G’day, mates! We often wander to snowy landscapes, hot cocoa, and warm fires when we think about the Christmas Eve festive season. But in Perth, we do things a bit differently. Christmas here is a unique blend of summer sun and festive fun. Want to know the best part? Here’s the kicker – Perth’s festive spirit is unparalleled. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Perth is the place to be during Christmas. 

Perth and its Festive History

Historically, Perth has always known how to throw a festive bash. Since the first settlers arrived, the city has embraced the spirit of Christmas. Over the years, our celebrations have evolved from modest gatherings to grand citywide festivities, fusing age-old traditions with a modern twist.

Christmas Lights and Decorations


The Mesmerizing Christmas Lights Perth City

Ah, the lights! When you walk through Perth during Christmas, it feels like the city itself has put on a glittering gown. Streets twinkle, and buildings shimmer, casting a magical glow all around.

  • King Street: Known for its majestic displays, with trees draped in fairy lights.
  • Hay Street Mall: A paradise for light enthusiasts. With every step, there’s a new spectacle to admire.
  • Forrest Place: The fountain here? Let’s just say it gets a festive makeover that’s simply enchanting!

Popular Spots for Viewing Christmas Lights in Perth

Determined to witness all the lights Perth has to offer? Buckle up! The locals have a few secrets up their sleeves. Places like:

  • Ivy & Jack: Their lights display is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Perth.
  • Peppermint Grove: Rows and rows of houses decked out, each trying to outshine the other.
  • Mandurah: Not precisely in Perth, but the canal Christmas lights are worth the drive!

The Significance of the Christmas Tree in Perth’s Celebrations

Ever wondered about the Christmas tree’s roots in Perth? Over here, it’s more than just a tree. It’s a beacon, signalling the onset of the festive season. The towering Christmas tree in the city centre, with its gleaming ornaments and twinkling lights, is a sight to behold. And in homes across Perth, each tree tells a story, reflecting the personality and history of its owners.

Escape Rooms: Lost Reality Perth


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Enjoy Themed Theatrics

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Work through Unique Clue System


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Enjoy Hi-Tech Missions

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Class-Leading Game Design with Five Different Themes

A team of experts, including scenic artists, robotics engineers, and prop experts, breathes life into every game at Lost Reality. With a unique touch in every escape room, it’s an experience like no other.

There are five top-rated immersive games on offer:

  • The Jungle: Venture into a mysterious jungle, lured by the rhythm of drums, and find yourself entangled in a magical game.
  • The Frozen King: Step into a realm of ice and fire, where the wall has fallen, and the undead threaten the kingdom’s existence.
  • The Witch’s Potion: Embark on a perilous quest into the forest to find an elusive potion to cure a king’s affliction.
  • Sherlock Holmes: London is Falling: Dive deep into London’s shadows, deciphering Moriarty’s sinister plot to derail the city’s subway system.
  • The Mafia: Infiltrate the secretive world of the Corleone Mafia family, navigating treacherous terrains to unearth condemning evidence.

Now, let’s dive into other options. Shall we?

Events and Festivals


Overview of Christmas Events Perth and Christmas Festival Perth

Alright, let’s switch gears! The city is bustling with events that cater to every festive desire. From grand parades to intimate concerts, the city leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a merry time for all.

The Charm of Christmas Concerts and Christmas Carols in the City

Singing along to classic carols under the starry sky? Yes, please! Perth’s open-air concerts are an experience in themselves. Whether belting out ‘Jingle Bells’ or swaying to ‘Silent Night’, the festive spirit is palpable.

The Magic of the City of Perth Christmas Events

The city pulls out all the stops during Christmas. The Christmas Markets, with their array of gifts and gourmet delights, are a haven for shoppers. And for the little ones? Santa’s Grotto awaits!

Christmas Meals and Treats


Best Spots for Christmas Lunch Perth and Christmas Buffet Perth

Hungry? Perth’s culinary scene comes alive during the festive season. Restaurants and cafes, draped in festive finery, offer menus that are a feast for the senses.

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Dinner Perth Location

Perth has everything: a waterfront restaurant or a cozy cafe tucked in an alley. For a traditional feast, head to places like the ‘Merry Perth Diner.’ For a modern twist, ‘The Festive Fusion‘ is the place to be. Keep your eyes on their websites for regular updates on festive offerings.

