Western Australia is home to some of the world’s top surfing spots for beginners and experts alike. And for someone learning their way around a surfboard, Perth is a paradise. There are several excellent surfing spots for beginners within a short drive from the city centre. So, if you’ve been thinking about giving surfing a go, there is no better place to try.


These are the top five beginner-friendly surfing spots near Perth.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is one of the most popular beaches near Perth, and for a good reason. This picturesque long-sandy stretch of beach offers an excellent view of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Even in summer, when the waves are gentle, you’ll find the perfect swell for beginners.

If you’d like to take a lesson from the pros, several prominent surf schools are lined up between Peasholm Dog Beach to Trigg Beach. The course fee includes gear and training, which should help you settle in before venturing out into the cold water.

As the day progresses, Scarborough beach tends to get overcrowded. So, head out early in the morning for maximum exposure. Alternatively, you can walk a few miles down the open sandy beach to get away from the crowds.

Beginners should avoid surfing here during winter as the waves tend to swell. You should keep an eye out for worsening weather, even in summer. And if the conditions are unfavourable, it’s best to retire and try your luck another day.

Cottesloe Beach

The beach that legendary Australian pro surfer Jake Paterson learned to surf. After winning three world tour events, Jake currently coaches some of the world’s finest surfing talents. So, when he says, “Cotts is great for beginner surfers,” we’re bound to listen.

Cottesloe Beach is naturally protected from the southwest winds and southerlies even when Scarborough is brutally pounded. The lack of strong winds means Cottesloe rarely sees rough swells. This makes it perfect for amateurs, especially during autumn.

There are several parking spots nearby with free parking for up to three hours. You might have to walk a hundred meters north of the main pavilion during summer as surfing is prohibited between October 1 and March 31.

The only downside of surfing at Cottesloe is the incessant crowds during summer. If you find yourself on the beach on one of these days, you might want to turn around and try another beach up north.

Leighton Beach

One of the less crowded beaches around Perth, Leighton Beach, in North Fremantle, is a surfer’s delight. Like its famous neighbour Scarborough, Leighton Beach features a lengthy and sandy stretch of white sand, making the perfect backdrop for epic Instagram stories.

Leighton Beach is ideal if you prefer staying away from the crowd, even during peak summer. And the waves are decent-sized, making it an idyllic spot for amateur surfers. However, the winds can get a bit stronger during the afternoon. So, your best bet is surfing at dawn.

Like Scarborough, the swells can get dumpy. So, pick a sandbank and catch the white waves until you’re confident enough to ride the bigger swells. There is no shortage of parking space at Leighton. Pick from over 100 free parking spots in the carpark next to the surf club, or park your vehicle along Leighton Beach Boulevard.

There is a grassed area next to the foreshore with picnic tables, electric barbecues, toilet facilities, and a snacks kiosk. This makes Leighton Beach an excellent place for a fun day out with the family amidst sunshine and waves.

Pyramids Beach

Located south of Leighton Beach is an excellent spot for surfers. Pyramids Beach is rougher than Leighton during winter, although the waves settle down during summer. Drive south from Mandurah along Old Coast Road and take the first right after crossing the bridge over Dawesville Channel to reach Pyramids.

Once you go through the roundabout, you’ll be greeted by the white and friendly beach with small waves on a calm day. However, look out for rip currents like every other Western Australian beach.

If you’d like expert advice on surfing, visit the surf school at Mandurah Terrace. If you’d like to head out solo in search of the best waves, there are plenty of opportunities. Summer is the best time for beginners to practice at Pyramids since the water is calm and patrolled by the coast guard.

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Falcon Bay

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure just outside Perth, Falcon Bay is the perfect destination. Located an hour away from the CBD, Falcon Bay is less crowded than the other beaches near Perth, even on the weekends.

Falcon Bay is protected from the strong southerlies, making it an excellent nook for a gentle surf. You’ll find several beginner-friendly long rollers on the right sandbanks, even when the other beaches are blown out.

The best part about Falcon is the fantastic fish and chip shop on the beach. Have a snack after building up your appetite in the water. The only downside is the lack of a challenging swell, even in winter.

So, professional surfers will be disappointed. Unlike Pyramids, Falcon Beach isn’t patrolled, so surfers must take extra precautions. The best time to hit the surf at Falcon is autumn, as the other beaches get too windy.

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