Escape rooms are fun and enjoyable activities for people of all ages. And yet there are still people who doubt. Help them see why going to an escape room in perth is worth your time with this article.

If you’re looking for excitement, mystery, and adventure, there is no need to look any further. All these things can be found in escape rooms. If you idolize characters such as James Bond or Sherlock Holmes and wish to step into their shoes, then booking an escape room should be your top priority. However, escape rooms are a fairly new concept to some folks, and they have a hard time grasping what it is. If you have that kind of person in your life, then this article might help you persuade them into coming to an escape room game with you and why you should come down to the best escape room in Perth


Escape rooms are fun yet complex activities you can do with friends. It boils down to that you are locked in a room with everybody else who signed up with you. The idea of an escape room is to, you guessed it, escape! And to help you accomplish this task, you must solve the riddles or puzzles hidden in the room.

However, escape rooms don’t just show you the puzzle you need to solve right out of the gate. Before you can solve the puzzle, you must first find out what the puzzle even is. We have to make this a challenge, after all. Luckily, you are not alone. Escape room rules dictate that you should never go alone. Escape rooms can entertain teams as small as two people to teams as large as eight people. Teams usually have an hour or so before the escape room game ends, and they have to leave. Escape room games are great for building camaraderie and strengthening connections.

Okay, now that you have been briefed as to the nature of escape rooms, you might be wondering, “why should I play an escape room game?” Well, friend, we’re here to answer that question for you.


Theme based adventures

Have you ever wanted to investigate a murder in space? Or maybe escape a fantastical dungeon? Maybe you have seen one too many Indian Jones movies and want to channel your inner archeologist adventurer extraordinaire. If you want to escape from the drab and mundane life in Perth, then you should hope on over the nearest escape rooms in Perth.

Even though you are in a room with different themes, the goal is the same, escape. Whatever situation you have gotten into, you must find a way to get out before the hour is up. Every game and every room is different, but the goal stays the same. Transport yourself to a different time and place with escape room games.

Embrace the adventure

Do not be afraid to come in costume and become a character in one of the adventures. Really take the game to heart and role-play what an archeologist adventurer will do if they were in the same circumstances as you. Remember that you can’t be wrong when you play a character, but it helps the whole experience if you step into a character’s shoes.

This is all improvised, and there is no set script for you to follow. But again, this shouldn’t scare you. Having no rules to follow means you have the complete creative freedom to take the character wherever you please. You have complete creative freedom to play a character. Maybe you want to play a cheery space detective or a grizzled adventurer who just wants to get out of this dungeon. The options of characters to play are endless! The more invested the players are in the story and the game, the better the gaming experience will be.

Step out of your comfort zone

If you’ve been suffering from a particularly stressful period in your life, then you need a place where you can take that load off your shoulders. Escape from the normal hustle and bustle of life and step into a fantastical world where you can be somebody else, and you can think of something else.

The activity of role-playing someone else is actually very therapeutic. It would be like using the escape room game’s puzzles as a stand-in for your real-world problems. Suddenly that little spat at work doesn’t seem so important anymore. Instead of focussing on what’s getting you down, you’re focussed on getting that clue.

It may be a stressful situation, but this is good stress. Instead of breaking you down, this type of stress actually builds you up. Explore your identity and discover the hidden talents in you. It teaches you grace under pressure, teamwork, and resilience against the odds. And the euphoria of solving a puzzle and escaping is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

An escape room game is a perfect way to get out of your own way, get out of your own head, and learn a few things about yourself. It also helps you remember not to take life or yourself too seriously and have a little fun every once in a while.

Fun for the entire family

If you want to take your entire family on a new weekend activity, then look no further than the escape room in Perth. Escape rooms are fit for ages 12 to 100 years old. It’s a great way to keep the family close together. Escape room establishments make sure that even though the room may look dangerous, your safety and security are their priority.

However, if you plan on getting your family closer together, we suggest you take them to the closest escape rooms in Perth. Don’t worry about your kids not having as much fun as the adults. Lost Reality has made sure they are enjoyable for all ages, making the escape room for adults an escape room for kids.

Escape rooms for kids are a great way for everyone in the family to put their phones down and engage with one another. There are no special skills involved to enjoy the game; rather, we encourage everyone to play along and be respectful of one another. Even older players will enjoy the escape room for kids. Older players get a chance to feel young and solve problems with their children, and children get to take the initiative and become a little more responsible. Escape room for kids also helps them develop and cultivate their problem-solving skills, leadership ability, and initiative.

This can be a better alternative to going to the beach or watching a movie. As everyone is immersed in the game and for the whole hour, the entire family is forced to be in the same room and work together. The game aspect of escape rooms allows for interesting dynamics to emerge. 

There are many reasons to go and book an escape room for your friends or family. Whether you want to unload and unwind or you want to learn more about them, the most essential thing is that you have fun with the people you care for. If you’re in the Perth area and want to experience the best escape room in Perth, we recommend you contact Lost Reality live escape game as soon as possible.