Your Halloween in Perth is about to get a thrilling twist! 

If you’re searching for an experience that combines mystery, adventure, and a dash of the unexpected, you’re in the right place. 

Explore our guide and discover how Lost Reality Escape Room is redefining Halloween celebrations.

Halloween with a twist

Halloween, twist, Perth

For those seeking an unforgettable Halloween celebration in Perth, Lost Reality stands out as the premier destination. 

Whether you’re a family looking for a thrilling bonding experience, a group of friends craving a memorable adventure, or coworkers aiming for a unique team-building activity, we’ve got you covered. 

While some of our adventures boast complex themes, rest assured they’re all family-friendly, welcoming participants as young as 8. 

Non-horror-themed Halloween experiences

Are you tired of all the jump scares and fake gore, and instead searching for a brain-challenging and interactive adventure? 

Our non-horror-themed experiences that offer thrills without the typical frights will be a great fit for you!

Read on to discover the five exhilarating games you can choose from!

The Frozen King

The Frozen King, escape room, Perth

War. Is. Coming.

In a realm of ice and fire, an army of the undead has been unleashed that threatens to extinguish the last bastion of humanity. 

As the shadows of eternal winter loom, the fate of mankind itself teeters on the brink. 

Will you rise to defend mankind, ensuring a new dawn breaks? Or will the chilling wrath of the endless cold consume all? 

Fans of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings will find themselves enthralled. 

Best suited for beginners and infrequent players, this game promises an epic Halloween adventure for you in Perth! 

And if you’re coming from the south, you might be looking for an escape room near Fremantle; we’re conveniently located for you too.

No. of players: 2-6

Game time: 60 minutes

The Jungle

The Jungle, escape room, Perth

Will you be trapped in this jungle forevermore?

In an old, forgotten attic, the haunting beat of distant drums beckons you and your friends. 

Succumbing to curiosity, you’re whisked away to a mystical Jungle, ensnared in a game where your very fate hangs in the balance.

Will you navigate the treacherous terrain and challenges to complete the game? Or will the Jungle’s mysteries forever entangle you?

Lovers of Jumanji and thrilling fantasy adventures will be captivated.

Tailored for casual and occasional players, this escape room offers a heart-pounding Halloween escapade in Perth!

No. of players: 2-6

Game time: 60 minutes

If you’re searching for more unique family activities in Perth, check out our specially curated list!

The Witch’s Potion

The Witch’s Potion

Can you face off against a powerful witch?

The Kingdom stands on the precipice of despair, with the King struck down by a mysterious ailment. 

Whispers of an ancient witch deep within the forest, known to conjure remedies for the gravest of afflictions, echo through the land.

Do you have the courage to venture into her lair and secure the potion that could save the King? Or will the forest’s dark secrets ensnare you?

Fans of classic fairy tales and of modern magic fiction, like Harry Potter, will be spellbound.

Designed for casual players seeking a challenge and experienced adventurers, this escape room is one of the top Halloween activities in Perth!

No. of players: 2-8

Game time: 75 minutes

Sherlock Holmes: London Is Falling

Sherlock Holmes

Can you stop the Professor’s destructive plans?

A cryptic letter adorned with the unmistakable “M” lands on your desk, signalling the nefarious intentions of Professor Moriarty. 

The stakes? The very existence of London, as he plots to wreak havoc on the subway system using a concealed Electromagnetic Waves Emitter. 

With mere hours to prevent a catastrophic derailment, the challenge is clear.

Will you rise to Moriarty’s taunt and thwart his malevolent scheme? Or will London fall to his machinations?

Devotees of detective fiction – especially Sherlock fans – will find this an irresistible quest.

Perfect for casual adventurers seeking a challenge and experienced escape enthusiasts, this escape room offers a suspense-filled Halloween detective chase in Perth!

No. of players: 2-8

Game time: 60 minutes

For those coming from the northeast, we’re also a popular escape room near Malaga.

