Hosting a birthday party for kids is a lot of fun. But an escape room birthday party takes the experience to a whole new level by throwing exciting team-building games into the fray. If you want the guests to have an unforgettable experience at your kid’s next birthday, here is the ultimate guide to hosting an escape room birthday party at home.

Why Choose an Escape Room Birthday Party?


An escape room birthday party promises unlimited fun and entertainment, especially for kids. Think about it! It’s the perfect opportunity for them to go on an exciting adventure with friends, solving complex puzzles, searching for clues, and beating the game before time runs out.

The best part is everyone gets to put their heads together and actively participate in the challenge. And what better way to celebrate your kid’s birthday than watching them bond with friends, get creative, and think on their feet! So, an escape room birthday party isn’t just entertaining, it prepares your child for the real world as well by honing essential skills.

Easy Steps to Plan Your Escape Room Party


Hosting a DIY escape room party is pretty straightforward. Here is everything you need to throw an epic party at home.

Select a Theme

Choose an exciting escape room theme that your kids will love. For example, say your kid loves adventure. You can choose an adventure-themed escape game kit and decorate the room with exciting props to create the ambience.

Invite Guests


Design themed birthday party invitations and send them to the party guests. Provide important details like the date, time, venue, and an easy way to RSVP.

Arrange for Food, Beverages, Birthday Cake, and Party Favours

Don’t forget to arrange for food and beverages. Kids love party snacks like pizza, sandwiches, and mystery fruit punches. You can also prepare light meals, get a themed birthday cake, and arrange for party favours.

Note: We understand hosting an escape room birthday party at home might seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time. But once you start, you’ll realise it’s pretty simple and a lot of fun. If you need help planning the party, creating party invitations, or finding a suitable party theme, here is an excellent guide to get you started.

How to Create a DIY Escape Room Game at Home?


Escape rooms are popular because of live-action gameplay. So, when designing a DIY escape room game, you must pay attention to the storyline and ensure the puzzles and clues complement the plot. Let’s get started!

Create the Room Setting

To create a captivating DIY escape room game, you must research the theme and arrange for props and décor to ensure the location stands out. But first, make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the players. Next, introduce characters and backdrops to immerse players into the storyline. But avoid complicating the plot as it can tire the kids.

Streamline the Puzzles

While the best puzzles peak players’ curiosity, a poorly designed one can spoil the experience. So, design each puzzle to integrate into the theme and add depth to the storyline. You can mix and match puzzles like wordplay, mathematical problems, cryptograms, jigsaw puzzles, etc., to keep things interesting.

Design the Gameplay


The first step to creating a smooth gameplay is visualising player progression through the storyline. Prepare a chart planning how the story will flow from one puzzle to the next and design the challenges accordingly. You can also hide some clues in plain sight to boost the players’ confidence.

Enhance the Sensory Experience

Escape rooms are all about immersing your senses in a fantasy world. To recreate that sensation at home, you must get creative. Here’s how! You can install ambient lights and coloured lightbulbs strategically throughout the set, play relatable background music to enhance the thematic atmosphere, decorate the room with relatable props, and add depth to the gameplay with narration.

Test the Game

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to test the game thoroughly to identify and plug leaks in the gameplay and ensure an immersive experience. You can get together with family and friends and start a trial run to ensure continuity.

How to Choose an Escape Room Game Kit?


An escape room game kit is a premade set of printable puzzles that you can assemble at home without worrying about designing the gameplay from scratch. It saves time and effort, so you can focus on arranging the birthday party. Let’s walk you through the factors to consider before choosing an escape room game kit.

Find a Theme Your Kid Enjoys

Escape room kits come in all shapes and sizes, from adventure and mystery-themed puzzles to horror and fantasy-themed games. Therefore, you must consider your child’s likes and interests before picking an escape room game. We’ve handpicked some of the best printable escape room kits to help you choose. Click here to browse the collection.

Choose a Skill Level

Escape room games vary in difficulty. If your kid has never played an escape game before, it’s advisable to pick an easy puzzle to help them ease into the challenge. However, if your child is familiar with escape room games, you can increase the difficulty level to make things interesting.

Check Your Group Size


Every escape room game kit can accommodate a fixed number of players. So, you need to make sure your shortlisted printable game kit is ideal for your group size. Pro Tip: You can arrange multiple escape games and split the kids into teams. You can also set a staggered time limit so everyone can have a go at the game.

Find a Space to Set Up the Game

While most printable escape room games can be arranged in a limited space, you can extend the experience by hiding clues and hints over a larger area. But first, you must ensure you have sufficient space to set up the game. Cramping too many players into a small space can severely hamper their experience.

Creative Birthday Party Favors for Kids


Here are some creative birthday party favour ideas to ensure everyone feels welcome.

  1. Adventure kits comprising mini compasses, magnifying glasses, paper, and pencils for your escape room birthday party.
  2. Treasure hunt bags filled with pirate-themed goodies like chocolate gold coins, mini pirate flags, eye patches, and temporary tattoos.
  3.  Pre-baked cupcakes in small mason jars with a mini packet of icing and sprinkles for the kids to decorate, along with a note saying, “Thank you for coming to my party”.

How to Manage the Number of Players and Teams


Whether hosting a DIY escape room birthday party at home or booking a venue, managing the number of players and teams is essential. Here are five tips to help you plan better.

  1. Send out early invitations and request RSVP by a specific date
  2. Prepare for a few extra players to show up at the last minute
  3. Divide guests into teams of 4-6 players
  4. If space is limited, have staggered start times
  5. Set a reasonable time limit so everyone gets a chance to play

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