Unique Activities in Perth


Fun Christmas Activities Perth to Dive Into

  • Beach Christmas Picnics: Perth’s pristine beaches, such as Cottesloe and Scarborough, make perfect spots for a festive picnic.
  • Christmas Markets: Fremantle and Perth City often host Christmas markets where you can shop and soak in the festive atmosphere.
  • Carols by Candlelight: Various locations in Perth host these events, where families come together to sing Christmas carols.

Unique Perth Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Local Artisan Gifts: Markets like Fremantle Markets offer a variety of handcrafted items perfect for Christmas gifts.
  • Swan Valley Wine Tours: The Swan Valley is renowned for its wines. Gifting a wine tour can be a delightful experience.
  • Adventure Vouchers: Consider gifting experiences like skydiving over Rottnest Island or a scenic helicopter ride over Perth.

Relishing the Experience of Christmas High Tea

Parties and Celebrations


Exciting Christmas Party Ideas Perth for Memorable Gatherings

  • Rooftop Parties: Many hotels in Perth offer rooftop venues perfect for a festive gathering.
  • Boat Parties on Swan River: Charter a boat and celebrate Christmas with views of the Perth skyline.
  • Beach Parties: Utilize Perth’s beautiful beaches for a unique Christmas party experience.

Top Christmas Party Venues in Perth

Insights into Office Christmas and Perth Staff Christmas Party Ideas

  • Outdoor Team-building Activities: Consider beach games or group tours to places like Kings Park.
  • Secret Santa: A popular office tradition where colleagues exchange gifts anonymously.
  • Cultural Potluck: Given Perth’s diversity, a potluck where every staff member brings a dish from their culture can be a hit.

Christmas for Families


Delightful Christmas Activities for the Young and Young-at-Heart

  • Craft Workshops: Libraries or community centres in Perth often organize festive craft sessions for children.
  • Santa Visits: Major shopping centers like Westfield Carousel or Lakeside Joondalup often have Santa meet-and-greets.
  • Outdoor Cinema: Perth’s pleasant summer nights make for perfect outdoor cinema experiences.

Experience the Wonder of the Christmas Pageant

A Special Visit to the Perth Zoo During the Holiday Season

  • Perth Zoo often has special events or themed days during the festive season, so it’s worth checking their schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the best Christmas lunch in Perth options?

For the best Christmas lunch Perth offers, one should consider upscale restaurants renowned for their festive offerings. Many establishments in the city are known for their exceptional Christmas Day lunch Perth specials. Before making a reservation, consider going through reviews or indulging in the age-old practice of asking locals about their favourite Christmas lunch Perth spots.

Recommendation: Check reviews and testimonials to find the best Christmas lunch Perth offerings.

How early do Christmas lights in Perth City start shining?

The tradition of illuminating Christmas lights in Perth typically commences in late November. The Christmas lights in Perth City 2023 are expected to be especially delightful, with many activities Perth showcases revolving around this festive illumination.

Highlight: Don’t miss out on the Christmas lights in Perth City 2023, which are expected to be a major attraction among the many Christmas activities Perth hosts.

Are there any special Christmas events at the Perth Zoo?

Perth Zoo is known for its festive spirit, often hosting themed Christmas events Perth residents and tourists alike enjoy. It’s a highlight among the various Christmas activities Perth offers. To get the latest Christmas events, it’s best to visit their official website or call them.

Pro Tip: For a unique mix of wildlife and festivity, Perth Zoo’s Christmas activities Perth celebrations are a must-visit.

What are the best Christmas party venues Perth offers for large groups?

When it comes to hosting grand Christmas functions, Perth showcases some splendid venues. Large venues such as the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre stand out. Additionally, major hotel ballrooms are frequently sought after for Christmas party Perth celebrations, especially for big groups.


  • Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Top-tier hotel ballrooms in the city

Is there a Christmas Day dinner special at popular restaurants?

Absolutely! Christmas Day in Perth is a culinary delight. Many of Perth’s top-tier restaurants roll out special menus to celebrate Christmas day dinner Perth style. Whether you’re looking for a classic Christmas Eve dinner Perth offering or a lavish Christmas buffet Perth spread, the city’s restaurants have you covered. However, early bookings are imperative to secure your spot, given the high demand.

Advice: To relish the best Christmas dinner Perth offers, ensure you book your table well in advance.


Christmas in Perth uniquely combines tradition, adventure, and gastronomic delights. So whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift to challenge your mind at an escape room or feasting on a sumptuous Christmas dinner, Perth has something for everyone. Here’s to a Christmas filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories!