Searching for the best Valentine’s Day activities in Perth? 

From thrilling escape rooms to stunning island getaways and romantic wonderlands, our city has something special for every couple. 

Get ready to discover the most unique and heartfelt ways to mark Valentine’s Day 2024 in Perth.

Team up for a Lost Reality Escape Room adventure

escape rooms lost reality

Challenge your love with puzzles at Lost Reality on Valentine’s Day!

Want to team up with your Valentine for a date more exciting than your favourite movie/TV show?

Pencil Perth’s top escape room into your February 14th plans!

Imagine yourself and your special someone thrust into a real-world adventure where you race the clock to find your way out.

Working hand-in-hand, you must chart a course past various obstacles and riddles, finding clues on how to proceed.

We’ve got nine escape room adventures across two locations – Cannington and Victoria Park – for you to choose from.

Whether you’re pairing up for an epic war in The Frozen King or enlisting for a high-octane mission in Special Ops Tokyo, be prepared for a heart-racing experience that neither of you will forget!

Whichever of our locations you book at, there are numerous nearby options to continue the fun after your escape room date.

So, ditch the Valentine’s Day cliches for a cinematic experience this year with us at Lost Reality Escape Room!

Tip: Never played escape rooms before? Check out our beginner’s guide to beating escape rooms for tips and tricks!

Enjoy a Fringe show


Share laughs and awe at a Fringe show this Valentine’s. Representational image.

Had enough of being serious throughout the year and just want to smile and chortle your way through Valentine’s Day? Head for the Fringe Festival!

Running from January 19th to February 18th, it’s perfectly timed for your Valentine’s Day plans.

From standup ranging from lighthearted jokes to dark comedy to breathtaking theatrical performances and amazing cabaret – FRINGE WORLD has shows to captivate just about anyone in Perth…AND they’re constantly reinventing themselves!

And even once your favourite show ends, there’s plenty of action in the streets all around to check out and keep the date going.

So, if you want a February 14th that would have Cupid doubling down in laughter, book your places at Fringe!

Pro tip: There’ll be plenty of food & drink options within the festival itself, but you should also check nearby places for a greater variety of cuisines, and sometimes better prices as well!

Lace up for a dancing lesson


Swing into love with a Valentine’s dance class in Perth.

Looking to shake things up a bit this year? Maybe sweep your Valentine off their feet? Sign yourself and your partner up for a dancing lesson!

Whether it’s the passionate beats of salsa at Danza Loca in Northbridge, the elegant twirls of ballroom dancing at Humphreys Dance Studio in Victoria Park, or gliding across the floor at Crystal Ballroom in Malaga, there’s a dance floor in Perth waiting for you and your partner. 

These studios often roll out the red carpet for Valentine’s Day with themed classes, so check the website before booking.

Ready to see who’s the better Fred Astaire between the two of you?

Have a staycation at a luxe hotel

staycation in perth

Indulge in luxury and romance at a Perth hotel this Valentine’s Day.

Want to keep Valentine’s planning simple and easy while still enjoying one of Perth’s top activities with your significant other?

Opt for a staycation!

Treat yourselves to one of our city’s many premier hotels. 

Picture yourselves relaxing in a plush room with stunning city views, a bottle of the finest local wine chilling right by you, and a soothing spa treatment awaiting.

Whether you opt for the historic charm of COMO The Treasury in the heart of the CBD, or the beachfront bliss of Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough – this will be perhaps the most rejuvenating Valentine’s Day you’ve had in a while!

Pro tip: Seeking more staycation options? You can choose from this list of hotels by UrbanList.

Catch a romantic film at Rooftop Movies

rooftop movies

Romantic skyline views and films at Perth’s Rooftop Movies.

Yes, heading for a movie is a great plan for Valentine’s Day – but why not sprinkle a little more fun into it? We’re pretty sure Cupid wouldn’t mind!

If that sounds fine, book seats at Rooftop Movies for V-Day this year!

Perched six floors up amidst the electrifying vibe of Northbridge, Rooftop Movies offers a chance to snuggle up with your loved one on bean bags – maybe sharing a blanket – to watch movies against the backdrop of the Perth skyline.

It’s an awesome experience for bringing people together.

With a lineup boasting diverse movie choices, a snack bar offering refreshments (we hear the burgers are especially good) and a cosy Northbridge location, Rooftop Movies is easily one of Perth’s top outdoor cinemas and a great Valentine’s Day destination!

Picnic at Kings Park


Romantic picnics amidst the greenery of King’s Park. Representational image.

