G’day mates! If you’re in Perth and looking for a way to soak up the Christmas spirit, then Victoria Park is your go-to spot. This quaint suburb, with its blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibes, really knows how to put on a festive show. From twinkling Christmas lights to joyful carols, it’s all happening here. Let’s dive into some top-notch activities that’ll have you singing “Jingle Bells” in no time!

1. Visit Christmas Wonderland at G.O. Edwards Park

Ready for a magical Christmas experience? Step into a captivating Christmas scene at G.O. Edwards Park. It’s a place where holiday dreams come to life, complete with all the seasonal delights.

  • Experience a Winter Wonderland: Snow machines? Check. Twinkling lights? Double check. This place transforms into a snowy paradise.
  • Live Entertainment: Think Christmas choirs belting out carols and live bands spreading cheer.
  • Family Fun: Activities galore for the kiddos. It’s a blast for the whole family!

2. Go to Santa’s Symphony at Rayment Park

Rayment Park turns into a melodious wonderland during Christmas. It’s a festive gathering that promises music, mirth, and magic.

  • Festive Tunes: Get ready for some toe-tapping Christmas music and carols.
  • Santa Sightings: Yep, the big man in red makes an appearance. Perfect for a cheeky selfie!

3. Enjoy a Christmas movie at Movies by Burswood

Movies by Burswood offers an enchanting outdoor movie experience, blending the joy of Christmas films with the beauty of an Australian summer night.

  • Outdoor Cinema: Picture this – a warm summer evening, a classic Christmas movie, under the stars. Bliss!
  • Free Event: Did someone say free? Yep, grab your picnic blanket and enjoy!

4. Walk or Ride Through the Christmas Lights

Embark on a sparkling journey. Experience the magic of the season as you walk or ride through the dazzling display of Christmas lights in Victoria Park.

  • Spectacular Display: Victoria Park lights up like a Christmas tree (literally).
  • Stroll or Cycle: Whether on foot or on wheels, it’s a sight to behold.

5. Have a Christmas Picnic at Victoria Park’s Parks


How about some festive outdoor dining? Victoria Park boasts numerous picturesque spots perfect for a delightful Christmas picnic, surrounded by natural beauty and festive cheer.

  • Scenic Spots: Choose from Burswood Park, Rayment Park, or Lathlain Park.
  • Festive Feast: Pack a picnic basket with Christmas treats.

6. Go Ice Skating at the Perth Ice Arena


Glide into the Holiday Spirit. The Perth Ice Arena offers a frosty, fun-filled family activity, perfect for embracing the joy of the holiday season.

  • Family Activity: Lace up those skates! It’s fun for everyone.
  • Skating Lessons: Newbies, fear not; there are lessons to get you gliding like a pro.

7. Visit the Swan Valley Wineries


A Toast to Christmas Cheer: The Swan Valley Wineries present a unique Christmas experience with their special festive-themed wines and celebratory events.

  • Christmas-Themed Wines: Sample wines with a festive twist.
  • Special Events: Wineries go all out with Christmas tastings and celebrations.

8. Enjoy a Christmas-themed High Tea

Treat yourself to a luxurious Christmas-themed high tea at one of Perth’s charming cafes or restaurants, a perfect way to relax and rejoice.

  • Indulgent Treats: Festive pastries and teas? Yes, please!
  • Catch Up with Loved Ones: Perfect for a relaxed afternoon.

9. Take a Christmas-themed Cruise Down the Swan River

How about a nautical Christmas adventure? Experience the twinkling lights and festive atmosphere of Victoria Park from the unique vantage point of a Christmas-themed boat cruise.

  • Unique View of Lights: See the Christmas lights from a whole new angle.
  • Christmas Boat Experience: It’s like a floating Christmas party.

10. Visit Perth’s Christmas Markets

Enter a shopper’s Yuletide paradise. The Christmas markets in Perth are a treasure trove of unique gifts, festive decorations, and holiday spirit, perfect for finding that special something.

  • Unique Gifts and Decorations: Find something special at the Vic Park Centre for the Arts and Carlisle Collective markets.
  • Festive Atmosphere: The perfect spot for some Christmas shopping.

11. Lost Reality Escape Room: Victoria Park’s Premier Adventure Experience

Welcome to Lost Reality in Victoria Park this Christmas. Here, adventure awaits at every turn. Our escape rooms are far more than mere puzzles; they’re gateways to exhilarating worlds. Each of our escape rooms is a crafted adventure, a doorway to a realm where your smarts, teamwork, and bravery are put to the ultimate test.

