Some people are clueless about basic escape room etiquettes. And this can leave the entire group with a bad experience. If you want to avoid accidentally ruining a perfect evening with friends and family, there are several ground rules.

While most escape rooms have unique rules and regulations, basic courtesies apply globally. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 problematic behaviour that could get you banned from the premises.


You must avoid these common mistakes as the consequences can be alarming.

Ignoring Instructions

While escape rooms use a lot of props related to the puzzle, several items on set are entirely unrelated. These are marked with stickers to help players distinguish them on the fly. If you spot a prop marked with a sticker, don’t touch it!

If the hosts have gone through all the effort to mark individual items, the props have nothing to do with the game at hand. Interacting with things that you aren’t supposed to can have implications.

Failing to adhere to escape room protocols constantly can result in an outright ban from the property. Whether it’s part of the safety equipment or a structural component, items marked with stickers must be left alone.

Disrespecting the Gamemaster

One of the most important rules of playing an escape room game is never to ignore the gamemaster’s instructions. Their job is to ensure you’re safe and having fun. So, ignoring their instructions isn’t a smart move.

Please pay close attention when the gamemaster speaks and respect their authority. Failing to listen to instructions can result in you missing out on hints. Plus, no one likes a snob!

Destroying Props

One of the worst things to do that will get you kicked off the premises at once is destroying stuff inside the room. If a prop is meant to move, it will. If it doesn’t budge, maybe it’s meant to be interacted with differently. Or better yet! Leave it alone.

This applies to the décor and furnishings too! Under no circumstances should a player try to climb up on the roof or over furniture and deliberately try to break stuff inside the room. Not only will this get you kicked off the premises, ruining the experience for your team, but it will also mess up the evening for the players waiting in line.

Refusing to Share Information or Communicate with Your Teammates

The entire point of an escape room game is teamwork. By refusing to communicate with your teammates or sharing information, you aren’t only ruining the experience for everyone but also spoiling your chances of winning the game before the timer runs out.

Escape games are designed to be team games and are impossible to solve alone. By refusing to work together, you’re only wasting precious time that you don’t have! This makes escape rooms perfect for team building activities. If you’d like to work on your communication skills, we recommend practising at Lost Reality, Perth’s #1 escape room.

Arguing With Your Teammates

Arguing with your squad is a major red flag and must be avoided at all costs. It not only kills the team’s morale but also erodes precious time. Every minute inside an escape room is crucial. And each second that you waste over an argument will return to bite you later on.

An argument irrevocably leads to distorted communication, and the chain of problems begin. If you disagree with a teammate, talk to the others and conclude instead of proving a point. And if you think that things are starting to heat up, take a minute to calm down and return to the task at hand.

Getting the Entire Team to Focus on a Single Problem

Escape rooms are cleverly designed to keep the entire group busy. So, if your teammate is working on a puzzle, let them sort it out unless they ask for your help. By focusing your energies on the same puzzle, you’re wasting time. You should look for alternate challenges instead.

The only exception to this rule is if the team is stuck on a single challenge. In such cases, it makes sense to put your heads together, crack the puzzle, and proceed to solve the next puzzle.

It’s a good idea to appoint a lookout. That person is tasked with identifying potential puzzles for others. This saves valuable time and streamlines the process.

Using Your Phone

Don’t use your phone inside an escape room. Smartphones and other intelligent devices are banned in most places. And while texting or calling won’t get you banned, you might attract a penalty and ruin the experience for the rest of your team.

If you need a hint, ask the gamemaster for help. Clicking selfies and group photographs are strictly prohibited inside the room as it might ruin the experience for future players. Photo opportunities await after you’ve left the room.

Putting Things in Your Pocket

Never! We repeat, never put ANYTHING from an escape room in your pockets. Even if you don’t intend to steal, putting props in your pocket can lead to confusion as no one else can find them.

Every escape room has a designated area for gathering props required for cracking the case. Use this space for storage. At the very least, putting props in your pocket and forgetting to put them back will ruin the experience for future players and harass the hosts unnecessarily.

Playing Under the Influence

Using contraband substances are strictly prohibited inside escape room premises. You must also avoid playing under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Escape room authorities can kick you out of their premises if you’re found flouting the rules.

Playing under the influence reduces your brain’s functioning capacity, meaning you can’t give your best performance. So, arrive at the venue sober and celebrate after! In any case, you can’t ask for a refund if you’re refused admission due to intoxication.

Are You Ready to Have Fun?

Escape rooms are great group activities. If you want to catch up with friends, spend an exciting day with family or your significant other, or celebrate a birthday, there’s no better venue.

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