and then some.

It’s the perfect place to take the kids on a hike, teaching them about nature and wildlife, while not straying far from the city.

The four kilometre long trail will take you past wetlands, where you can gaze at…

sedge meadows, through mature woodlands, over creeks and amongst the crowns of a paperbark forest.

There are lots of picnic spots dotting the trail, making this a brilliant way to start your weekend.

While you’re there, make sure you check out the education centre, the miniature railway and of course the cafe.

Website: Visit their website

Go cycling

If you didn’t know, Perth has an excellent network of cycling paths. Plus, bikes are allowed on Transperth trains and ferries, subject to space being available.

Pro tip: There’s almost always space during off-peak hours, so plan your day accordingly.

All of which makes Perth an awesome place to go cycling.

Make this school holiday the one where you teach your kids about the joys of going cycling in the outdoors. If you’ve been putting off that New Year’s Resolution to go cycling, this is your chance to take it up, while planning a gorgeous day out with your kids.

The five best places in Perth for biking:

  • Perth Coast
  • Perth Hills
  • Fremantle
  • Kings Park
  • Swan River

The Black Brewing Co

Surprised to see a beers and wines place in a list of holiday activities with kids?

Well, Wilyabrup’s Black Brewing Co is designed to accommodate children.

They have a separate children’s menu, high chairs, a playground bordering a lake and a bridge leading to a little island in the middle, with stairs leading right down to the water.

As far as the menu is concerned, we hear the pork, the scallops, the fries and the salads are to die for. Kids should enjoy the pizza on their menu.

And on the more liquid side of affairs, make sure you try out their cider and their wine..

Website: Visit their website


So, what do you think of our list?

Plenty of inspiration to plan an awesome school holiday with your kids?

Let us know if we missed your favourites, and we might add them when we update this post for the next holiday season!

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Featured image by Chang Duong on Unsplash.