Escape Adventures at Lost Reality, Victoria Park

Terminal Crisis

  • The Scenario: Terrorists have hijacked a train, and it’s barrelling towards the city. You and your team are the only hope to avert a catastrophe.
  • The Challenge: Tackle a simulated subway station, bring back power, and halt the runaway train in a nail-biting, action-filled escapade.
  • For Whom: A must-try for fans of technical brain-teasers and adrenaline-pumping scenarios.

Special Ops: Tokyo – The Bioweapon Threat

  • The Scenario: A hidden bioweapon in Tokyo’s underbelly threatens global safety.
  • The Mission: As top-notch agents, infiltrate the secret facility, overcome challenges, and neutralize the threat.
  • For Whom: Tailor-made for enthusiasts of spy adventures and futuristic espionage.

Mystical Manor

  • The Story: Delve into an ancient manor, shrouded in mystery, rumored to hold magical items that can banish sorrow.
  • The Quest: Explore the manor’s mysteries and maneuver through its enchantments to claim its magical powers.
  • For Whom: Perfect for those bewitched by enigmas, magic, and the allure of the mystical.

Dead or Alive

  • The Scenario: Probe into eerie disappearances linked to an old, chilling morgue.
  • The Objective: Unearth clues and locate the perpetrator’s tools before time runs out.
  • For Whom: Ideal for those with a knack for unraveling mysteries and crime-solving adventures.

Unique Features of Lost Reality

Immersive Set Designs

Step into our rooms and find yourself in other worlds, from enchanted forests to teeming cityscapes crafted with cinematic precision.

Innovative Clue System

Our clues are designed to challenge and evaluate your problem-solving prowess and team dynamics, adding layers of complexity to each mission.

State-of-the-Art Missions

Embark on unique, tech-driven missions that fuse physical puzzles with the latest technology, creating an unmatched escape room adventure.

Expert Game Design

Our worlds are the brainchild of a skilled team of designers, scenic artists, prop masters, and robotics engineers, all working to create an authentically immersive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Victoria Park Christmas events are available for families?

Victoria Park transforms into a festive wonderland with numerous events. Highlights include the Christmas Wonderland at G.O. Edwards Park, Santa’s Symphony at Rayment Park, and the outdoor Christmas movie screenings at Movies by Burswood. Each event offers a unique way to celebrate the season with loved ones.

Can I experience a Christmas boat ride in Victoria Park?

Absolutely! A Christmas-themed cruise down the Swan River is one of the highlights. This unique Christmas boat experience offers a magical view of the Christmas lights and festivities from the water.

Where can I find the best Christmas lights in Victoria Park?

The Town of Victoria Park features a spectacular display of Christmas lights annually. Walking or riding through these vibrant, twinkling lights offers a truly enchanting Christmas experience.

Is there any special Christmas music event in Victoria Park?

Yes, Santa’s Symphony at Rayment Park is a must-visit for Christmas music enthusiasts. This event features festive tunes, carols, and even appearances by Santa Claus, creating a joyous atmosphere.

Are there any Christmas Eve events in Victoria Park?

Victoria Park hosts various activities and events leading up to Christmas Eve. These include festive markets, live music events, and special holiday-themed events at local venues. Keep an eye on local listings for specific Christmas Eve events.

Where can I see a Christmas tree in Victoria Park?

A grand Christmas tree is usually part of the festive decor in Victoria Park, especially at major event locations like G.O. Edwards Park. This tree, adorned with lights and decorations, becomes a central attraction of the Victoria Park Christmas celebrations.

What unique Christmas events are offered at Lost Reality in Victoria Park?

Lost Reality in Victoria Park offers a unique twist to Christmas events with its themed escape rooms. It’s a fun, interactive way to celebrate the holidays, perfect for groups looking for an alternative to traditional Christmas activities.



So there you have it, folks! Victoria Park is bursting with festive activities, and there’s something for everyone. From the magic of Christmas lights to the thrill of an escape room, it’s all about making memories.

And hey, don’t forget to visit Lost Reality Escape Rooms for an extra dose of adventure. Christmas in Victoria Park is not just about the Christmas tree and Christmas Eve carols; it’s about creating moments you’ll cherish forever. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Christmas spirit and make this holiday season in Victoria Park one to remember!