Sometimes, nothing beats the simplest and most obvious of choices – which is why a picnic at Kings Park is on our list of the best Valentine’s Day date ideas for 2024.

Teeming with grasslands, plants, & flowers and with stunning views of the Swan River and the Perth skyline, Kings Park is a great place to have a cosy picnic with your special person.

Larger than NYC’s Central Park), Kings offers you plenty of opportunities for exploration, with walking trails, a bridge/walkway and a fountain, among other things.

It’s what makes the park one of Perth’s best Christmas activities as well.

Pro tip: Want to pair up the picnic with an interactive experience? Check out the Kings Park Mystery Picnic offered by Amazingco!

Another pro tip: If your picnic basket runs out, you can check out the Park’s cafes. And they also have an outdoor cinema where you can end your picnic with a late-night movie! 

Enjoy shows at Yagan Square


Experience the vibrant culture of Yagan Square this February 14th. Representational image.

Want to add an artistic flair to your Perth Valentine’s Day plans? We’ve already discussed one option (Fringe Festival); here’s another – Yagan Square!

From catching jazz shows and standup at the amphitheatre to shopping at the market hall, and from wandering the gardens to checking out the cafes – there’s a host of options for you to choose from.

Apart from Valentine’s Day, you should also visit the Square during the Chinese New Year.

And it’s conveniently located midway between Perth Train Station and Perth Busport.

Pro tip: Snap a couple pic with the Digital Tower in the background – it’ll make for a great addition to your social media feed! #Instagram #TikTok

Update: As of January 2024, the Square is being redeveloped, with the newly finished space scheduled to open in March 2024. So you may be met with ongoing construction work on Valentine’s Day.

Sip Perth’s finest at a Swan Valley winery


Savour the taste of love at Swan Valley wineries. Representational image.

Thinking of raising a toast to Cupid for Valentine’s Day? Do it from Western Australia’s oldest wine region – Swan Valley!

With so many options, no wonder Swan Valley is not just a premier Valentine’s Day destination but one of Perth’s top summertime activities as well! 

Hike through Rottnest Island


Discover romance on the trails of Rottnest Island.

Are you two nature lovers? Kings Park offers pretty spectacular natural views, but if you’d rather leave Perth’s hustle and bustle altogether for Valentine’s Day, head for Rottnest Island!

Explore the unique landscapes ranging from pristine beaches to salt lakes. 

There are numerous trails crisscrossing the island that you can follow. First-timers can start with the Wadjemup Bidi trail – one of the most popular ones!

Seeking a bit more of a workout? Rent a tandem bike and pedal your way around. 

It’s a fun & eco-friendly way to see the island. Plus, coordinating your pedal power is a true test of teamwork!

Finally, do keep your eyes peeled and your phone/camera ready for cute snaps with the island’s friendliest residents – the quokkas!

Whether you’re visiting for February 14th, or simply going on an outing with friends, Rottnest Island is a top destination near Perth worth checking out!

Marvel at the stunning sunset & night sky at Pinnacles Desert


Stunning Valentine’s sunset at Pinnacles Desert.

Romantic event planning 101: Try to have it under a stunning night sky. 

And one of the best places in Perth to have such a get-together is the Pinnacles Desert. Hand down.

A couple of hours’ drive from the city, this mesmerising landscape transforms into a dreamy wonderland as the sun dips and the sky goes from fiery orange to dark.

The Pinnacles Desert Lookout and Drive offers some of the best views of the serene expanse. 

As time goes by, you’ll start noticing constellations, planets, and maybe even a shooting star – a Godsend for a Valentine’s wish! 

The Desert is one of the top destinations for outings with friends in Perth as well!

Pro tip: The Desert can get quite cool after sunset, so carry layers if you want to stay late. And check the park’s website for open hours and safety guidelines before finalising your plans.

So, have you started making Valentine’s Day plans yet?


Turn Valentine’s Day into a Perth adventure to remember!

Perth offers a diverse and enchanting array of activities to make February 14th extraordinary. 

From laughter-filled nights at the Fringe Festival to serene picnics in Kings Park, each activity is a testament to our city’s spirit. 

Whether you’re dancing away with your Valentine, toasting in Swan Valley, or marvelling at the Pinnacles’ night sky, these Valentine’s Day activities in Perth are sure to leave you with cherished memories. 

If you’re looking for an exhilarating way to celebrate, explore our adventures

With unique challenges and thrilling narratives, our escape rooms are perfect for couples, so don’t hesitate to book now and add an unforgettable twist to your Valentine’s Day plans.