There is no shortage of active adventure in the Australian wilderness during summer. Perth offers something for everyone to enjoy, from adrenaline-pumping feats for thrill-seekers to casual escapades for vacationers.

Whether you prefer to spend your weekends rock-climbing or sipping cocktails by the beach, your trip to Perth will be Insta-worthy. On that note, here are the top ten things to do in Perth this summer.


How many of these are on your bucket list?

Skydiving at Rottnest Island

If you’ve explored Rottnest Island from the ground, we can tell you it looks a lot better from the sky. Every shade of blue that you can imagine surrounds the island. And the thrill of watching the changing hues as you approach the ground at 200MPH is unparallel. The adventure ends as the parachute opens, and you slowly glide towards Rottnest’s pristine beaches with fresh sea breeze slapping you in the face.

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Surfing the Cool Waters of the Indian Ocean

The Western Australian coastline is home to two creatures – sharks and surfers! Scarborough, Rottnest Island, Margaret River North Point, and Trigg Point are Perth’s most famous surfing points.

Veteran thrill-seekers dream of surfing Scarborough’s sharp peaks during rough weather. But fret not if you’re an amateur, as several surf schools line the beaches of WA. Take a short class, and you’re all set to ride the smaller waves.

Kayaking in Perth

Kayaking is probably the second most popular watersport in Perth, right after surfing. During summer, locals and tourists flock towards the beach with life jackets and a boating license. Explore the waterways near Southern Perth, and you’ll catch some of the most breathtaking views of the cityscape during sunset.

From the wild waters of Mandurah Canal, North Fremantle, and Rockingham to the quaint streams at Kalbarri National Park, there is an adventure to be found at every nook and corner around Perth.

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Cycling Trails Near Perth

Don’t miss the excellent cycling trails when you’re in Perth. You can hire mountain bikes and take a ride through some of the most picturesque locations nearby. The roads are signposted, so you don’t lose your way.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Lake Leschenaultia Mountain Bike Trail is one of the most popular routes. This 12km long network has been a hot favourite among locals and tourists since 2019. Experienced mountain bikers will love the 75km long key track leading to Northam and Mundaring Weir.

Experience The Ultimate Escape Rooms Perth

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Movie Nights at Cape Mentelle Winery

Every December and April, the Cape Mentelle Winery holds a special movie screening by the Margaret River. The outdoor cinema screens by the winery premiers classic Hollywood and Australian movies every Tuesday-Sunday.

You can rent a bean bag and blanket for the chilly evenings as you watch your favourite film under the starry sky. There is a wine bar and several food options nearby, making for a romantic getaway.

Get on a Cruise in Fremantle

If an open-air adventure is your thing, book yourself on a cruise in Fremantle. The STS Leeuwin II sails from Victoria Quay during summer and takes travelers on a tall cruise off the coast of Western Australia.

Since it’s a working ship, you can hoist the sails, take the stern, or mop the deck if you’re so inclined. You could also climb the mast for a better view of the horizon if you aren’t scared of heights. But if you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea, that’s fine too!

Experience Sunset Wine in Perth

Enjoy the best of tropical Perth with good food, great music, and some wine. If you like the sounds of that, visit Sunset Wine, a food and booze carnival held in Scarborough every year. The outdoor event takes place in the grassy area at Brighton Reserve, right next to the beach. Sunset Wine is the perfect place to be if you like quiet and cosy cocktail parties. 

Pick your favourite beverage from classy wine, cider, or craft beer and enjoy a hearty meal in good company with live music as the sun sets at the backdrop over the Indian Ocean. The entry fee includes wine samples and tasting glasses.

Take a Wine Tour on the Outskirts of Perth

Swan Valley wineries host exclusive tours for tourists. Take your significant other along as you discover the art of wine-making. The tour also includes an entire tasting session, which highlights the event. If you’re in Perth during the summer, you cannot afford to miss a trip to the wineries.

Carmel Wine Route and Bickley Valley are located 30-minutes from Perth. Several micro-breweries and wineries are also found in the Margaret River region, just 3 hours away. Take this opportunity and see how award-winning wine is made.

Explore the Underwater Kingdom

The Western Australian coastline has an abundance of islands, rocky beaches, and marine life. Therefore, it’s the best region to explore the underwater kingdom. Take a boat ride out of Fremantle, Mindarie Marina, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Mandurah, or Rottnest Island and explore Australia’s rich marine ecosystem.

You can try your hands at several thrilling adventures like deep-sea diving, snorkelling, whale watching, and more. The water temperature is always a few degrees warmer than the coast, so it’s the ideal place to dive.

Ready to Go on an Epic Adventure?

There’s something quite fascinating about leaving the comforts of mundane life behind and heading out into the unknown. And that’s a challenge that very few people take. If you’re among the handful of adrenaline junkies that don’t shy away from exploring the very corners of our planet, Western Australia offers the ideal escapade.

But if you can’t afford to pause your life and head out on an impromptu journey, escape rooms are your next best bet! These crazy puzzles bring the world to your fingertip and make you feel alive. And if you know an escape room enthusiast, Lost Reality vouchers are an excellent gift!

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