The Mafia

The Mafia

Will you be the one that brings down the Mafia?

The once-mighty Corleone Mafia family, rulers of New York City’s underworld, now teeter on the edge of exposure. Despite the NYPD’s relentless pursuit, concrete evidence remains elusive. 

The key? A hidden ledger, the very document that could topple their empire.

Dare you infiltrate the Mafia’s stronghold, navigate its perilous corridors, and secure the ledger? Or will the Corleone’s dark shadow continue to loom over the city?

Fans of crime dramas, reminiscent of “The Godfather” and spy thrillers, will be on the edge of their seats.

Tailored for the most experienced and daring players, this escape room challenges you with a high-stakes Halloween mission in Perth!

No. of players: 2-6

Game time: 60 minutes

Nearby restaurants to celebrate your escape

Nearby restaurants

The two places nearest to us are:

  • Krispy Kreme – After cracking codes and solving mysteries, why not treat yourself to a delightful doughnut? Krispy Kreme offers a range of flavours and shapes, perfect to pair with a warm coffee or a refreshing frozen drink. It’s the sweet reward you deserve!
  • Pinn’s Palace – If your escape room adventure has you craving some authentic Asian flavours, Pinn’s Palace is the place to be. Dive into traditional Malaysian-Chinese dishes like dim sum and noodles. It’s a casual spot that’s perfect for refuelling after your thrilling Halloween escape.

You can find other kinds of places further afoot, such as:

  • Big Rich Hot Pot – Dive into a family hot pot experience after your escape room challenge. Gather around and plan how to customise your meal with a variety of ingredients in a flavorful broth. A tasty way to round off your adventure!
  • Crust Pizza – Fans of gourmet pizza, this one’s for you! Head to Crust Pizza for slices loaded with fresh toppings. Whether you’ve escaped successfully or not, a slice of pizza is always a good idea.
  • Subway – Looking for a healthier option after all that adrenaline rush? Build your own sandwich or salad at Subway. With a variety of fresh ingredients, it’s a great spot to grab a quick and nutritious bite.
  • Hungry Jack’s Burgers – Nothing says celebration like a juicy burger! Whether you’ve outwitted the mafia or navigated a treacherous jungle, Hungry Jack’s offers generous beef and chicken burgers to satiate your hunger. Pair it with a soft drink or ice cream for a complete meal.

Remember, Halloween in Perth isn’t just about the scares; it’s also about savouring delicious treats after your escape room adventure!

Frequently asked questions about celebrating Halloween at Lost Reality


From whether you need to book in advance to the availability of parking, here are the most-asked queries about celebrating Halloween with us at Perth’s top escape room.

Do I need to book in advance?

We strongly recommend that you book and make a reservation in advance. While we do our best to accommodate walk-ins, we can offer no guarantee that the room is either ready or available. 

To book your room of choice, simply head to our booking page.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we can accommodate disabled guests. Please contact us beforehand, and we will help you select the best game room based on your condition.

However, the Sherlock Holmes game is not wheelchair accessible.

Can I leave the game if I feel anxious or unwell?

Of course you can! We’re all about having fun here at Lost Reality, especially during special events. And if that’s not the case, it’s only right that you step outside to take a break.

Whenever you feel like you are ready to rejoin your companions, just let a staff member know, and they’ll let you back into the room as long as you’re still within your allotted time.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have plenty of parking just in front of our escape room.

Can children do Lost Reality’s escape room experience?

Yes – all our games are family-friendly!

We recommend our games for ages 13 and upwards, but we do allow younger players. 

Please be aware that some game content may be unsuitable for young people. 

Furthermore, a paying adult must accompany kids under 15. And children under eight can join you in the room for free.

Ready for a stunning Perth Halloween adventure?

Your unforgettable Halloween experience awaits at Lost Reality Escape Room. 

Dive into tales of mystery, challenge your wits, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Ready to embark on this adventure? Book your escape room experience now and make this Halloween truly special.